Jimmy Carter ‘at peace’ as he enters hospice care at his home in Plains, Georgia

Following multiple hospital stays, former President Jimmy Carter decided to forego treatment and spend his remaining time at home with his family.

"After a series of short hospital stays, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter today decided to spend his remaining time at home with his family and receive hospice care instead of additional medical intervention," the charity, created by Carter and his wife Rosalynn in 1982, said in a statement.

The charity said he has the support of his care team and his family, who are asking for privacy.

Carter's grandson, former Georgia state Sen. Jason Carter, said in a tweet he saw his grandparents on Friday.

"They are at peace and—as always—their home is full of love," he said.

Carter announced in 2015 he had been diagnosed with cancer found during a surgery on his liver, a form of melanoma that spread to his brain. After several months, Carter said he was no longer receiving treatments and that his scans showed no more signs of cancer. He was also treated for a pelvic fracture resulting from a fall in 2019.

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  1. While it is sad to see such a great man, and fellow alumnus, packing up his bag for his next journey, I am so thankful that I got to see a truly good human being. Thank you, President Carter, for being an inspiration to me, not only for my time in the Navy, but also for life in general. Fair winds and following seas, sir.

  2. He should be at peace. He did his best as a human being to help other human beings.That is as Chrstian as it gets. He was the real deal

    1. @Curtis Thomas and so did Biden right? You think nobody who was actually alive back then can’t remember actual facts?!

    2. @RB You could not be more wrong! He was THE ONLY president to take on the oil companies. Therefore, the oil industry did everything they could to ruin his presidency. they are currently using the same tactics on BIden. Carter was the only man to actually bring together 2 enemies in the middle east. Sorry you bought the oil industry propaganda.

    3. @Deplorable Libertarian I remember his presidency quite well. Killed by the oil industry because he stood up to them. You apparently repeating their BS

    4. Carter’s getting a lot of hate in the comments. Maybe if he had multiple bankruptcies, was a serial raapist and pedo, adulterer who cheated on his wives with his male lawyer and mentor, admitted peeping Tom and groper, money launderer, tax evader, profligate liar, misshapen and bloated corset wearing orange buffoon like another past president he would get more love 😄

  3. God Bless you Mr Carter! ❤ May you go peacefully with family by your side. Thank you for your dedication to our beautiful country!

  4. As someone who took care of my grandmother for 3 years before she went into hospice I hope he will be comfortable and whatever happens will be peaceful and dignified

    1. @michael dy Eh right now I can’t think about it. I gotta make money somehow…going on my last $100 after a year of depression. Guess I’ll have to look for work tomorrow.

  5. This man has done so much giving in his life. I pray he will go peacefully and without any pain or fear and surrounded by all the people that love him.

    1. @Kaylon Centers I do not hate any one of them. They time to answer will come. However, other than people who actually put their lives on the line ( military, police, etc.), these corrupt politicians deserve nothing. You know, like that slime Paul Ryan. Who voted to raise the age limit to be able to withdraw social security, but he retired at age 45 with full benefits. I guess this does not bother people who already live off the government.

    2. @Bluesjet1234 The worst. He put America through hell and now we’re supposed to sing his praises because he’s dying.

    3. @Bill T Marchi my opinion. I am entitled to it. I think he was a decent President. Nothing you say will change that.

  6. Good for him, he had a great healthy life who chose to spend it wisely. Good luck on your next journey Sir, this country thanks you for your service. 🫡

  7. There is no blessing I could wish him that he doesn’t already have.
    Then, he makes his entire life a series of additional blessings to others.

    Sometimes, You just gotta look to the Infinite, smile sadly at the departing Soul, and thank the Lord that he sent us such a good human to make things better, for awhile. And, work at being better ourselves.

    Thank you President Carter, for everything.

  8. Just went through this with my Daddy. So peaceful yet traumatic. I’m glad we were by his side

    1. I did this with my mom 4 years ago. Hospice is a godsend. They were there to help with everything you needed to be there for your loved one. Can’t say enough wonderful things about them.

    2. I was told in school by an instructor who was with her own zmom til the end it was truly a gift to be able to participate …

    3. Way to make it all about you, Stacey.
      Why do you think anyone cares?
      This is a video about the former president, not you

  9. Fun Fact: early 2000’s on a class field trip, (I’m from the Macon, GA area) we went to some college, Georgia State I believe, and had a chance to listen to Jimmy Carter give us a speech, he had just finished a book at that time so the seminar was mostly centered around that and obviously he told us old stories from his days as president. Well lucky for me I was one of the few kids in the room that, after it was over, as we were leaving, you had to pass by the stage and he shook our hands as we left, so I actually got a chance to shake Jimmy Carter’s hand and say hi. Fun times, he actually wasn’t boring and I think we enjoyed and cherished that. Not many kids can say they’ve shaken a presidents hand in a lifetime lol current or former.

    1. Given his age and likely a series of comorbidities, it doesn’t seem he had a choice. His medical team may also have advised him that he is maxed out on treatment.

    1. @Rafa Romo  I didn’t care for him as a president but, he still had a heart of gold and cared for mankind. Let’s give his the respect especially in his last days.

    2. At least he lived long enough to see Biden take his title of worst president of all time. I’m sure he’s happy about that

  10. The following verse, in my eyes, pretty much sums up the life of Jimmy Carter. He’s gone through all of these and more.

    “Therefore, I’m all right with weaknesses, insults, disasters, harassments, and stressful situations for the sake of Christ, because when I’m weak, I am strong.”
    2 Corinthians 12:10

    I’m grateful for his service to our country, his sacrifices and love and passion for people and life. May his new strength come quickly. 😇
    Praying for a peaceful and beautiful passing for him. Also, praying for comfort, wisdom and guidance for his wife and family during the next hours, days, weeks and months to come.

  11. God bless this wonderful man, husband, father, and leader. He has a heart of gold and deserved so much more respect than he was given. May his final days on Earth be filled with love.

  12. This gentleman has lived a good life—in public. What we never saw is even more wonderful. Jimmy Carter is a good man. Heaven is waiting to welcome him with open arms❤️

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