Joe: If Trump Could Stop The Lies, Talk About Economy, His Numbers Would Rise | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe: If Trump Could Stop The Lies, Talk About Economy, His Numbers Would Rise | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


Joe Scarborough weighs in on the president's rally last night in Pennsylvania, and Trump's remarks on impeachment. Aired on 12/11/19
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Joe: If Trump Could Stop The Lies, Talk About Economy, His Numbers Would Rise | Morning Joe | MSNBC

69 Comments on "Joe: If Trump Could Stop The Lies, Talk About Economy, His Numbers Would Rise | Morning Joe | MSNBC"

  1. “I like presidents that were not peed on” John McCain

    • @Tony S I did not say that confused old fossil pos didn’t say it .it is still uproven and Libby’s have claimed there is a tape for three years and like everything liberal still no proof

    • That rules out R. Kelly’s past dating relationships. Plus, having a POTUS that was peed on would recognize we’re so ‘woke’ that we no longer judge a person on the pee upon their skin, but upon the content of their character. So, if that is a truth regarding the urination, then we should applaud ourselves for our demonstrable Liberalism.

    • Oboma said in 1998 the Trump is someone he looks up to. Oboma/Biden economy was terrible now we have a growing economy

    • @Respect/Walk But this is what they call facts… anything that is said at any point by their cult leaders, despite no proof or direct evidence. Actually, they believe presumptions, opinions, feelings, allegations, and rumors are facts. The stupidest, STUPIDEST humans on the planet… by choice 😂

  2. That same day as his impeachment he invites the Russians to White House.

    • Putin sent Trump written intructions as to what to do next.

    • @Pat Gray that’s not true Trump has put more sanctions on Russia than Obama and Bush and Clinton combined. look up the facts Trump puts America first our last so-called President Barack Hussein Obama put America last MSNBC won’t tell you that you have to do your own research

    • @wrx3123 Take it out of contest*, just like you magatards love to do. You do know Obama’s not the president now?

      edit: typo *context*

  3. 00:57 – Trump is literally _screaming._ So Presidential. So inspiring. LOL

    • JSTR he waved his hands a lot as well, it seems drumpf is following Hitler’s playbook. Next his administration will release a video of trump as Hitler leading democrats into a concentration camp and his supporters would say it’s just a meme to that as well. These people are completely disconnected from reality.

    • nothing new there….he yells all the time

    • 2be Blunt Chump kept Hitler’sbook, Meinkampf, at his bedside table years ago

    • I love to watch him scream. He was warned, he was advised but he fired anybody who attempted to mlm provide advise. AND THE INSULTS!!!.
      Let ho I’m SCREEEEEAM!!

  4. Drumpfs MOUTH NEEDS to sue his BRAIN for harassment!!!

  5. Trump speaking to his supporters: They are lying-I’m innocent of everything-and they believe him. They believe in conspiracies and they will never understand the facts. SMH

    • Player Review you’re so wrong. The Democrats don’t have to lie because Trump admits a lot of it. What he’s being impeached for is for sure the truth nobody can say anything different. But there is so much more that he’s getting away with.

    • ​@sandy frye And we’re in agreement that when the impeachment trial finishes in the Senate, that it will vindicate Trump and nullify the impeachment? Because we know the House is Dem majority and they’ll vote the impeachment and Senate is Republican and even if it weren’t, it takes a 2/3rds majority to vote impeachment. I’m just hoping that both sides are honest with one another that things will play out that way and that media is letting us know in advance so there isn’t outrage like we expect it not to play out along partisan lines.

      He’s not a perfect flawless President and I’d never claim he was one, but I just don’t think the impeachment is sincere and separate from partisan politics. Dems want impeachment, Republicans don’t and polling of the people reflects this with strong support for and against along party-lines. The grounds for impeachment weren’t strong enough for it to be bipartisan, which is a problem if impeachment were expected to carry full-term through completion. It will still be an election cycle with an incumbent duly elected President and a DNC candidate for 2020 and the Senate vindication of the partisan Democratic impeachment of Trump will either help or hurt the DNC, so it will at least be an interesting election and likely evade surefire predictions as to who will be in office as it evaded us in 2016.

