John Bolton Urges Republicans To 'Repair The Damage' Trump Has Done To The Party | Katy Tur | MSNBC 1

John Bolton Urges Republicans To ‘Repair The Damage’ Trump Has Done To The Party | Katy Tur | MSNBC


John Bolton, former national security advisor to President Trump, urged the Republican party to "purge the taint of Trumpism" after a pro-Trump mob broke into the Capitol and hoped conservatives would "repair the damage" the president has done to the party. Aired on 1/11/2021.
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About Katy Tur: Katy Tur is an NBC News Correspondent and anchor of the 2 p.m. ET hour of “MSNBC Live.” A dogged journalist, Tur emerged as a breakout broadcaster in 2016 while covering the entirety of the Trump campaign across all platforms for NBC News and MSNBC.

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John Bolton Urges Republicans To 'Repair The Damage' Trump Has Done To The Party | Katy Tur | MSNBC


  1. They knew what he was and still opened the door. Actions have consequences … This latest BS with general bone spurs and the Koup Klux Klan is a great example.

    1. 6:00 Should have asked him “…what about his other conservative enablers, like former cabinet members who are just as much a part of this before, during and after their tenure in the tRump crime organization?”
      Smart-azz. “We’ll be attacked by the left which you’re doing.”
      Because you deserve it.

    2. His testimony wouldn’t have made a difference in the outcome and he knew it, so he decided to go for the book deal.

    3. COme on the man had a book to sell! Who honestly puts the safety of their country before a book deal….:(

    4. Exactly! If he really wanted to do the right thing he would have done more than right a stupid book and make money off it, but instead played the coward like so many other republicans. Weasled out of testifying. He’s just as complicit as all the others. I never had any faith in him anyway. He’ll get his recompence too.

    1. Read his book. He has an ego as large as trump’s. He writes from the perspective that, not only is he the smartest person in the room, but also he is the only smart person in the room.

  2. Bolton could have testified but his book deal was more important than his country. He has no credibility and is just as heinous.

    1. Seriously, what’s he saying here – that it’s only Trump’s fault and everyone who enabled him is not guilty. He’s obviously covering his own butt – what a sellout.

    1. @Dulce R-L that’s what you are…. brainwashed…After all, it is you that believes ver batem what the media tells you about Trump

    2. I agree he Bolton is the #1 America enemy if he testified during impeachment we won’t be here so just Bolton shut up looser.

    3. @Jack Riddle Buy a history book please. Hitler worked very close with the conservatives (like Hindenburg) and the industry (like Krupp). He put communist, sozial democrats and the unions into concentration camps. You are arguing on loose ground.

    1. @Josh K. technically trial by combat is still legal in the US, but it requires a judge to approve it and no sane person would do that.

    2. What exactly is a real Republican? Are they blind supporters to the end of an insurrection against our country? Follow Trump off that cliff…

    1. In some ways he’s worse because he knows better. Trump has a broken emotionally disturbed brain, what is Bolton’s excuse?

    2. Cya. (Clearly, this is just short for ‘see you,’ which makes no sense because you utter ‘cya’ and not write it. Oh, whatever!)

  3. Since Bolten was such a slouch and disappointment during the 1st impeachment, we’re really not interested in his lame, repeated “buy my book” blabbering.

  4. Why would they ask Bolton anything, he’s the traitor that withheld info that would have lead to Trumps first impeachment!

    1. With Bolton or without, they were never going g to do anything against tru.p. they said so before the actual impeachment t was even officially done

    2. The Senate Republicans would never have impeached Trump. He sold out to Putin, but Republicans only cared about keeping power. Mitch knew in 2016, when Obama warned him of the Trump/Putin problem.

    3. julie b. he’s asking republicans to repair the damage that trump did. that’s like asking the thieves to return the loot. with the exceptions of maybe 4 republicans they are a den of thieves and you can’t expect them to clean up their acts.

    1. @j2simpso Ha ha. When it comes to deciding who to avoid, there is no difference.

      I don’t think that Bolton was afraid of Trump. He just wanted to cash in. I guess you could call that moral cowardice.

  5. This guy lost all credibillity when he refused to testify in the impeachment for his own book deal instead.

    1. Trump and Hitler are similar in someways. At the superficial level, personality disorders. Nuts to you and I.

    1. He’s in utter denial or hasn’t been paying attention. It’s not Trump alone … it’s the Trump *base* whom a preponderant number of Republicans are petrified of alienating. Maybe Mr. Bolton can go door to door converting them.

    2. Refusing to testify in the impeachment trial a year ago in order to sale his then new book. What a grafty, corrupt dude.

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