1. Clean energy will take decades. Buy all citizens new cars then. This guy is ruined all oil relations and cut our own supply lines 🙄

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  3. Dipping into the rainy day fund is not a smart move a wise man makes. But then again who said Biden was wise.

  4. Ding dong, the presidents brain is gone. His first action was closing the keystone pipeline and ending fracking with a swipe of a pen he should fix this but he won’t cause he don’t care

    1. They truly are, look at the state of California today.
      America is in an incomprehensible amount of trouble under this administration

  5. what can i buy here what performance can i expect what are the risks of loss what business activity I could finance what is the risk of bankruptcy am I participating in a speculative bubble? Can I trust your organizing platform on this subject? Would my investment be ethical or useful in your society? am I well diversified for that you think how will my profits be taxedty

  6. “Call on the Lord in the day of trouble,
    and He will deliver you”
               -Psalm 50: 15

  7. Mr President do you own a electric car ? Is your house powered by wind & solar ? If you can’t do that how do you expect average and woke Americans to do it ?

    1. Bro asks if your house is powered by wind and solar energy meanwhile a big reason big reason giant portions of our houses can’t be powered by those things or because you people block anything that would move us towards that 😂😂🤡💩

  8. God bless president Joe Biden, God bless kamala Harris and God bless America. Joe Biden best president since the Great Obama. Biden2024. Vote blue guys!!!!!

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