Joe Biden: Mickey Mouse Could Run Against Trump And Have A Shot | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe Biden says he refuses to think a 2020 Democrat could lose in the election against President Trump. Biden also discusses Sen. Sanders' campaign and attacks from Rudy Giuliani. Aired on 2/11/20.
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Joe Biden: Mickey Mouse Could Run Against Trump And Have A Shot | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Wigit

      *Have you been watching the news lately? Even the mainstream media libturds are beginning to see the light.*

    1. Senile Joe and the 1% Elite he represents need to accept they have paved the way for a Communist to win the DEM nomination this Summer !

    2. @Beachdudeca there are no communists running for much of anything. But Joe and his pals keep allowing Trump and his Republican enablers to steal elections, so Bernie Sanders has won in Iowa and New Hampshire.

    3. @Tom Senft New Hamphire isn’t over, but I saw Klobuchar ahead. So Pete took Iowa, Amy will take New Hampshire. And Sanders is a Marxist, that’s communist.

  1. Mickey Mouse doesn’t scream at little kids and call them lying dog faced pony soldiers..
    **So, that just put Mickey Mouse behind Klobochar, and 4 points in front of Biden

    1. @NDFOOTBALL Bloomberg did wonders for New York City, which is a racially diverse town.
      Try again, Trumpster. Notre Dame football is much, much better than Trump.

    1. Roger Wilco he’s a walking gaf machine. He literally tells people to vote for someone else. Hopefully Democrats can keep spreading hate and discontent because Democrat police isn’t good enough. Wake me up when he concedes 🤣

    2. @Junkyard Hog has he ever been outsmarted by an umbrella?
      Does he think we had pilots during the Revolutionary War?

    1. @NDFOOTBALL He’s another corrupt Billionaire, no different than Trump. A vote for Bloomberg is almost as bad as a vote for Trump.

    2. @R McElhaney bloomberg should be the 10th option for democrats. because he is literally a republican. going from a racist in cheif demogauge to a less racist but still very racist bloomberg is not a win.

    1. *Ronald McDonald 2020 > Trump 2020*
      *Ronald McDonald 2020 > Biden 2020? Maybe! We will wait and see.*
      *Mickey Mouse 2020 > Trump 2020 !!!!!*

    1. Do you think it’s a coincidence that Biden’s corruption was mentioned every day of the impeachment hoax and is now tanking in the polls

    1. Trump: “We’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.”(clicking heels together)
      Melania: “Doughnald, I have told you not to be colling me a doag name.”

    1. @Wigit Why, my, my, my, sir! You jist get mo-ah and and mo-ah cuh-lever with each response! Puh-leez ! Do tell us where y’all got that suh-nappy little (ain’t that the truth?) brain ?

  2. “Mickey Mouse has a shot…” well that’s the attitude the last establishment garbage had, how’d that work out for her?

    1. @john scimeca yeah she did…Hillary never liked Bernie and she back stabbed him like a sneaky snake in the grass trying to rigg and screw up the primary elections again

    2. Millions of kids now have insurance thanks to what Biden did. For three decades Bernie was just to friggin’ GOOD to BOTHER being a Dem, and accomplished absolutely NOTHING as a result. So now you’re calling Biden “garbage?” Typical of Bernie supporters. People like you are precisely why I refuse to vote for Bernie.

  3. “ethically challenged” 😂😂😂😂

    Crack head son makes millions and its all on the up and up, sure Joe we believe you.

    1. Sadly, I expect old Crack Head Hunter to end up like most crack heads, found in some dumpy motel room off the freeway. Joe is done and Trump gets a second term. Time for Move On dot com!!!!!!

    1. Sweet Willy That eye bleeding is a tumor in frontal lobe! Watch when all this is over Biden will announce he has brain cancer!

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