John Fetterman: We’ll Block Any Anti-Vote By Mail Bills PA GOP Try To Pass | The ReidOut | MSNBC

Lt. Governor John Fetterman says Governor Wolf will block any anti-vote by mail legislation Republicans try to pass: "There's no chance that vote by mail is going to go away because we have the votes on our side to block that." Aired on 03/16/2021.
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John Fetterman: We’ll Block Any Anti-Vote By Mail Bills PA GOP Try To Pass | The ReidOut | MSNBC


    1. He is hopefully the next senator in PA. We must take back control to save democracy, not the GQP does under the Former Guy and Mitch.

    2. @Eric Forsbergs I will gladly support his bid for his next election all the way from GA. John is what we all hope to have as our representative

  1. I hope he wins his Senate seat, we need more fighters like him. This man could break Mitch McConnell with his pinky.

    1. @Todd Smith The main argument against single day voting is the inequality of infrastructure. Some people would be forced to wait 3, 5, 7 hours to vote – and many can’t, holiday or not. We just didn’t see the mail-in voting system abused with enough significance to merit limiting it.

      The main reason Republicans in PA and GA are advocating for a smaller voting window is actually not for credibility – but to limit known community events that bring rival demographics to the polls, like the “Souls to Polls” effort that was used to great effect in the last election. The GOP has specifically targeted that Sunday (an early voting option), after studying the metrics in Georgia.

      The ID laws could work – if it was coupled with an initiative to get all of our citizens sufficiently documented (Birth Certificates, Social Security, etc.) The latter part is where Congress typically struggles to find bipartisan support. Fundamentally, Democrats are arguing that US citizens should have no further barrier to voting than being eligible to vote in the first place – because the more barriers that are put in place, the less representative the electorate will be of the actual population.

    2. @Todd Smith Here in Switzerland we have had mail-in voting for decades BUT we also have our votes held on a Sunday when most people do not work and your local school (within walking distance!) is the voting poll. So from an outsider’s perspective it looks like the USA just wants to make it hard to vote. How is that allowed in a « democracy «  let alone the supposedly No.1 world power?

    1. @Mike Zimmera I’m not defending mr.Cuomo…..i just know a lot of trumplicans talk crap about democrats…..and most of it….is based on flat out LIES

    2. @delr merti
      Awe my queen vladz trolling princess Pavlovs hush it’s time for your nap 💤

    1. @Tessmage Tessera interesting, the whole statement isn’t true, blacks fear other blacks more than any voter anywhere in the country, I do know that you are a follower, perhaps you should leave the crowd and ask questions.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed when John Oliver called Lt. Governor Fetterman, “Lt. Gov. Stone Cold.”

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