1. Hi! Chris here – Former Vice President Joe Biden received a lot of backlash from fellow Democrats. Will the criticism affect his changes to clinch the 2020 nomination?

    1. I did not vote in 2016 but after watching the debate and seeing how crazy the Democrat party is, me and my family will be first time Trump voters.
      That includes myself my wife and three sons.
      So President Trump just picked up 5- new votes in 2020.
      And I live in the pivotal swing state of Florida.
      Go Trump!

    1. So it’s ok to criticize joe Biden but Donald trump can do and say anything he wants to and about woman. This country has a real double standard big difference between what joe Biden was accused of doing and what Donald trump has been accused of over and over again.

    2. @Tamar Rosenberg-Walker I think the Republicans will do anything to keep tRump in office. The kkk and the white supremacists said they would do anything to keep tRump in office.Now that is racist✌

  2. Yea Joe just need to sit this one out smh at this point im stuck with over 10 people to choose from they all suck good luck 2020

  3. The Democrats will tear each other apart so bad before whoever wins the nomination the inner Democrat hatred will finally self destruct.

    1. James McCabe Just because you have lots of crazy thoughts doesn’t make them good for the country

    2. @James McCabe “Democrats can actually think for themselves and have their own brain” That’s why Trump was elected. though the corrupt media and dems wanted hillary. Keep on lamenting that Reps have no brains.You are in for a rude awakening!

    3. Donovan
      You mean we vote for someone who panders to our interests? You know, like we are supposed to? Unless you are a millionaire you vote against your own interests if you vote for Trump. Diversity is a good thing. It’s what improves us as humans. And the Democratic Party has lots of it!

  4. @cnn really? Do you think that’s an acceptable thumbnail from a company that claims to be “the most trusted name in news”?

  5. YOU sheep “elect” no one and state electors SELECT these puppets for you through the REAL electoral college votes !

  6. CNN whyd you pin TheSpicyPotatos comment that had 30 likes to the bottom ? Just goes to show CNN doesn’t like opposing opinions or facts. They love censorship

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