Joe Manchin’s Former Advisor On His Questionable GOP Negotiations

Joe Manchin's faith in bipartisanship on a voting rights bill is discussed by his former communications director Jonathan Kott and journalist Michael Harriot.
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    1. @Sarah well at least almost all democrats are willing to change corporate money is politics with the exception of Manchin and the GOP

    1. I can say one good thing about the Bunker Baby, McTurtle, and ted cancruz. It’s super easy to tell when they are lying..
      If they’re speaking: it’s a lie. Even if you know that something they’re saying is the truth, they’re still lying because to them the truth is a lie.

    1. Absolutely. This is why all right wing Dems join Republicans against Bernie Sanders, because he wants dark money out of politics. I think Biden knew Manchin would block the aspects of the bill that restricted dark money, but could at least pretend he wasn’t concerned over his own corporate donations.
      I think Bernie sanded would have been the greatest danger to corrupt politicians, which is why Tom Perez* had to undermine democracy in the Democratic Party to ensure he would not become the Dem candidate, vs dark money Joe.

      Remember that scam during the vote count between Sanders and Biden? An official admitted they had made mistakes with adding up the votes but the numbers had already been submitted so it’s too late.
      * Tom Perez now works for an anti-labor law firm.

    2. @Biff Masterson : We see you still crying about the Bunker Baby Loser losing more bigly than anyone in 40 years, and his second term too. Pathetic, and that’s perfectly fitting for the lard tub of bigotry. .

  1. I think it’s an insult to the intelligence of all Americans that we have to take the majority of our representatives as anything other than dishonest actors who are actually corporate lawyers

    1. Well said. Most are dishonest, lack of integrity, immoral and corrupt! I ALWAYS said most are acting and only interested in holding on to their part because it pays so well. Horrible!

    2. I have said it a thousand times Mitch McConnell has been in office since 1987 and hasn’t done anything different since then. All he is about is blocking anything the democrats bring to the table. Democrats are stupid to think they will compromise or vote for anything that helps the people. I will never understand why voters are good with this and keep voting them in office. Just goes to show hate is a powerful motivator. The person in congress that I would trust will be the one who brings term limits to the table. You can’t have change with the same small minded people in charge for thousands of years. You actually have to wait for them to die to get effective change. At this point that’s what I’m hoping for!

    3. Every member of Congress is for sale every day due to the corruption indemic in the US political system… Congress literally made bribery legal

    4. Methinks the most important part of your comment is “intelligence of Americans”. That’s the crux of the issue. The vast majority of Americans, and even more so the “MagAmericans” lack basic and fundamental knowledge of history, science, and how the US government actually works. I get it, it’s not as fun as numbing your brain with social media soma….but, An uneducated electorate will destroy this country. I can hear the TikTok dopamine addicted generation picking their noses and checking their hair in the rear view mirror of the battered Hyundai their G’ma handed down to them now…

  2. The most important part is not any version of any bill. The important part is to keep evil state legislatures from taking over the counting of the votes and having the authority to throw out all the votes they don’t like until they get a result they do like. I would be happy with a bill that would just stop that.

  3. Joe Manchin is not a Democrat, he’s a Republican in the Democrat party. He’s been like this all along and people didn’t just noticed it.

    1. That WV became an extremely RED state, another registered Democrat would not be able to win in WV. A progressive ran against Manchin in the primary in 2018 and he trounced her by a huge margin. He narrowly won re-election in 2018 against staunch Republican Trump bootlicker who would have been far worse.

  4. Is Joe Manchin really that naive? He’s been a political figure for a long time so why does he think Republicans are not going to do exactly what they said they would do vote NO

    1. Joe Manchin has exactly two goals: be the center of attention, and make sure Congress gets nothing done.

  5. No one is against ID cards to vote but states like Alabama closed ID places in black districts then demanded they have ID’S! Joe M is just helping republicans run out the clock!

    1. In Florida, at least, you can’t get a free photo ID. And it’s $25 every three years and if you miss the date, $15 late fee. Not everyone has that extra money and access to a way to get to the DOT. Joel Greenberg was our head of that office in my county- he’s the guy who might bring down Gaetz, if there is a god. He had his staff of unqualified cronies dressed in tactical gear and wearing guns. How many poor people do you think are going to want to sit in that office with those fake cops giving them the eye the whole time. Especially POC? I’m an old white lady and I felt EXTREMELY uncomfortable renewing my disability placard. They kept walking up on me and giving me the squint as if I was doing something wrong.

    2. @Deb Shaw Preach! I spent years working at or near minimum wage, and I wouldn’t have been able to afford the ID card charges or renewals. On top of that, I couldn’t afford to take time off to go to the ID issuing office, OR to take time off to go vote.
      Disenfranchising the poor is a feature, not a bug, as far as the plutocrats and their minions are concerned. And Manchin (along with Kott) are DEFINITELY minions of the American plutocracy.

    3. @Richard Adams for sure. My ex kept not showing up for custody hearings because he wasn’t paying the proper amount of child support and because he made six figures and I was having to live on ramen noodles because I had to get what jobs I could around school schedules- I couldn’t afford after school care- so my kids could have healthy food, they kept giving him a pass. I’d have to lose a half day’s work twice a month for 6 months before family court got a new judge who looked at his record of FTA and granted me twice the child support.

      When did I have time to go to the DMV which closes early so you can’t get things done in the time you have left before they close.

    4. @Deb Shaw Right. People like Joe Manchin, Trump, Romney, their ilk, they have NO IDEA what it’s like on the ground.

    1. The filibuster was changed for one day by mitch McConnell to seat a scotus judge, we could do that but they wont.

  6. 🧐: Jonathan Kott, isn’t being honest, with his response.

    Joy Reid, Michael Harriot ! 👍🏾

    1. right. the real truth about his motivations will soon become crystal clear and when the political tide turns on him he’ll flip.

  7. Manchin is making so much money by being an obstructionist and is unlikely to give up all his new found power.

  8. The world would like to know what the USA is going to do about it’s political system and when are you going to fix it?

    1. He’s actually working for his billionaire donors, just like 90% of politicians in congress and the whitehouse.

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