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  1. If you are a parent in front of a school behaving like that, what example are you setting,? Women where are your morals and values?we must show respect to our self and others so that our children’s can see and fallow.
    no wander young man and women are so wicked against each other.
    Please be an example..

  2. Set you rules Mr. Principal. You can see that these parents are lawless. Your goal in school are academic and character achievements. Schools do not be daunted.

    1. Kmt Oh it’s lawless for a child’s skirt to be down to the floor what about safety what about recklessness what about education you can clearly see education is not being thought about here

    2. Thousands of student past throgh that school an reach to the top over the years with thst kind of dressing,for those who have a problem deal with it in a better way

    3. Nuff a uno love chat an don’t know a thing.. my step son goes to that school now he’s at home because of the madness we spent a lot of money to get him ready for the school term.

  3. Principal stand firm ..no make the media and the noise get you down hold on to you rules that is why when these kids go in the working flied they cannot cope because of indiscipline…don’t give in Principal..you see these parents who is 27-30year old parents they are the problem..

    1. Why downtown kingston ALWAYS littered with garbage??? Society is governed by rules-Aren’t you people are at your best behavior when oonu waan fi get visa fi go a foreign.

  4. If the result of the poll is correct it only confirms that the apathy (back-a-wall mentality) of the people in this country is the biggest stumbling block to good governance in this country.

    1. @Livingston Meaning of apathy-a learned behaviour; a form of conditioned laziness and helplessness; a form of learned fear and anxiety. When apathy becomes the norm there is a lack of interest in learning OR doing those things which if learned or done would significantly resolve important problems/issues that the people are faced with in the society.
      Your response shows a lack of understanding about what I have said. Also the fact that you DO NOT agree with someone else point of view DOES NOT mean that their point isn’t valid. Apathy has been a MAJOR problem in this country for decades and that is part of the reason there has has ALWAYS been this constant migration of people from the country. Has migration solved JAs problem??? Whose responsibility was it to end slavery in the country-the white enslavers of the enslaved black people??? Whose RESPONSIBILITY is it to fix the problems in JA-the failed PNP/JLP organizations or the people???And I’m going to add other shortcomings of the people that explains why the leadership in country has been so “poor” and why the country continues to be in a state of crisis:
      1. The people in general suffer from the “messianic cult syndrome” (believes that REALITY is not changeable and salvation of the group depends on charismatic leaders and the future return of a white Jesus or religious messiah) Whose job is it to fix the problem of the country-the INEPT/CORRUPT mis-leaders they have been recycling for decades or the people??? On the other hand, pro-active people know that the survival of the group depends on (a) the collective effort of the people AND (b) learning or doing the things which are required to address “pass ills” and current problems; knows that “PEOPLE MUST BE THE CHANGE THEY WANT TO SEE”
      1. Their MENTALITY/way of thinking is more like this- “Sees the acquisition of ‘material wealth’ as the ULTIMATE goal in life. Adopts religion which is “ritualistic” but NOT spiritual. If the “way of thinking” of the people was more like this we would have less problems- “Spiritually and morally grounded. Recognize that BOTH spiritual and material progress are essential to the development and survival of a people. Puts human welfare above profiteering”.
      2. Politically inactive; crisis-oriented; myopic (short-sighted) in their thinking; reacts to change-wants to see change or for things to get better but for the most part they ae NOT organized to do it not even at the community level. If they do vote it’s for party on NOT on the issues that affects the country.
      3. Favours leaders that do the “popular” thing rather than leadership that is committed to doing the right thing.
      Where “APATHY” is the norm the people generally are indifferent and are satisfied with the way their lives are-how times can you count people demonstrating against the corrupt practices of politicians AND their wastage of our tax dollars-why should we spend JA$12 million to put up a sign to welcome tourist to the country AND JA$43 MILLION to get a post in the commonwealth secretary-these things can only happen in countries where the government take people for a joke!!!! I guess this would NOT matter for people who don’t pay income tax in this country.

    2. @Annata Clarke It is the uncommitted majority who are now deciding the outcome of elections-NOT THE JLP or PNP fanbase. If the UNCOMMITTED majority DO NOT organize themselves to find a viable alternative to KING CHARLES III servants/local lieutenants (PNP & JLP) their INACTION will perpetuate the cycle of poor leadership and economic hardship in the country.

