Joe: President Donald Trump’s Ignorance Makes For International Crisis | Morning Joe | MSNBC

'With his audacious attack, Trump has further isolated the United States from its allies, provided a lifeline to Iran’s terrorist regime and broken yet another of his campaign promises,' Joe Scarborough writes in a new WaPo column. Aired on 01/07/20
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Joe: President Donald Trump's Ignorance Makes For International Crisis | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Iran just shot missiles into Iraq and you loony leftist want to still cry about Trump over losing an election. You MSNBC fake news zealots are fools and traitors. Nothing more and nothing less. Nobody takes you pigs seriously.

  1. The Moron Molester doesn’t get it there was a reason the US motivated internal partisan actors to ‘remove’ top officials in the past. Now the US is on record of directly executing a foreign representative in third party territory. The only other govt. that publicly did this was the former Soviet Union.

    1. thanks to trump, it’s now open season on any american that other countries might consider a “bad actor”

  2. Selfishness…playing with peoples lives to divert from impeachment, knowing he can’t leave the from the WH if a war is going on

    1. Jechell Frias I’m retired Mei Ling. Now keep getting that 10 bucks a pop. You’ll retire one day yourself.

    2. @Don Williams So what are you? a pervert? you must be a middle aged pot-belly ugly azz “white man” talking to her like that.

    3. Herbert the Pervert wants to be her friend talking like that way old haggerd you think it’s a Facebook page.

  3. The United States is probably unaware that the world will never forgive it for this “president”. In any case, I will need at least 3 real democratic presidents !!

    1. @Stefan Bartoschek where have you been? There is no Democratic Party anymore. It’s a socialist party and slightly leaning towards communism. You need to wake up have you been under a rock?

    1. Me! I knew all social media would become a problem. Why? You know all those story plots about what would happen if we could read minds? They are fantasy but the plots usu show why it’s not a good idea to know ANYONE’S passing, fleeting, ever-changing thoughts. It’s ok not to know that your neighbor thinks you’re incredibly stupid but finds you fine as a neighbor.
      Social media has given us all a place to anonymously share any and every passing thought with the flick of the wrist and some thumb moves. That could NEVER end up ok. And now they’ve elected a pres in this climate who does nothing BUT that. Yeah, I didn’t know the specifics, but I knew it wouldn’t end well.

    2. It was so obvious, stupid electoral slave machine and kkk evangelicals, let them go fight now, leave our americans alone.

    1. Cindy Weir Or Better yet EVERYDAY in Chicago, Baltimore, St Louis Houston…well all the cities that have a VAST black population. Murders in the Dozens DAILY.

  4. Trump is the best example of someone who should keep his mouth shut and have people assume he is ignorant. When he opens it he removes all doubt.

  5. The world can’t wait whilst this madman stays in office, its just too dangerous. He needs to go now, even the GOP should realise this

    1. What a genius he is ! He thinks killing a general and killing a cave man Bin Laden is same thing. Sulimani was a bad man world is much safer now. Drum Duck, there is another general second in line who just took over to lead the army of a Nation. How does that make safer.

  6. 3:10 “Gaddafi blew up Americans on passanger airliners. Evil men! Terrible men!”
    Um… Iran Air Flight 655?

    1. @The inquisitive biker You are the who is supporting Iran. I bet if you were near the embassy (outside the wall), you would get beheaded. You cannot trust those filthy m*u*s#li*ms (aka terrorists).

  7. FINALLY!! Joe nailed it on the nose. Trump has a tantrum when Khmanei tweeted “There’s nothing you can do” so that triggered Impotus to order Soleimami assassinated.

  8. An International Crisis is what you get when a middle school dropout becomes the president. What a total TRUMPANZEE! 😆 😂

  9. It must feel like a real stab in the back to those militias, in a way, for the US to take out a guy who was instrumental in the fight against ISIS.

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