Joe: GOP Still Refuses To Protect U.S. From Russian Interference | Morning Joe | MSNBC

The Ukrainian natural gas company that prompted President Trump to seek investigations from Ukraine's president over its hiring of Hunter Biden was hacked by Russian spies. The panel discusses. Aired on 1/14/20.
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Joe: GOP Still Refuses To Protect U.S. From Russian Interference | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Moscow Mitch is a traitor to his country.

      Not that that seems to matter in the USA. Traitors are tolerated there it seems.

    1. @Paul Belardo just like your cowardly Dingleberry Bone spurs. Can’t spell. Nobody’s stealing his lines. Loser!

  1. The shocking aspect of this, is that trump’s GOP are being allowed to do this to America! 😢😢😢

    1. @jays knight king titan You sound intelligent and this liberal agrees Trump is doing some things globally no other president dared to do. I want to remind you we are already a socialist country in the worst way possible. Millionaires and Billionaires pay no taxes and get rebates thanks to their bribing of politicians. Forget arguing they provide jobs, they pay unlivable wages and are wealthy because most of them overcharge for their merchandise. Gates, Bezos, Soros, etc.

    2. Bonnie Parker now how to balance that socialism while globalism is going on? I find it wonderful Trump is challenging China and making our nation more independent, of oil and more. Brexit and Trump’s direction have collapsed the degree of what globalism could have strangled us to death with all across the world.

    3. @Toward Treatise I should elaborate, I hate alot of what Trump has done but him taking on China is something other presidents were afraid to do.

    4. Bonnie Parker but truly think of that. Globalism meets billionaire socialism is more than frightening. It Is a lot worse than USA billionaire socialism on the way to globalism and he’s doing a great job keeping balance. What we need is separation of powers through nationalism and states rights to truly ensure individual liberty for all to ever be free of these billionaires/governments how mighty they are now, let alone what they could be on the liberal path.

    1. Thats not funny I cannot believe the deniers either! Must be a Cult45 straggler still in awe of a flawed tv star. With the evidence out there, are these people brainwashed, in complete denial or just typical low Intelligence Quotient?? Can’t be American, at least, not a patriotic American. Our country is in serious peril because of an unfit, uninformed so-called leader.

    2. I gave you a “thumbs up,” but how? How is the US Cyber Command expected to strike back when Trump has cut their funding? They barely have enough resources to protect our infrastructor from cyber attacks. Let’s face it, people, America is done!

    1. Paul Belardo Hugely! Bigly! Tremendous! Sooo true! Borscht and vodka for lunch and Dumpster diving for dinner!

    2. Lol @Paul Moon pie pickings keeps spewing the same bs filings from his out of controlled asshat and spineless spirits practices!

    3. @Sux_2_B_U WHAT COUNTRY/STATE ARE YOU FROM? I did a Poli Sci class theme paper on the problem with them hacking the voting machines, WITH video and professional resources because it was in a huge lawsuit trying to get the legal rights to the Proprietary coding to determine how it was happening. THAT was the Summer of 2007!

  2. I grew up in a home with a staunchly Republican mother (and an equally committed Democratic father) and I know that Republican’s sworn enemies were Russia and Communism. Now we have a president who’s in bed with Russia! Why? To guarantee his election win! Every American should be deeply disturbed by this, most especially Republicans who’ve obviously abandoned their traditional values. Republicans, please respond.

    1. I’m sure we will get Trumps tax returns after his audit. It will show he has no economic interests in Russia. Lol

    2. @Tyler P how big of a loser does one have to be to have such disdain for “leftists”, yet watches and comments repeatedly on a video from leftist MSNBC? I’ll wait…

  3. Joe, John, Meka, U guys aren’t getting it. TRUMP and the REPUBLICANS not only LOOK FORWARD to RUSSIAN assistance in winning 2020 and beyond like they did in 2016, they ARE COMPLICIT. #LW

    1. Unfortunately, many Americans can’t get past their own stupidity to make the right choices. Propaganda from any quarter – whether it’s Russia or Fox – only feeds on minds already starved of intelligence.

    1. Lol again @ lying “Asshat” Wesley Sykes ❗
      Trumped distractions❗
      And triggered by facts, are only one of many reasons to why most patriotic Americans hates traitors and especially yourself whom takes pride in spewing out Yakity Yacks!

