Joe Biden grants some student debt relief | USA TODAY

Joe Biden grants some student debt relief | USA TODAY 1


  1. He needs to do more. For those crying in the comments you do know that you also pay for k-12? We want the same thing but for college too. Free college with no student loan debt.

    1. Anyone that had paid off their loans are being punished twice. You work hard to pay your loan and now you have to work even harder to pay off someone else’s loan.

    2. Yep You are exactly right I took out a student loan worked full time while going to school and paid back the loan I took out without holding my hand out with an I鈥檓 entitled attitude

    1. I did. I saved and saved, go on short budgetted vacations while my friends go on long expensive vacations to different parts of Europe every year. Their kids owed 10s of thousands while my kids are debt free. My kids even chose to go to state college to help save money. None of my kids have any college debt but now we are all, including my kids, paying for someone else’s college debt.

  2. How is fair to people that are responsible like me? I saved and saved to help pay for my kids college while my friend take long vacations every year and doesn’t save for rainy days. My kids don’t have tuition loan because I pay them off with my savings. My friend’s kids on the other hand have 10s of thousands of dollars in student loan. The govt is rewarding those that are irresponsible while punishing the responsible ones. Now my taxes are going to go up because I have to pay the tuition owed by the irresponsible people.

  3. So you are paying the people that worked hard and struggled to pay their loans $10-50,000 too? Or are you just buying votes for now?

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