Joe: Trump Is Talking To Himself When He Says Impeachment A Hoax | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe: Trump Is Talking To Himself When He Says Impeachment A Hoax | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1


  1. You don’t expect an old white privileged man to let down his side by his whiny weak behavior. He has abdicated from manhood to acting like a hood.

  2. Get McConnell out of this Trail! He has already admitted his hugely biased position and has disqualified himself from the proceedings!

    1. All the people saying here … Get this one out and get that guy out …. Leave it to the voters …. When the time comes and if the voters feel that the candidate – you all so vehemently name called – did not execute the promises he ran on – they will vote them out ….
      Is that so hard to grapple or do the viewers of MSNBC now not even believe in the way a Republic works

    2. @Kelli Pickle You are obviously too stupid to see what has happened. A president is not above the law. He broke the law and got away with it too many times now. He has been impeached for violating the law. Get over it.

  3. All he can say it’s “IT’S A HOAX”. He cannot say how, or why, or who, or provide any rational reasoning at all. Just a loud moronic shout to his dull low information voter base.

    1. @Dana Rhodes Sorry I don’t agree. Trump is an entirely different animal, far more stupid than the average bear.

    2. @Zissou Moonshot that is fine, but did you hate him even before he ran or are you just made at him due to it is the new trend? Like how people loved and adored him before he ran and after he was running people were like oh i hate the guy even though they loved him. If you hated him before he ran then great i salute you but if this is just due to a trend then well that is all i can say.

    3. @Dana Rhodes Where did I say I hated someone? I did my due diligence before Drumpf was nominated, as any informed voter should have. I made my mind up about him before I made my vote, OF COURSE. And it’s no trend to hate on Trump. People are expressing discontent with him because he is a horrible person who is abusing his office, not because it’s a “trend”. I’m not a millenial or a kid, so I don’t base my decisions in life on trends.

  4. He has to go to Davos. It will be hilarious how he embarrasses himself this time. No doubt the mean boys will laugh at him again when he acts like a clown.

  5. He keeps saying that was a perfect call and he is now talking to himself? Somebody in the White House must have forgotten to give this DOTARD his medications. Psychotic and out-of-touch with reality with serious and probably incurable Conduct Disorder.

    1. Tan Vinh. There is nothing wrong with talking to yourself. It’s a normal stress reliever for adults and kids do it all the time. It’s actually healthy for you. So your mental health comment was uncalled for.

    2. Kristen Vogel Your comment implies that when you wrote it you were really talking to yourself.Never mind help is on hand should you need it.

    3. Trump really meant to say it was a “perfect crime”, not a “perfect call”. There’s no such thing as a “perfect call” especially when you’re the only judge and self-appointed referee. He still thinks he will get away with having committed the “perfect crime” because 1) it happened on foreign soil away from Congressional oversight and 2) he believes the Senate will kowtow to his every whim, demand and presidential order, no matter how illegal or outrageous. After the Senate lets him walk, Trump will have enough impunity to order the assassination of the whistle blower with a sneaky drone strike.

    1. @Edson Pinas I’m afraid the stupidity lies with you cult members. Now this entire country has seen and heard what he’s done and said about himself! I don’t know what kind of mind fart your cult has been on for the past few months but your leader openly admitted to what they are evicting him for! Enough is enough. He’s got to go. And frankly ALL of you can join him!! So instead of him even trying to prove his OWN innocence he’s HIDING it not allowing his OWN witnesses. This alone could tell me he was guilty if I hadn’t ALREADY seen it myself!! Get a clue. He has playing you all and taking whatever he can. Making you look like idiots.

