1. @Nerdboy I don’t think you are naive. And I’m not trying to be rude. I think Americans in general live in a bubble, very isolated to the rest of the world.
      That’s not a personal attack on you.

    2. @Nerdboy Here’s an example: The Ayatollah went on TV and said “we’ll use black Americans as a proxy army in the US to start a race war”. He said this openly on camera, in Farsi, after George Floyd. He also had a George Floyd mural painted in Tehran JUST to f*ck with Americans.

      American reaction: Iran cares about George Floyd and is nicer than our OWN police are to black ppl.

      Reality: This is a deliberate stirring the pot, with a goal. Clearly explained on state TV.

      So no, Americans don’t have a clue what’s happening. Just like you don’t know they pay Ilhan..

    3. @Nerdboy I just told you basic, common knowledge in the world outside the US. And all you did was get defensive and call yourself naive.. when I never said that…😂

    1. Need any more proof the liberal, silence is violence types, are just perpetually offended by any diffrent opinions? They’re so emotionally fragile and unstable, that rather than controlling their own emotions and feelings, they demand that the world changes their thoughts and words.

    2. @Vincent Morgan

      He got it from from your defense of Rogan’s distorted antisemitic tropes. You are obviously a genius. Lol

    3. @Vinny Gorg Comedy is not hate, and you’re only proving his point about people being overly sensitive. Like Mark Normand said, the Jews are just making hay while the sun’s not holocausting, and that’s a good thing. Probably the best stereotype actually.

  1. It’s not antisemitic calling out the Israeli lobby buying our politicians , just like it’s not Islamophobia if you call out the Saudi lobby buying our politicians like prostitutes .

    1. @Deez Nutz

      You are obviously an intellectual! Lmao
      It’s not facts genius, it’s distorted, skewed opinions and a prejudice perspective.

    2. @ѕατγαмєν נαγατє Easy answer: there are dozens of Muslim countries. There’s one Jewish country. Israel calls itself THE Jewish state. Saudi Arabia can’t call itself THE Muslim state because there are dozens of Muslim majority countries like Turkey, Indonesia, Jordan blah blah blah.

  2. I actually agree with Rogan in this one. This is unreal. Come in CNN…. Just taking advantage of this to have something to air and talk about for 10 min.

  3. No one said anything when the movie All about the benjamins came out and no one complained when that statement was used constantly in our language. Before she uttered it at Congress. This is BS

  4. Why do you hate Italians CNN? Rogan said Italians love pizza in that clip but you didn’t mention that at all. So if this is all about condemning stereotypes why did you only mention the one about the Jews but not the Italians. Seems like you are more concerned with pleasing donors and afraid of lobbies. You’re making his point without even realizing it.

    1. @Loud is Loud Just 3% of Americans are Jewish, yet 67% of the Forbes 400 are Jewish… Kind of the same logic could be followed no?

    2. @Terry Reynolds Anybody who gets stirred up by Joe Rogan is a humorless tool and nobody cares about them anyways. I would honestly question any person that doesn’t like pizza and/or money.

    3. @Loud is Loud  i love connecting dots! You know what else is fun? Picking up on patterns. Ask a bunch of rich people what their heritage is and see if you pick up on one.

  5. She didn’t mention a race, all over the media for years they talk about LOBBYIST AND MONEY and a lot ain’t Jewish – however the REACTION does show something of why she had apologize even though she never mentioned them. We are all into money of every race cause people are poor – now we can’t mention money in media cause they would think it’s a certain race although a lot of them are poor just like rest of us.Peace be onto the Jewish people and any other

    1. benjamin is a common jewish name, they are so scared and paranoid, they took her talking about money as being about them

  6. Joe rarely gets it right, and he missed the mark this time – BUT – he got it right that she had no reason to apologize.

    She merely speaks the truth when referring to the dark money super AIPAC being “all about the Benjamins ($100 bills)

    She had every right to state: ‘‘I want to talk about the political influence in this country that says it is OK for people to push for allegiance to a foreign country’’ even if that country is an ally.

    She also said: “‘We must have the same level of accountability and justice for all victims of crimes against humanity. We have seen unthinkable atrocities committed by the US, Hamas, Israel, Afghanistan, and the Taliban”

    A fact is a fact is a fact is a fact. If you choose to believe that Omar thinks the United States is identical to the Taliban you have a screw loose somewhere. You don’t know the woman or anything about her. You can “hate her” for being a progressive voice, but at least use ration and reason to try to defend your deplorableness.

    She did misspeak when she said “CAIR was founded after 9/11, because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.” in fact the organization already existed but doubled in size after attacks on the Muslim community. Read or listen to her comments IN CONTEXT.