    3. @agro-valley farm Very good comment 👌. Jamaicans are allergic to real prosperity. They prefer Andrew Hopeless, the other so called PNP Party ideas of prosperity. These people will cut ✂️ off their own noses, to spite their faces. I think that a lot of these people loves the poverty life. That’s why I always say that, some people are poor by choice. And, I will not apologize for that it, because it is the truth. What are we seeing, that they don’t, and I don’t even live in Jamaica? Too die hearted for me.

  5. Rules is rules some of these parents are the down fall of their kids, that’s why Jamaica in this situation today, bad kids and bad parents

    1. Why make life so hard for the masses clothes don’t have nothing to do with learning it’s hard for a lot of parents to find the basics essential for their children to get to school why burden them with unnecessary costs clothes that wear to other places can wear to school the emphasis should be more on respect for each other and to a good heart for each other uniform don’t contribute to learning

    1. They are more than 2. If they don’t want to put Jamaica first then why beg them. If the other parties can offer realistic tangibles then vote for them. You or nobody is obligated to vote green or orange

  6. You should ask what is the length of the uniform that is being defended, because of a fact,for a girl to be wearing a uniform at her ankle is disgusting, because when rainfall and these girls are going home,the uniform is soaked and look distasteful, respect is in a person to demonstrate,its what someone value,if you don’t value respect no attire will make you do.

  7. If the ruling doesn’t change direction, I don’t think they should serve another term, because right now they are treating crime like a normal thing on it don’t look good this is not normal Jamaica need a government who can reduce on show that intensity on that determination. This government is too relax when it comes to crime and corruption.

  8. That was huge disorganization on the schools part,why not let all students in normally and do a uniform test inside school grounds or in orientation, it looks like they wanted chaos in the hot day.

  9. First and foremost, that’s why the country is going backwards. There has to be standard set, starting in the school. The parents themselves are Payless. Keep the pressure on Mr Principal. As for the opposition party, nothing but bad vibes. They had twenty odd years. To have made things better. Noise noise noise.

    1. You could also ask why did the people reject the JLP for those twenty years the PNP getting it now but what is the JLP doing now that’s great? twenty percent of a voting populace is not a mandate.

  10. We wore our uniform well back In the day, nothing happened to us . We became gainful members of society. There has to be rules , it is a way of grooming the kids for life. What is wrong with these parents. Conformity is not absence of individuality. Let’s try to bring back jamaica by trying to teach our kids to respect rules . Good job Mr. Chairman.

    1. But teaching is not suppose to be a bully effort but a productive one by way of strategies and proper system not the close you where or the how you look then again why is it that the teachers are not being given rules cause there close wearing to school don’t set a proper example look at the facts

  11. I agree there as to be rules however I think you need to be a bit more flexible, in order to help parents in regards to the money they have to find for the uniforms; by saying skirt needs to be maxi that is down to the chin or long to ankle length.

  12. These people in higher authority just feel and think only them have the solution for all but when people share the record they push to tell you about what and where things going bit why then that can’t solve these problem around the schools population in Jamaica since you all are apart of the education system

  13. We all one nation peoples PNP and JLP it’s just a name that is not the problem the problem is prime minister Andrew holiness he is the problem please my Jamaican 🇯🇲please remove Andrew holiness and Jamaica will be stronger than before please vote PNP

  14. I use to go school and teachers are like this even when the uniforms aren’t short so I understand and yes they will barred the student ofc I see that in my eyes before close gates all that or no class

  15. Listening to what this teacher Wilson is saying about dress 👗 codes,it is all nonesense.That is not going to preventing students from attack,by predators on the streets.About the length of the girls them uniforms,or the tighteness of the boys them pants 👖. The teacher is worrying about the wrong things,he didn’t even know if those children have any form of breakfast 🥞 or. If they have any money to buy their lunch,but he is about girls wearing dresses too short, and boys wearing tight pants 👖. In the united states where some people is sending their children, they wears anything to schools and they cannot say anything to the students them. It is one thing that I found out about certain Jamaicans, that they are too self righteous and. The majority of them is Wolf 🐺 in sheep 🐏 clothing, where some of those same teachers or. The main perpetrators to the children them,so don’t being fooled by some of those teachers actions.The school system in Jamaica is in total disarray or ruined, since this jlp party government ministers them in power. Because the education taxes money cannot be accounted for, the same money that helps sending them to schools. They are denying these younger generation,to get the benefits of it. Also there is no job opportunities for the students them, that is leaving schools now.I know that you have some cyber bullies out there, they does not like to hear the truth at all.

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