Joe Biden Has His Best Debate Night | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The Morning Joe panel recaps the sixth 2020 Democratic debate, held Thursday at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Aired on 12/20/19.
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Joe Biden Has His Best Debate Night | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  1. Maybe trump is afraid that once the American people see and hear how a real President of America should be, educated and experienced for the job, has values and work ethics, and truly believes in the the Oath of Office of President of America, supports ALL Americans and our Allies, and our Democracy and doesn’t have to lie and twist facts to cover mistakes or ask people for loyalty for self-serving purposes–yes, trump should be deeply concerned about Biden, and other Dem Presidential candidates!

    1. Biden already confessed to the Crimes of which Trump is being accused of. He has zero chances against Trump.

  2. Bernie Sanders pointed out the fact that Biden has 47 billionaire donors. How many of those donors are going to expect a return on their investments into Joe if he wins??? That’s right. ALL OF THEM !!!

  3. You guys are hilarious! Where’s Bernie, not Waldo. What about Yang? Pathetic and when the old people die off, so too will your network.

    1. @Heather Marie MSNBC, like everybody else, is merely wrestling with the fact that younger voters [that is to say, Bernie’s supporters], unlike the evangelicals, SIMPLY DO NOT CARE ENOUGH TO ****VOTE****, IN LARGE NUMBERS. Resign yourself to this sad fact before it destroys you…..

    1. Hate to tell you but msnbc have already written down the winners of all the upcoming debates, and it aint bernie. Their job is to make sure that bernie sanders gets as little attention as possible…..u need to remember these are the people that propped up the only person that could lose to trump last time, a person who was under a criminal fbi investigation the entire time she was running, having it all coming back at her towards the end. I’m sure if bernie last time was under a criminal fbi investigation the media would have covered for him also right : )

    1. Don’t worry, msnbc will try to do what they did last time, push the candidate most likely to lose to trump and ignore or attack all the other democrats. Last time msnbc pushed a candidate that was under a criminal fbi investigation the entire time, and pretended like it was nothing. Not to mention the exposing of the corrupt dnc and the corrupt nominating process….bernie wins state by 15 points….Hillary gets 4 more delegates out of state.
      Trump will attack biden and win, cause its pretty obvious why hunter biden was on the board of burisma and the 50k plus a month, its cause of who is father is…that doesn’t mean joe biden is corrupt and did anything wrong, but its not the first time hunter did this…and trump and republicans will drag hunter biden thru the mud, taking joe with him….as quite honestly, joe biden, even doing nothing wrong, should have never been in a situation dealing with ukraine with his son on the board of one of their major companies. It just creates a headache, and then joe biden brags about it, drawing more atteniton to it…bad judgement.

  4. People do read so msnbc is not responsible for your research about the candidates period .do your own research

  5. Bernie Sanders labelled both Biden and Mayor Pete as middle of the road sellouts, the type of candidate that will fall short in votes like Clinton in 2016.

    1. TRUMP WON the Debate
      These lovefests are pure Left Wing Obscured promises, viewed by nobody.
      I thought the Left hated old White guys?

    1. They can’t, cause they are not paid to prop up sanders, only establishment and people that can lose to trump…like hillary clinton….and how no matter what , she won the debate…always….this talk about biden doing so good, written before the debate……only a fool can not figure out that if you are running against trump, having a son getting lots of $$$$ for basically having the last name biden, even though nothing to do with joe biden, is going to crush joe biden. that and hes elderly who acts off into fantasy land alot,biden is the one that will lose

  6. #BernieBlackOut once again. The establishment is scared shitless of any radical change towards equality for all.

  7. Pete didn’t even come close to winning. What was he watching. Bernie Sanders slaughtered them hands down. Morning Joe is a bunch of hacks!

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