    2. Daryl Haynes Blah Blah Blah , yeah we need war heroes like Obama and Clinton , LoL you fraud , I bet you’d be the first to run to Canada

    3. @Ivanka speads for Quincy Jones lol
      I also remembers how he LIED about how Mexico would pay for a wastefiul wall over his kickbacks tunnels ❗🤮
      He LIED about President Obama will start a war with Iran’❗🤮
      He LIED about how he would reduce the deficit ceilings, and afterwards it stands that he’s raised the deficit ceilings upwards by over 2 trillion dollars❗🤮
      He LIED about how Americans pay checks would become bigly, and after he gave his wealthiest friends Elites tax cuts!❗🤮
      He lied about how he would fix the so called (Obamacare) “Affordable health care” system, and that by the way Republicons Sinisters all voted in and we’re all still awaiting for his enablers to fix it again! lmfao as there is not enough space or timelines to reminds ‘lying” Wesley Sykes to how many more thousands of Lies he’s only multiplied on a daily basis❗

    4. @Y Not dude everything you have said is spot-on. It’s like the lyrics of the punk band propagandhi, I could make music to what you wrote

    1. Are you kidding? The late junior senator from Wisconsin would be in the thick of the corruption if the GOP was doing it. His protege and fixer/lover was Roy Cohn, the same low-life lawyer that Trump retained for years.

    2. McCarthy’s mistake was starting the red scare 70 years too early. Now you we have 50% of the country who will take Putin’s word over US government assessment.

    1. “According to security experts”….REALLY??!! Who?? They can’t even name the so-called expert, this is FAKE NEWS!! Where is MSNBC’s coverage of the Chinese protestors waving the AMERICAN FLAG and praising President Trump for supporting them! They were waving Trump-Rocky posters portraying Our President as their CHAMPION!! Oh yea, MSNBC will NEVER show this, because they are NOT journalists, they are the DNC propaganda machine!! Don’t forget to unsubscribe from this PATHETIC channel!

    1. @Peter Bills Because Bill Barr, the Attorney General of the USA lied to the people and hide the Mueller report for almost a month, by the time the report came out the public had received the false information and lies, the propaganda was already set in place. As the truth came out the dems were starting to move forward with Impeachment anyway, but then Donald Trump committed an obvious crime and the Congress was able to get a lot more evidence of it so they decided to move forward with Impeachment on the second set of crimes. If the Impeachment trial fails it is entirely possible that the dems will resurrect the older charges in the Mueller report and Impeach the President on Obstruction of Justice. There was even talk of adding that charge to the current articles of Impeachment, but as Trump is trying to rig the 2020 election like the weasel little cheater that he is, time is of the essence. If Trump isn’t removed from office and then he gets re-elected by a razor thin margin just like last time, the difference is that last time nobody could conceive that the US election had been tampered with; well all that’s different now, if Trump gets re-elected by a slim margin and there is ANY evidence that a foreign power helped him win; I can guarantee that there will be riots, we the people will physically remove him from the white house, he will be finished even if it takes a civil war.

    2. Yeah, and I also notice how they don’t read or investigate anything themselves, they just take the GOP’s word for it, or the Fox News propagandists.

    3. @Peter Bills The reason those crimes wouldn’t show up on an impeachment article like it would on an indictment is because impeachment articles list the “continued threats” to constitutional government. At this point, abuse of power and obstruction are the biggest threats. The other crimes can be charged in court.

    1. Nice one, Leslie. Not much new these days but…sewercide…hahahaha, rotflm..tailfeathers off. Thanx for the chuckle.

    2. Leslie Killam — I live the way you put it! At the next election, GOP will surely, go down the toilet and into the sewer, where all this brazen, shameless liars belong.

    3. You nailed it: GOP is committing sewercide. And I just may have to steal that – great comments must be passed along 👌

    1. Brian Taylor …. Trump and his minions have to go.
      Perhaps we can then rebuild an honest, balanced, strong GOP.

  4. The GOP have sold out America to Putin in favor of keeping their power by doing nothing to keep the election safe from them.

    This is textbook-treachery.

    1. Trump,imbarrass america to imbress russia to hack your democracy.american people wake up.trump,s not honest to hs office

    2. You are right. But If the Democrats were doing this they would be put in jail. That’s exactly where the Republican Senate belongs. They are blatant, audacious traitors to Americans! Especially Mitch McConnell.

    3. Yes, and did you notice in the second democrat debate: the entire gang of democrat contestants stuck their hands up at the idea of flooding America with non-English speaking illegal aliens and then paying for their healthcare. You know you saw it. So did the rest of America. Guaranteed democrat voters are cheap. Just make the ballots in Spanish.

  5. Not only does the gop refuse to protect the US from russian interference.. they welcome it with open arms.

    1. @All democrats are baby Hitlers and worship nihilism Can’t wait for you to go to sleep troll.
      It isn’t that Democrats are baby hater’s as far as I can tell we just do not think that you should legislate our rights as individuals away.

    2. @Peter Weller
      It is your cowardice that is most noticeable.
      Killing babies is easy.
      Try killing a Marine.
      Oops……hit a nerve did I?

    3. The republcans are the roommate of the kleptomaniac protesting his innocence while they pick their teeth from the chicken he brought home. “There’s gotta be thousands of red headed guys wearing a yellow jacket with 10.5 duluth boots”

    4. If you have any evidence of that you should tell Nancy Pelosi. Maybe she could add it to her Articles of Impeachment for Gullible Losers / Haters.


  6. Back in the day one of Russia’s President said, “We will not take the U.S. from without, but from within.”

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