    • @Player Review I’m sorry, you’re wrong. He was not voted in. He lost the vote. The electorate allowed him to slither in and the House is upholding our Constitution; trying to, at least. The GOP are lying just like Trump. I would hope you won’t vote for that monster.

    • @Kristi J Well said. 🙂👍✌️

    • Thank the stars we didn’t inherit the gullible imbecile gene.

  6. There is no way you can separate trump from crimes

  7. If trump ever stops lying he would have nothing to say

  8. Doesn’t Trump make the GOP proud! Their legacy will not be pretty.

  9. Republicans know that half the country DOESN’T read and are semi-literate, infantilized and naive. They love the uneducated.

    • ​@Logan McLean I’m just having fun, because every now and then I entertain myself by flipping into a trope to see if it sells. I was honest about being Center-Right currently though and I will vote on merit over party.

      I find it factually implausible to deny the multitude of objectively great accomplishments Trump has managed in just a single administrative term and that the Democratic party would deny him any real coverage of the accomplishments in absense of them spinning the stuff as bad. Like when the military got al-Baghdadi that has been a target for _so_ many years and Washington Post spun it as an obituary title labeling the dude as an ‘austere scholar’.

      Credit to the other outlets for publishing the blip as an objectively good thing to remove ISIS leaders we’ve pursued for decades. I know Dems probably aren’t anti-America and blah blah, so I’m not trying to antagonize, but it is fun to jump from MSNBC to its equivalent on the Right, like Blaze TV and see the different spin factors at play and the group think. Trump is a flawed human, but he’s ran his office well and the impeachment isn’t about the Ukraine call, because both sides knew they’d grab whatever they could for impeachment they’d planned since 2015 or election day (depending on how much you buy into the FBI bias and Steele Dossier spurring all the media directives, I’ll settle for since election day, but they threatened impeachment all the time well before the Ukraine call and they’d do the hearing with absolutely no grounds other than wanting their candidate in office if they hadn’t figured they might be able to sell Ukraine as proof beyond partisan interpretation.

      I love my peeps on the Left, but this move was not good for the Dem party or the Country, regardless of outcome. They never had to rally behind Trump, but they could have spectated and recognized the good and the bad while they wait for a shot at winning at the election cycle without the shenanigans. Republicans played nice, relatively speaking, for Obama’s two terms and DNC is going to run their opposition like this, so Republicans will have to get down in the dirt with them to show they won’t just roll over and allow political coups.

    • @Player Review While I don’t agree with all your positions ( I do with some- which I suppose makes me left-centrist), I applaud your well-written satirical discourse in the spirit of Jonathan Swift’s “A Modest Proposal”.

      I see some of your fellow political journeymen didn’t “get it”. Ces’t la vie. You made a left-winger laugh out loud! Bully for you!

    • JIm Jordan, Devin Nunes, Matt Gaetz are among the semi-literate, naive and pretty much act uneducated.

  10. RIC Seamless Language Center | December 11, 2019 at 11:18 AM | Reply

    I love that phrase: “low information voters.”

    • ​@Scott Clarke While we have some key disagreements of perspective, I want to thank you for the well thought out and fortified response to my comment. You seem to be an honest actor and I’m reminded of when I was in advanced-debate class. So, I compliment your structure and presentation with more sourcing than my due diligence currently has fuel for.

      I’m glad I didn’t come up against your team during debate competitions like the dreaded cross-x, because you’d make me work hard to have a stronger position on whatever topic they gave us and told us what position we had to defend. Thanks to that super heavy time investment for the entire year I dropped all plans on studying law, because it meant I’d have to continue debate and the arduous research and preparation that people don’t always associate with debate and think you just have an opinion and argue it out rather than weeks and months of prep-work on something that can be so boring, like US-SINO relations… Ugh, but kudos again for being a voice of reason and logic, despite your viewpoint not aligning with my own on grounds for impeachment; But, I can appreciate your position and why you call it as you do, I was on the Left up through 2014, so it hasn’t been a ‘long’ time and I never strayed far from Center as I currently lean Right of – You’re right to point out my rant(s) as containing logic sometimes incompatible, I’m tired, but I’m also aware that I’m not as passionate on the issue as I might seem. I’m passionate about hopefully an end to partisan outrage at some point, should that come to fruition.

