Joe Biden Reacts To Wife Fending Off Heckler: ‘I Married Way Up’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe Biden explains his reasons for running and he also reacts to video of his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, fending off a heckler at Biden's rally Monday night in Manchester. Aired on 2/11/2020.
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Joe Biden Reacts To Wife Fending Off Heckler: 'I Married Way Up' | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. LMAO 🙂 You just proved why your whole gender still fights for equality by being useless eating freeloading political prostitutes who only screwed and sucked a man to call it a “marriage.”

    2. Wait what is happening?
      Nice comments on YouTube in a political bit too. Shoot the boot Sherrie n Dani I hope your spouse or significant other knows they married up. 😉

    1. @Anthony Browne Bernie is the Soviet past . Communism has failed everywhere in the world . It wont succeed because some 80 year old jew from Brooklyn tries it.

    1. @Maurice Lucious how quickly ppl like you forget about that “Secure Fence Act ” back in 2006 signed and supported by 64 Democrats who voted the measure in the House and 26 in the Senate.
      Pelosi, Feinstein were for it..
      Chuck Schumer voted for it, so did Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama praised the bill in a floor speech saying it would “certainly do some good” and “help stem some of the tide of illegal immigration in this country.

      but now Trump wanting to make it a wall instead is considered being a Traitor , Nazi or racist?

      And then under obama they were called Dentention centers for the illegals..under Trump they are called concentration camps..which majority were built by obama( that Nazi) in the 1st place ..

      Now we have ppl mocking the Jewish who lived in Real concentration camps by calling these detention centers, concentration camps. during the holocaust there was No medical, starvation to skin and bones, forced to march n a ked, hard labor, r a ped, used for medical experiments, tattooed with #’s, sh ot
      ki lled, g a ssed to d e ath…the camps today are summer camps (Detention centers) compared to Concentration camps. Obama ( that Traitor)was called “Deporter in Chief” He deported way more than Trump has..

      Obama ( that racist ) didnt like brown ppl he ended the “Wet Foot – Dry Foot” rule in his last week of office It was aimed at Cuban immigrants, who traditionally vote Republican

    2. @Riki tiki Tavi Being compassionate protecting the border to get to Immigration reform and being cruel to energize xenophobic racist Republican base voters are two different things.

    3. @C B now we have Rep. Ilhan Omar calling for GI Bill to apply to all Americans

      Now this Anti American Traitor wants to cheapen the service of our military vets whom sacrificed their lives by giving away to those who don’t serve nor desrve..Just because they think they deserve it.

      It’s easy to get a college funded education..serve your country and in return you get it

    4. @Riki tiki Tavi you all wouldn’t hassle that woman if she wasn’t a black African Muslim woman who hates the plight of the Palestinians and other muslims in the middle east.

    5. @Riki tiki Tavi Wow I feel bad for some people who take things to seriously and believe WHATEVER without fact-checking it first

    1. She’s a Philly girl. Protected, safe sound and secure in the suburbs. Not like she grew up on the streets of Philly. Joe and Jill should do pushups together and make a clip of it

    1. IgorD how is it you noticed that Malicious was butthurt? Are you now looking at Men’s butts because nothing he said indicated he was butt hurt just the truth. Unfortunately Trump Supporters think actual “Facts” are “Fake” and if you don’t agree with his exaggerations and lies then you’re the “Enemy!”

    1. @The Blade try watching any of Tim Pool’s videos. He’s a forever liberal, constantly claiming he’s never voting Republican, or God forbid Trump.But I guarantee you’re gonna hate him.

    2. @IgorD which means he is a wolf in sheep’s skin. There are too many liars out there today Donald being the king of them.

    3. @IgorD so if I told you I only vote Republican and then bitched about Donald and the right you would believe me? Yes you were proved right if that is so important to you. Why would I watch a liar?

  1. I think he diverses a lot and loses track of his thoughts. He looks and talks like an old man who should retire…

  2. What would these men do without us. @jillbiden your such a terrific wife and strong, beautiful, and smart woman.

    1. P.S. thank you for hugging Bernie at the debate Joe because as he always stands up for you and never attacks opponents on a personal level only on their policies, which is hard to do as a politician. The media is evil and love ratings. I’m voting for Bernie, but I respect and love you as a fellow human very much.

    1. Strong, intelligent, women and men have ran against President Trump.
      Joe is wrong for saying change in seasons will not help Corona Virus to become much weaker, therefore helping people to get well and virus decline.

    1. And here we have one who has listened what faux news has created. Maggot get it right, just hear what Jim Jordan said, I went far longer than that.

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