John Brennan On ‘All Roads With Trump Lead To Putin’ | The Last Word | MSNBC

Former CIA Director John Brennan joins Lawrence O’Donnell to react to Nancy Pelosi’s charge that “all roads lead to Putin” with Donald Trump’s actions, from his abandonment of the Kurds in Syria to the Ukraine scandal that has led to his impeachment investigation. Aired on 10/16/19.
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John Brennan On ‘All Roads With Trump Lead To Putin’ | The Last Word | MSNBC


    1. Love these ladies all to pieces.
      I aa proud Kamala Harris supporter for president of these United States.

    2. Then they can go to Syria then and fight or are they all talk?

      Why don’t you parachute in?

      Pelosi’s and RINO’s support for regime change in Syria allows them to go after Trump or they are virtue signaling their support for the Kurds. If they don’t support regime change, they just want our troops caught in the middle in Syria due to this virtue signaling of theirs or their TDS is greater than their so called hatred for war.

  1. This is crazy. I will be glad when this is over so we can focus on something else. Politicians are suppose to take care things that are in the countries best interest.

  2. yes of course all roads lead to Putin,, just remember Helsinky…. I could not beliave trump was accepting Putin offers to investigate our elections,,,, that was crazy.. who remember that?
    Hillary told us,,, He is Putin Puppet

    1. Just wait for the IG report to tell us what “men like Brennan” did. John Brennan could be behind the apparent delay.

  3. One thing you have to learn about a person that lie all the time he always say someone else did what he did

    1. stephen smith Many such as Brennan give us lifelong service to our country to both parties that happen to be in power. Do your actual research: for example more FBI agents are registered Republicans. Again, you follow the Trump playbook of “fake news”, “witch hunt”, etc. the problem with You hard core Trump supporters is that you place your adulation of a flawed man over the best interests of our country.

    2. @Beachdudeca Typical Trump supporters remark, it seems most of Trump’s people are in jail, indicted or being investigated, so obvious.

    1. @Great Fish Well, given that there is no more KGB, and that the news outlets that you mention are always raising alarms at Trumputin’s alliance with Russia and that they are funded by corporate advertising, you sure don’t make sense.

  4. I wonder if McConnell had started briefing Pence on what the Republican party requires of him yet?

  5. Everything Trump has done since becoming potus, has Benefited Putin (Russia)😒

    Trump for Prison 2020🇺🇸

    1. It used to be said that “All roads lead to Rome” in ancient times. Then it became “All Roads & Power lead to Washington” & sadly now its seems “all Roads lead to Putin & Russia.”

  6. There is one statement in this whole video that says it all: Back in 2017 when one russian said they should pop the champaigne as they will have their way in syria and ukraine now!

    1. @Grim Reefer He stands up to other world leaders and the opposition party better than any President in the last 35 years.

  7. Trump: Alright, Pu-bear, I’d did my job. Can I get my palace in exile now?
    Putin: I don’t know Donald Trump. I have never met him. He was only a coffee boy.

    1. Gene Roles – you wrote tRump’s name my favorite way…just wanted to say ‘yo!’ to a fellow resister…
      🖕🏼 Fцсж Тяцмр!🖕🏼

  8. “Ukrainia” is only one chapter of this corrupt presidency. There are far more, like unknown dealings with Israel, Saudi-Arabia and more….Congress will have to do a lot in the future.

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