Jim Jordan Tells Hillary Clinton She’s a Liar! Why Did You Lie Hillary?

Jim Jordan Tells Hillary Clinton She's a Liar! Why Did You Lie Hillary?

Jim Jordan interrogates Hillary Clinton and calls her out for lying about a video.



  1. She thought did good with the information….Up to now even her maid got
    classified information and SAPI with her staff…AND on 3rd debate
    disclosed top secret nuclear lunching time…..SICK….SO SICK….

  2. The truth, as far as the Clintstone woman is concerned, is that which is
    most opportune to say at the time; it has nothing to do with veracity or
    objectivity, it is purely utilitarian. Hitler had the same philosophy.

    1. Sandy Corbett I hope you went out and voted, take anyone you know that’s
      registered and wants to keep the liar crooked Hillary out of office.
      I’d like her dropped off without security in Pakistan or Afghanistan for
      treason to our service men and women.

    2. Had I a vote, I would. Meanwhile, the best I can, and do, do is to urge all
      those I know who have a vote to consider the future of the US and the
      civilised world and vote for the candidate who understands the dangers of a
      Clinton victory.

  3. As much as I respect them for seeing through her b.s, they are in a sense
    useless because they can’t do much more than point fingers. Too much
    seperation between the different gov’t agencies minus the ones that back
    each other up.

  4. Lying deceitful crooked Hillary, she should hang for treason. Better we
    should drop her off without security in Pakistan or Afghanistan, and I’m
    sure the people there know she’s responsible for a lot.

  5. OMG she is such a freaking LIAR! Spewing BS after BS out of her filthy
    mouth. She makes me sick and I hope she choke on her BS. VOTE TRUMP and get
    the LIAR out of here for good. Clinton for PRISON 2016!

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