1. I’m old enough to remember on how life was so much better before social media became an everyday part of our lives. I really miss those days.πŸ˜”

    1. Me too. I was born in 1970, and I closed my FB account in 2019, and have no other social media, except LinkedIn for work. It’s doable.

    2. Delete your social media accounts and don’t look back. I removed Facebook and Instagram from my life and wow do I feel much better, although I still comment on YouTube lol

    3. Back when humans actually had sun exposure. Now if a person sees sunlight it’s only because their basement window wasn’t blocked off by the blacked out curtains.

  2. They can make AI that tracks my every cart so you can sell me stuff but you can’t create AI that finds bots?

    1. @NBA1 yet YouTube can’t figure out these “fuk what you saying it here” ☝️ comments are bots. They’re on literally every comment. Does anyone actually click them?

  3. “What’s good for Facebook is not necessarily good for the world.” How many other companies would be shut down on this criterion?

    1. That is literally how every company operates. The objective is to make as much money as possible, obviously doing that means putting the company’s well being before anything, including the world, ergo what is good for the company is not always what is good for the world. This is just how businesses operate, not quite sure what you think you’ve realized but the picture is much much bigger pal

  4. Actually he did “get into this” to judge people. That’s what Facebook was originally for, judging women on campus.

    1. That’s not true, it was originally designed for data collection. Though I get that you’re possibly making a joke.

    1. Elon wouldn’t censor stories (especially a story that could affect the presidential election) at the behest of the FBI.

  5. This is classic Zuckerberg misdirection. He’s talking about the trade-offs of using aggressive spam classification settings. The more aggressive the settings on the spam filter, the more likely it is that real content will be erroneously flagged as spam and removed. Technically that’s true but it’s entirely irrelevant if the real trade-off for not using aggressive settings is that the proliferation and circulation of bogus and incendiary content is what drives the most traffic on Facebook. Killing the spam content would mean killing ad revenue and that is the only reason they won’t do it. Period.

    1. @nope I wasn’t a content moderator, I was the one writing exactly the ML algorithms you speak of….

  6. How many people grew up in a neighborhood or high density dwelling and had at least 1 person that was the “nosey body” – that had to know everything going on in the area and everyone’s business… now we have tools to make everyone that person. Thank you Facebook & Twitter

  7. I can’t believe someone my age has that much money let alone all that power. I know me so it’s scary to think about. What a guy. I’m glad Joe didn’t go easy on him.

    1. I think he really did go easy on him. He didn’t ask him about the election dropboxes that he funded. He didn’t question him about the guy he mentioned he clearly was a Trump hater. He wrote a book about how Trump overused executive orders but doesn’t mention anything about Obama and Biden doing the same thing times pi!

  8. The bit about Facebook being told by the FBI to suppress discussion about the Hunter Biden laptop story was BY FAR the most newsworthy part of this interview.

  9. funny how you left out the part where he said the FBI told him to remove “misinformation” about hunters laptop

    1. That was the most controversial piece in the whole interview and they left it out? I guess CNN don’t want their viewers seeing that part

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