    She was also correct when she referred to Israel as an “apartheid state” there’s no mincing the facts, is there? Define apartheid, observe Palestine/Israel, draw your own conclusion.

    The GQP’s antisemitism problem is not Omar – their problem with her is that she is an outspoken, Black, African, female, Muslim – full stop. The Democrats’ problem with her is only voiced by the people taking the Benjies from a PAC and trying to pretend that American politics are not influenced by political contributions – The FACT they attacked her for calling them out only proves her point.

    She should NOT have apologized because she said nothing wrong. Is there now a class of people with political agendas that is beyond reproach? Seriously? That doesn’t sound like the America I believe in.

    Your mileage may vary, but you can’t dispute the facts of the matter.

  7. It is crazy that people are criticizing Joe’s statement. I have many Jewish friends. They frequently joke about the significance of money in their community. My black friends joke about their affinity for social barbeques in the summer. Is it an absolute? No. But, there is a piece of truth to it. Any adult understands this. Stop being so sensitive and forcing your values on everybody else.

    1. On behalf if Jews, I apologize for us being jumpy, its just that not long ago “your” grandparents were saying similar stuff, and then gassing and burning our grandparents. As Jews we are all wondering when round 2 will begin.

    2. Petersen, one thing is certain is that you are a bigot evidenced by your post supporting hypocrite, low life Rogan’s denigrating stereotypes against blacks (who he refers to with the N word) and Jews.

    3. @Aaron Rothenberg Thank you. It means a lot. The strange thing about my mother’s heritage. Both of her parents were victims of genocide. My grandfather was Jewish. My grandmother was a Volga German. The Russians killed 2.5 million Volga Germans, village by village. Her extended family and village were killed. My grandmother only focuses on the future. Food for thought. I guess the big difference is the long history of Jewish persecution.

    4. @Vinny Gorg You are the perfect example of what is wrong with America today. You know nothing about me or Mr. Rogan. Yet, you believe you have the right to defame and denigrate us. His black guests feel very differently. And, my grandfather was Jewish and I have mixed-race children. Your actions are now reinforcing dangerous stereotypes. It would be best if you took truly constructive actions. If you like, I will talk to you directly. You will find that I am not as you believe.

    5. @Aaron Rothenberg Wow, imagine assuming some strangers grandparents participated in genocide lmfao.

  8. There are instigators out there trying to create conflict. I’m Jewish, and I can say that we do in fact like money… just as everyone else does. I’m confident that most groups, including LGBTQA are not even that sensitive about comedy, it’s the instigators who want us all to have beef with each other. Keep your sense of humor about you and laugh it all off. Then focus on real issues instead of this reality show-type, petty nonsense. Don’t give the instigators what they want. This life is beautiful and nightmarish, but we’re all in it together. ✌🏼

  9. This is ridiculous. This is not anti-semitism. We live in a society where everyone is so desperate to be outraged that it’s impossible to have a thoughtful conversation and or express thought. Joe Rogan does more for understanding different opinions than most people. Listen to the whole podcast and find out the context and Joe Rogan’s thoughts before judging. But then that wouldn’t fit with the psychological need of so many people to become immediately triggered and to scream bloody murder.

    1. Is this quote talking about Js? Because at that time, they were a small, persecuted minority. Voltaire must have had someone else in mind.

    2. There’s legit hundreds of thousands of videos on YouTube, tiktok, FB, and the internet at large ALL talking about how you CAN’T talk about Jews.
      Seems like you can!! Lol

      You know who you ACTUALLY can’t talk about??? China. Iran. Russia. Qatar. Saudi Arabia. UAE. And all the dictatorships of the world. See the pattern with ppl who ban free speech in their countries?? 😉

    3. @Phil Alexander

      You must be reading the wrong press, guy. The Jewish people are maligned by all and sundry alike. The David Dukes and Ilhan Omars make common cause in their antisemitism.

  10. Not being okay with your politicians being bribed by a foreign government, regardless of the name of that country, and calling it out, it’s not antisemitic. If you want to pass laws favorable to a foreign country, do it, but don’t do it because you receive political contributions from that country through a lobbying group.

  11. This is what happens when someone doesn’t like your message and is using a false narrative to try and shut you down.

  12. I actually agree with Rogan. It’s not automatically anti-semitic to say that a group of people are deeply involved in enterprises where money talks. I’ve lived in Asia, and there are places where they say the same thing about Chinese people, that they’re the ones who are steeped in businesses and money, and that’s not necessarily an anti-Chinese sentiment, it’s simply observation.

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