    2. @Melissa Graham stop watching fake news😂😂…the media hates him because he is draining that swamp…we are doing great. He wil be exonerated and win this year. Prepare yourself for 4 more years. Watch his rallies always full stadiums not to mention thousands OUTSIDE. We will make sure he gets 4 more years then you can 😢😢like 2016 while i am 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    3. Page, Papadopoulos, Flynn, Manafort, Stormi Daniels, Avenatti (presidential nomination), Comey, Mueller, Cohen, Gates, Zwann, 12 Russian Nationals, all were the final nail in the coffin, all of them failed, now they have Lev Parnas, who Rush Limbaugh predicted on Nov. 11th he would be a witness because someone leaked to him they were grooming Mr. Parnas for this and why Nancy Pelosi slowly walked the process…what a joke PELOSI-SCHIFF-NADLER-SCHUMER WILL FAIL and while i am at it…and Y’all need to study the Impoundment Control Act, a dispute between the branches going back centuries, so OMB and GAO….Nuttin new honey…and John Bolton i predict a nightmare for the Democrats…Parnas? what a joke…another Maddcow disaster ROTFLMAO

  6. Prevent witnesses from providing direct evidence and then dismissing the case on lack of evidence – are these guys 7 years old?

    1. Terry Parenteau    if i may add, they will never admit that they are wrong doing, neither face their wrong doing, not because they have a conscience, but because they are perverse and less smart then they thought they were, this in front of the nation.   Fully support from a french friend in France. Keep pushing People !

  7. FFS Moscow Mitch’s wife, Elaine Chao, is in Trump’s cabinet.  No conflict of interest here.  Move along!

    1. @Jacob Bender Aren’t prosecutors usually biased ? Once you’ve seen the evidence if you weren’t biased against trump your brain dead.

    2. @Kurts aksls videos AKS Prosecutors are biased, that’s why it’s extremely alarming that he’s also the star witness. There is no evidence bud. Just accusations. If you can provide evidence, I’d love to see you try

    3. @Jacob Bender Evidence= Holds aid to a country that has RUSSIANS killing OUR ALLIES but wants a FAVOR… You don’t see it but 70% of the country knows. Criminals in jail for years still can’t see their wrongdoing and you and Trump would fall into that class of criminals.

  8. Trump can stomp his feet, have a tantrum and cry “hoax” all he wants. That will never change the fact that he’s toast, the minute he’s not president.

    1. @Daniel Schaeffer
      Only The Donald, Reality TV Game Show Host, is stupid enough to not see what he was doing to himself, by running. But then again, he kinda got stuck, he never thought he’d win. What a crazy saga.. we’re in the home stretch. 🍻

    1. @TheBase1aransas you FAIL. The Government Accountability Office (GAO) is a legislative branch government agency that provides auditing, evaluation, and investigative services for the United States Congress. It is the supreme audit institution of the federal government of the United States. IT JUST SAID CLOWN TRUMP BROKE THE LAW.

  9. The scriptwriters of the “The Trump Show” are running out of material. How is Trump going to win an Emmy with scripts likes this.

    1. Seriously, the beer-swilling-gullibles who worship at the altar of their lunatic messiah don’t care about any scripts or new material. Sheesh!

      All they need to hear is a continuous loop of Trump’s spittle spraying nonsense and they collapse into a gelatinous pile of orgiastic ecstasy.

      Hmmmm, I have some lovely Arizona swamp-land to sell them. And all I would need is a MAGA hat! 😁😁😁

    1. Aye, the fact that it’s actually happening says otherwise. Pity Trump can’t tell the difference.

  10. It’s global intelligentsia not elites so he’s really out of his depth. We all will hide our faces in embarrassment .

    1. Wow I havent listened to this program in a long time. I now understand why Democrats are so minsinformed. They gave zero facts in this entire piece just 4 different people rip on Trump.

    1. Green Panda …. most of us in the free world simply need to listen to trumps own words. And we’re doing exactly that. Few of us are being led around by the nose, you on the other hand… Enjoy your blindness man, it looks real good on you

    2. @Green Panda Hey, Readers, Troll Alert! Oh, I may be wrong….The USA is made up of Americans who love our country, respect it’s values and support our Constitution. I guess Green Panda’s smartalec “Pity” and “laughing at you” crack was addressed to “The Liberals From France”! Now it makes sense. Green Panda must hate “Liberals from France”, but Americans don’t. Green Panda, pay attention to the news reports and the majority of Americans so you can learn the truth about our country. You are way on the wrong track. Have a nice life.

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