Joe Biden Takes Gut Punch In New Hampshire Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe Biden is polling third in New Hampshire according to new polling. The panel discusses Biden's standing in the race as of now and if he can rebound. Aired on 02/06/20.
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Joe Biden Takes Gut Punch In New Hampshire Polling | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. @Steeve y the Democrats cant even take care of the caucus and leave the country democracy and Republic to Trump and Conservativism

    2. Great to see Biden humiliated like these. He’s been opportunistic scum his whole life, and this is part of the payoff.

  1. Hey MSNBC, Biden doesn’t look to electable now….now does he. This is what happens when you choose NEVER to put progressives on your show.

    1. @Department of Date That’s utter bull. And I consider Rachel Maddow a progressive and she HOSTS one of their news shows. Probably Hayes too.

    2. This is what happens when Trump smears his competitor. We saw Hillary smeared with help of Russian interference.

    3. @Valeria Milner hahaha people still believe in Russian interference fairy tales? Good one Valeria.

      Then again maybe I’m a Russian bot too. You never know these days.

    4. @howdareyou41 he did that damage to himself. Maybe his son in that Ukranian company wasn’t technically illegal, but it was shady AF. He’s telling voters to go vote for somebody else. He’s LYING to his own voters’s face telling that Bernie doctored a video (which of the many ones btw?) where Biden advocates for cuts in social care, saying that he never wanted to cut social care. He LIED about not wanting to go to war with Iraq. He dug his own grave.

    1. @Konstantin Polyakov Trump doesn’t need to lie. You losers are just too blinded by your hate to see what a great president he is. Thats ok though, us sane people will give you 4 more years to wake up and realize how great of a job he’s doing.

    1. @Steeve y sure, but in a sane world Biden and Bloomberg would be running as Republicans not democrats

    2. @Steeve y I will remember. I can’t stand Bernie and his ignorant groupies, but I will vote against trump.

  2. MSNBC, I’m wait for a but for Bernie. Where is that disgusting Jason Johnson. Bernie 2020. I’m a boomer.

    1. @Buck Browning My mother is still alive, too. You folks confuse her generation with ours, and that’s your first mistake, but her generation finds the antics of the clown in the White House offensive as well, so you cannot count on them to vote R just because R. If the party shoves him out and runs Romney instead, you will win back true conservatives. They also still remember FDR, and even they see a little FDR in Bernie. There’s no need for breadlines if SNAP is strengthened. It’s a USDA program, not HHS. Propping up US agriculture _is_ a matter of national security. You never want to be dependent on foreign sources for your food supply. Bolstering the wages of the bottom 46%, and strengthening SNAP for those on fixed incomes, keeps the farmer in business.

    2. Erin Mich they’re completely mistaken when they say only younger voters support Bernie. Bull Shiote! I grew up with the same views Bernie’s has. The old 60’s and 70’s rebels/hippies believe what Bernie stands for…..always have!

    3. Buck Browning, wondered when the #TrumpSwallower would show up. Wipe off your mouth, Buddy. It’s running down your chin.

    1. @Ronald Macintyre I’m American. His original post said “another black” or I misread it lol. It makes sense now. I almost made the same joke back

    2. I think we’ve proven that the MSM can say whatever they want but FACTS and VOTES will not lie. Stay in fantasy land aka denial

    3. @LiamborninDC Are you saying Trump polls better than Sanders with older black voters? I don’t think(?) that’s the case? It’s not mutually exclusive that a higher percentage of young black voters like Bernie than old black voters, AND a majority of older black voters support Sanders.

    1. Phil
      During the debates, Yang, (and the others, below the top 5), were about like dogs under quarantine. They had only 1 chance to speak. But the top 5, had multiple opportunities. The “underdogs” had zero chances to succeed. It was disgusting!

    2. @Puttentane Same Exactly. The more I see from the Bernie crowd, the more inclined I am to think he said it.

    3. Yeah Warren lost a lot of credit credibility when she did that. It’s bad enough she’s a compulsive liar but when she did that the Bernie. And when Hillary attack Bernie that’s why not burn he’s already started going up.

    1. Only thing Communist Bernie Sanders what’s to shred is the wallets of middle class wealth after he redistribution the money to illegals

    1. @Yasuke Nakamura Catholic Nancy Pelosi is confused and had no leverage and AIC is a moron and someone should tell that moron there is no fix for stupid

  3. The MSM is praying that Bernie falls flat and “No Go Joe” can come back! Ahhhhh nope 👎🏾 it ain’t happening. I hope BERNIE drives them all into the ground!

    1. @Pierrette Latreille congratulates to your stupidity, when you don’t know the difference between social democracy and socialism

    2. @Pierrette Latreille young people are not being taught any in school, that’s why they think they will get a bunch of free things from Bernie. No, no, no young people! Somebody will pay and it will be through taxes, so think about it…whose taxes…..why It’d yours.

  4. Wow, you guys really love Joe Biden! Such unhappy faces that he’s losing. And a total inability to understand why anyone might vote for Sanders. Maybe have a guest on who can explain it to you.

    1. They want Sandes to come in for all the free things he promised. Nothing is free and you are the one that have to pay for it, You should check what a socialist government is.

  5. Hm, it’s almost like Joe “Go vote for someone else” Biden _isn’t_ the most electable candidate. Curious.

    1. @Mulinaster What Trump wants is an inconsistent, conflicted, corporate puppet with an unhealthy fixation on Trump and weak, placatory rhetoric. So, any of the Dem candidates but Bernie.

    1. It’s so obvious the Biden corruption has been exposed to Americans and brought him down. Well down President Trump! Bernie next.

    2. why the Democrats house manager for the Democrats mention his name over 400 times during the impeachment hearings that didn’t help Biden

    1. @liberal slayer what a moronic ignorant play. You just can’t let go of the BS that Obama is somehow a Muslim. You are a joke. I am no Obama fan, but your brainwashing is showing. Did Trump and Bush waterboard you? Sure sounds like it.

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