Joe Biden Declares Major Disaster For Much Of Texas | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

Joe Biden Declares Major Disaster For Much Of Texas | Morning Joe | MSNBC


President Biden has approved a major disaster declaration for much of Texas following last week's winter storm that left millions without power amid freezing temperatures. The panel discusses the storm as well as Sen. Ted Cruz's departure from and return to Texas. Aired on 02/22/2021.
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Joe Biden Declares Major Disaster For Much Of Texas | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. It’s inaccurate to say that this is 3rd world conditions. 3rd world countries are as prepared as they can afford to be. Not so in Texas apparently.

    1. @Grimple Gromble “dur they never happens because they didn’t happen in my life time” … your are f’n idiots

  2. Short sighted Leadership causes long term harm. Planning for profits when working on a societal level causes societal harm.

    1. @DesertStateInEu California made a mistake too, but guess what, it was a Republican led amendment that allowed for the ricochet of power out of state then back into the State to be forced to pay higher rates. Once this was discovered result it was removed and fines were levied and upheld by the courts as not the intent of the law but a subversion of the law by special interests. So back at you.

    2. @Jeff Carver Wrong again. But not surprisingly you managed to point your cheetos stained fingers at republicans for a decade of leftist policies in california. Try again.

    3. @DesertStateInEu Well California is the state Ronald(6 letter) Wilson(6 letter) Reagan(6 letter) came from. Dems in cali have the same economics as president 666. That is they are right of center and not into regulation.

    1. One man was already billed $16,000, and they have already taken his savings and are still looking to recoup the rest of the money. Mind you the man is a disabled veteran where is he supposed to come up with a extra 10k? Smh just sad how greedy these big corporations can be.

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  3. Texas’ utility providers should be on the hook for repairs to their grid. NO FEDERAL DOLLARS! NO PASSING COSTS ON TO RATE PAYERS!

    1. @wosh keep the profits, share the loses. It’s what the GOP means by capitalism, but in reality that’s a form of fascism…

  4. The sad thing is that knew for a month the artic vortex was coming and they did nothing to prepare the residents of Texas. Even the grocery stores wasn’t ready. It’s like watching a hurricane for a month and doing nothing. Smdh

    1. It’s sad the news was too busy trying to find ways to boost their ratings talking drama, when instead they should have been reporting to Texans a storm was coming.

    2. @Alex Hamilton I always ensure I have extra food in my home when we have cold weather forecast. (Which for us is 20s Fahrenheit/ -5 Celsius)
      I’m lucky to live in a European country that has a Govt with a sense of social responsibility towards its citizens.
      We have our problems yes, but at least we have a safety net for out citizens.

    1. @DesertStateInEu No, I don’t. What you stated just doesn’t agree with your worldview when you look at the big picture. Take a step back. The picture is better when you don’t stand straight up against a tree.

    2. @Brad John So you’re stating you’re Russian now as Russian coding is in the hack. Yes, Russia is a big government. It forces the Russian internet presence onto Russian computers so they have subpoena power. The government has no problem missing that a guy poisoned and is in a coma is not going to check in. I’m sure all the windows in Russian hospitals broke for the doctors that were complaining about the government response during the Covid crisis. It also has complete media control. It also is blaming the U.S. and anyone else it can for the hack. I can completely agree with your statement except you fail to understand which is the “big government”.

    3. @Wayne Palmer yes time didn’t start the day texas got snowed on. Your understanding of context is shockingly pathetic. Hints your democratic voting record. All rhetoric, forced whataboutisms, and idealism. Stfu please.

    1. @Stone Men true.. they are not like Enron but the deregulation and privatization of energy follows suit with the reasons for crazy electric bills.

    2. @Stone Men they still allowed this to happen. And those who run the nonrofit organization still get very big paychecks. I’m sure they cut corners here and there and padded thier wallets

    3. @Belly Dancer EmNope, they were following orders from Biden’s energy department that wouldn’t allow them to add more power from coal plants because of green energy and emissions standards.

  5. Here’s the kicker: Cruz should be in quarantine after coming from Mexico. Better yet, he should be in the unemployment line. He’s never going to live this down, nor should he be able to.

  6. Oh Ted give me a break! I cannot stand him.. Now he wants to act like he freaking cares? He just wanted a photo to try and look good! We aren’t buying it Raphi!!!

    1. @Cappy Bara remote location, so it is the best power source it would cost a fortune to ship fossil fuels there to produce power. Not to mention demand in Antarctica is very low, not many people, and no industry

    2. @Joe Cummings so how come some wind turbines in that extreme weather is well prepared but not texas’s climate

    3. @Cappy Bara well Antarctica really doesn’t have a problem with wind turbine blades icing up. There is not much moisture in the air. It’s not like the wind turbine blades are warm and get hit with snow that’s somewhat thaes and refreezes and sticks to them. It’s somewhat like when you get one of those really cold weather powdery snow storms Nick doesn’t really stick to anything.

      Some wind turbines have heated blades almost like an aircraft deicing system. And then there is the fact that so far in most northern climates they are not so heavily dependent on wind. Texas is 23% wind. So most places can have the wind turbines fail and have enough backup from fossil fuels or nukes that you never know the wind turbines failed

  7. I can’t imagine how upset that mother of the 11 year old is, if that was one of my kids I really don’t know what I’d do. Saying prayers for him & their family

  8. This needs to be investigated and sue the Governors and politians that price tag should be there problems.
    Not the residents

    1. Eileen Cremin
      Republicans only investigate crises when they happen under Democrats’ watch. The GOP Senators are already pressing Merrick Garland, the next AG, about investigating Governor Cuomo’s (but not Republican Governor DeSantis’) handling of the coronavirus. There’s no talk of even the one who was on the first line of defense when it came to responding to the virus, Trump.

      Imagine if Obama had mishandled the pandemic, resulting in the needless deaths of 400,000 Americans, wouldn’t Senate Republicans be calling for multiple investigations? Many of the same Republicans spent almost two years and 7 million dollars investigating Hillary re Benghazi with no results, yet not a word from them about holding Trump accountable for his lies and downplaying of COVID and the death and destruction it wrought. The same way that the didn’t want an impeachment trial and wanted us to move on.
      The Democrats should not let it slide.

  9. Maybe instead of bailing out the auto industry, and the banks. We should have completely re-done/ modernize our infrastructure

  10. Being in a relationship with Texas is like one in the couple constantly talks trash, but when it comes time to eat, they are the first at the dinner table expecting to be fed.

  11. He should be ashamed of himself he should step down how dare him leave his citizens like that to go to cancun he is absolutely wrong shame on him

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