Jim Acosta: Trump has a clown car full of lies 1

Jim Acosta: Trump has a clown car full of lies


CNN's Jim Acosta looks at the Donald Trump reinstatement conspiracy theory built by MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell and the republicans vitriol against critical race theory.
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  1. — Mark Twain said that it’s easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled

    1. @Bob Jones no I didn’t, you silly goose; it was the largest Working Class & Middle Class tax cut in US history…and the federal government took in more tax money after the tax cut than they did before. You are helping prove the case for why Democrats are called “low information voters.”

    2. @Bob Jones Yes, it’s very funny that the Democrat run state of NY is charging Trump while they ignore Cuomo forcing nursing homes to house & treat Covid19 infected patients

    3. @Horns Fan We did get votes! We won the WH and both Congress 😂 You just proved that you can’t fix Republican stupid

    4. @Bob Jones what in the gibberish does “we did get votes” even apply to, you silly little goose?

    5. @Bob Jones come on, son; you’re going to have to do better than you currently are if you want to get out of this without looking like an imbecile.

    1. @Roni Vee Florida I think you’re confusing it with the video of Macron, Trudeau, and Johnson laughed and laughed about Orange Turd’s tackiness,
      Hey, most of CNN’s fake news anchors are at the Florida condo collapse reporting. Where is opinion clown Shammity? F-cker? Hairplugs Bongino? Wish-Wash Watters? Lezzy Laura? You know, REAL “news”

    2. @Juan Rodriguez communistic system is taking over USA. They cancel people who are not supportive and speak against administration. Oligarchs will start watching and control people. Your freedom will be gone. I think you will be very quiet then. We have seen and experienced this in europe.

    1. @vegasyo11 I will guarantee you when the audit is over with Biden didn’t get half the votes President Trump got they are finding Stacks and stacks of fake ballots people from other states voting in States they didn’t live in just cheating all the way around that’s why it’s taking so long

    2. @Doretha Fay Riddle yes trump is working towards prison. Thinking isn’t your strong suite, sit this one out Karen

    1. @Rebecca Perkins Thank you for acknowledging the Asians. I agree that it’s just brushed off.

    2. @Michael Caldwell Oh!!!! That’s right!!! Thanks for bringing that to my attention…😊👍😉

    3. @Vincent Ramirez It’s funny…all of you leftists and Biden continually claimed that Trump was a stooge of Putin. Even had a wasteful 2 year, 40 million dollar investigation ove it that turned up zilch! Now Biden closes down our pipelines BUT allows Russia to develope theirs to Germany! What say you about being in Putin’s pocket, eh comrade? Who is Biden working for? Sure isn’t the U.S.A.!

    4. @Trysometenderness If you worry about Putin pipeline .. Blame Trump on how it got started and reached 95% completition… Biden came into office with pipeline 95% completed in a country where Biden don’t have control… It’s another major country. It will finish no matter who the President is.. Why did Trump let it go 95% ? He had no control dumb dumb.. The investigation indicted multiple Trump associate.. Which of who pleaded guilty.. Critical thinking too tough for you?

  2. 1:46 Now Jim! Don’t bring in the Aliens just to make ex-45 look less crazy. They are already outmaneuvering our Navy pilots. What more do you want? First Contact? Would you want to say hello to Crazytown?

  3. This man was probably cheering on the people riot ing in the streets and stealing. He probably thought the burnings was part of a peaceful protest.

    1. @Patricia Love Isaw capital police opening and holding doors for people. I didn’t see any one burning or loading t.vs. Into waiting vehicles. Did you? Only one shot was military woman shot by police. She was not caring a gun. Have you got any comments on that?? How many people that were looting and burning down buildings that were owned by black, brown and white people are still in jail?? How many of the people that were at the White House that day are still locked up?? The White House belongs to the people who were there that day. They like most of all of us Americans who do not want our country changed to be like communist countries are very very very sick of people who want that to happen. The people that were at the White House that day were not all Trump people there were some other people that were there to excite and break windows. I bet there were some that want to change America had matches with them. None of the Trump people or their sons were getting paid millions by China or Russian people like some of the people now in office. I have not heard of any of the Trump people that were having an affair with a Chinese spy either have you??? How do you think such a difference of how people on the left and on the right are being treated??

  4. I’m indulging in a late visit to the series “The West Wing” having missed it on TV years ago. The
    references to the likes of CNN et al now seem most interesting in this saga about a Democratic
    White House.

  5. “Some people want to be used, everybody is looking for something.” These flatscans would throw their money and freedom away to someone who sees them nothing more than pawns to be sacrificed!


    2. I’d like to see Jim Acosta as a child and see how he became such a fake and phony plastic person as an adult. 🧐🧐

  6. Barr now tells The Atlantic‘s Jonathan D. Karl:

    “My attitude was: It was put-up or shut-up time,” Barr told me. “If there was evidence of fraud, I had no motive to suppress it. But my suspicion all the way along was that there was nothing there. It was all bullshit.”
    We realized from the beginning it was just bullshit,

    1. Barr is in the same category of harmful-to-USA crowd as Stone, Rudi, Jr, Sidney, Lindell, Trump, the Flynn brothers, and most Republicans senators. They are more dangerous to the US than the 9-11 attack.

    2. Barr finally realized that the orange liar was NOT the Supreme untouchable leader destined for head of a dictatorship in the USA.

    1. Are you threatening violence again – to try and illegally put Agent Orange back in the Oval Office? You should talk to the Flynn brothers, they could probably muster some US army troops to help with your planned coup d’etat.

  7. I don’t understand, Fat Donnie said his people were hugging and kissing the police. He wouldn’t be the biggest piece of crap ever, would he?

  8. There are a lot of clowns with red “Magat” hats ready to join the Trump “Magat” Circus.

  9. “Well they’re some sad things known to man
    But ain’t too much sadder than
    The tears of a clown when there’s no one around”
    – Smokey Robinson

  10. “In the past, America had a very good solution with dealing with such traitors: execution.” What the hell is this, 16th Century England???

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