Joe Biden cracks joke about Ronald Reagan’s ‘wacko liberal’ tax rate | USA TODAY

In defending his budget proposal, President Joe Biden reminded Republicans of Ronald Reagan's 28% tax rate and called him "that wacko liberal guy."

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This week President Joe Biden released his budget proposal that now marks the start of a predicted clash over the federal budget between his administration and Republicans.

His proposal includes a new taxes on wealthy Americans, a federal deficit reduction and increased funding to the Pentagon.

In Congress, Republicans have yet to release their own budget but House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., blasted the Biden’s proposal as “completely unserious."

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  1. He’s funny! He does slur his words but he is comfortable to listen to. I like what he is saying here.

    1. @supernamek 1000 wrong, but I bet you get told that a lot in your life living in the basement at moms house.

    2. @JKD World If the best response you have is “yOu LiVe In YoUr mOmS BasEmEnT” then you have literally zero argument lol

    3. ​@Steven S and because your response is written like a 4 year old child I would reinstate the momma’s basement theory..

    1. Well, he did say things quite clearly when he was talking about how he was needing segregation or how he was giving eulogies had a KKK member’s funeral or the many racist things he said on Charlemagne’s podcast.
      Let’s not forget about how Democrats protected the good Nazis during operation paperclip

  2. Who are the alien controllers to his left and right? I keep trying to find out but get nowhere. They are creepy and it looks to me that something telepathic is going on. Please correct me if possible.

    1. @Jackson Potts I found out one of them. Cecilia Rouse. She is a real person. Still, everything looks creepy. I wonder who is the other woman? Why are they there in the first place? Just weird.

  3. Yeah, sooooo funny! This man is a genius and in such good health. He speaks clearly and isn’t stumbling around his words or needing to use both hands to hold a bottle of water. 🤣🤣🤣 Imagine if Biden were a liar and a criminal like Trump and is son. I’m still waiting for those pictures and videos of Donny Jr. doing coke, I know they’re out there. Hunter would never do anything like that. 🤫

  4. I can’t with him! I’m surprised he remembered where he was or his name. Ronald was great sir you are not!

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