Joe Biden cuts trip short to meet Kevin McCarthy for debt limit talks | USA TODAY

President Joe Biden called on Leader Kevin McCarthy to negotiate the debt limit deal as leaders agreed that defaulting is "not an option."

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In a move akin to raising the limit on country’s credit card, President Joe Biden and House Speaker Kevin McCarthy are in a standoff whether to increase the federal debt ceiling for the 90th time since 1959.

In the simplest terms, McCarthy and Republicans, who hold the majority in the House, say they won't support bumping up the limit without assurances from Biden and Democrats that they'll support spending cuts. Biden says he wants the limit raised and the nation's bills paid before he'll agree to spending cuts.

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  1. Please make a decision because people who are on SS and SSDI. need the money to eat and pay their bills

  2. バイデン大統領いつもありがとうございます難しい政策の中これから考えましょうよろしくお願いいたします

  3. There is no question that America and the American economy, along with the American people, are in great shape and are experiencing prosperity and stability in conjunction with record economic growth because of Biden’s intelligent leadership and reasonable policies.

    1. I agree , gas will come down. That was the oil companies making up for all the “loss” during the pandemic when nobody was driving. Everywhere you look they’re HIRING , so yeah Onward and Upward. 💪💪 Certain folks just focus on the negative….ignore them. We ALL know hard times, however most Americans focus on the rebound NOT the initial cause. AMERICA STILL IS AND ALWAYS WAS GREAT!! 🙌💯

  4. Joe’s arialcade just flew over my house along the -93 latitude line give or take 10 degrees to the east at an angle. He should be hitting Bergman Arkansas area right about now If anyone to the south wants to take a shot!

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