      Take care and thanks again. I wish you well.

    • @Player Review We’re Cool,👍

    • @Mastodon1976 Multiple studies have shown that multiple studies are uninformed. Multiple studies will now independently and objectively study those studies of studies, devoid of political bias, because studies are great things and they can tell you what you fund them to tell you. Or, at least that is what multiple studies have shown, I’m not stating personal opinion here, just citing studies.

    • Donnie Draftdodger | December 11, 2019 at 6:14 PM | Reply

      @Bert Nijhof tell us how you really feel? lol… but every assertion you make is true!

  11. Really Joe? You don’t know why he couldn’t do it?? He has a boss to answer to!! Guess who installed him? P U T I N! The real boss in the WH.

  12. Even his rallies are only about him, and his voters applaud it. Sick!

    • ​@Bethany Dee They’re all on the payroll. The Republican party actually doesn’t even exist, it is just something we put in the public conscience so they think we’re not a single party country. We actually staged all of Trump’s administration and he’s just a paid actor to help sell the narrative of a Republican candidate being duly elected to lead the free world.

      So long as we’re aware that it is all for show, we can just let it play out for the people. We just enjoy the fearmongering and outrage generated by making boogeymen to unite against. But, that is what we do and we’re honest about it to one another. Most of those rallies are actually just CGI, when we don’t want to stage so many paid actors to fill those arenas.

  13. “Folks, can you imagine what Russia’s Putin is saying to himself today? “I can’t believe my luck! I not only got tRump to parrot my conspiracy theories, I got his whole party to do it! And for free! Who ever thought Americans would so easily sell out their own Constitution for one man? My G-d, I have Russian lawmakers in my own Parliament who’d quit before doing that. But it proves my point: America is no different from Russia, so spare me the lectures.” Thomas Friedman, NY Times Foreign Affairs Columnist, 11. Nov.

    • Russia can care less who win . Russia wants to divide Americans and they put Facebook ads for Trump and Hillary and Obama let it happen.

  14. lies are an integral part of who he is , stopping them would stop his heart beating.

  15. Richie Tattersall | December 11, 2019 at 12:06 PM | Reply

    “He who permits himself to tell a lie once, finds it much easier to do it a second and third time, till at length, it becomes habitual.” Thomas Jefferson

    • Indeed, words of common sense and demonstrable assets for any politician. Thankfully Trump hasn’t lied in nonpartisan matters of State beyond partisan interpretation. Politicians sometimes can hug that line pretty close, where each party sees their own interpretation, because then it’d be Republican demand for resignation and bipartisan impeachment, he’d have resigned by now. Assume politicians tell us what they think we want to hear, not what the raw data is and sending it out without spin or disingenuous agendas. Both parties and their respective supporting institutional apparatus.

  16. Lmao “if he could stop the Lies” he’s been doing that his whole life.

  17. And he had Russian company at the White House. How embarrassing?!

  18. I like how the audience looks like they were forced to his rallies like jury duty

  19. DARK&LOVELY DIXON | December 11, 2019 at 3:10 PM | Reply


    • Joe Scarborough is himself is a low information Republican and 1%er. The economy isn’t good, economist says it’s not good, but stupid Joe good (the same guy that helped upstart Trump’s presidency). Just because employment is relatively low, doesn’t mean the economy is working in the best interest of most people. Debt, home ownership, average wages, cost of living, etc is not where it should be for the nation to say it’s the economy is good.

    • Thank you!!! Stock markets and the economy are not ONE AND THE SAME!!! Scarborough is going back to his 80’s republiCON trickle down roots.


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