1. As long as Moscow Mitch is there in Senate America is not going to Prosper. Kentucky should suffer more as they Vote for this Demon.

    1. @Pat Mahinie It’s a pretty tough call isn’t it. Some people are afraid of dying and some are afraid of losing their home, job, and hope for the future. I wouldn’t want to be in the middle of that debate.

    2. I think that the election for Mitch ( and Lindsey). Were Rigged. I believe they should be investigated, for Mitch is Soo hated,How did he win by such a Hugh margin!?!. Something needs looking into, maybe an investigation??! And Lindsey, lord, he also needs investigation. They were Rigged. Someone helped them. If their elections are looked into I just bet they did Not win fairly. Fraud,plain and clear!! Their opponents should file ,to get this looked. Why aren’t they!?

    1. They don’t care about us.
      They want us devided. They want us to kill each other off. They want us to starve.
      Its all about the 1 per cent.
      They just don’t care. They have ice cream. We get nothing. Yet we vote them in. What is wrong with us?

    2. @Popi ReAL what your not getting is, our government has IMPOSED this suffering thru the lockdownss, shutdowns, & restrictions & basically saying “but we won’t impart any help while we imposition you.”

    1. Don’t act like fiscal responsibility is not what you are concerned about as a progressive. Our entire discussion is how we are to responsibly use our fiscal means. We argue about priorities. No one is ambivalent about funds.

  2. We the people, regardless of party, must demand the resignation of the entire leadership in Congress. This is beyond failure, this is gross criminal negligence.

    1. If Antifa had their heads on straight they’d be attacking the entire leadership structure instead of getting high and having fake revolts against the police

    2. @spiritseeker Yet you want to imprison people how? With what money?I am against taxation too my friend but I can stop if I chose to.

    3. @spiritseeker Small minded? Not very nice. I agree with you on consumerism. 90% of things are not necessary but it is not my thinking that is the problem. I actually don’t want anything. I have no ego. Just need a bed and I’m all set. People need to lose ego and hate in their hearts. I am not bothered by people surrounded by mansions and fancy things. I actually feel bad for them because none of them seem happy. They might think they are happy but they are not. As for currency, you simply will not have people breaking their backs to complete a job if there is no reward likewise for those that build new tech be it medical or for entertainment.

    4. The People *WILL* remember the callous inaction of those members of. Congress who *FAILED* to support the American People in their hour of need. When they are up for reelection in 2022 don’t be surprised if the majority of Republicans loose their seats.

    1. @cosmos5532 You went from saying not to be receiving money… To stop worrying about other’s… That is literally really intelligent of you… Just make sure you teach your children that… To care for no but themselves…

    1. The People *WILL* remember the callous inaction of those members of. Congress who *FAILED* to support the American People in their hour of need. When they are up for reelection in 2022 don’t be surprised if the majority of Republicans loose their seats.

    2. @Jean Centinii Mitch McConnell is the one who keeps blocking everything not Nancy Pelosi. The House has already passed 25 different relief bills *ALL* of which. Have been shot down by The Grim Reeper of the Senate Moscow Mitch McConnell.

    3. Mitch McConnell is failing the American people, all to protect corporations that have had billions in tax breaks.

    1. Meanwhile, California is safe while re-electing Newsome who has gone on to be one of THE biggest hypocrites across the country. Then there’s Cuomo in New York whose very first thought was to “Put them together with the retirees!”
      LITERALLY killing grandma and grandpa. Yeah. Whatever

  3. McConnell the GRIM REAPER is at it again! Please Georgia, VOTE BLUE so we can get the help we need in America!!!

    1. @Angeloftruth then extend the cares act instead off claiming ppl wanted too stay home instead off going back too work in the middle of a pandemic

    2. @charles moore I’d rather go hungry than have our Congress dominated by a bunch of fruitcake degenerate liberals.

    1. @Amazing art Catalano during the shutdown in Australia I took home $870 per week. That was 70% of my regular wage, paid for me to stay at home. The minimum wage here is $20 per hour. Anyone out of work took home 70% of that. And guess what? Australia is not in a recession, and most of the country has been living life as if it’s 2019 for some time now.
      You guys have an overwhelming problem with fighting against each other instead of coming together to fight for each other.

    2. @Diane K my mom lost her her job and went on unemployment bc she high risk and I kid u not she hasn’t received any payment so she had to go back to work and we almost lost our house I kid u not for 5 months she didn’t receive any payment

    3. Mitch McConnell net worth is $30 Million U.S dollars, as an Aussie, I didn’t know that Americans politicians were paid so well.

    4. @Johnny Irenchi I wouldn’t be surprised if the reason we don’t get a stimulus bill is bc of Trump and he’s telling Mitch to not go through with it bc he’s still mad he lost the election I wouldn’t be surprised if this is all Trump being a sore loser

    1. Republicans are drawn to abuse, racial discrimination, humanitarian offences. They love to inflict pain on the populous.

    2. Having small government repubes run government is like letting a vegan grill your steak. They don’t believe in what they are doing so will ensue that it fails.

    1. In France they used to have a solution that involved a tall wooden apparatus with a smaller but rather sharp metal part plus a basket for like, the finale, if you will.

    2. Pelosi: eat cake. I’m not giving you crap right now. I will only give you empty promises for January. I need you desperate enough to vote dem in Georgia so the Senate will flip.

    1. Now this I can get behind. I’ll do one better: send militia groups to round everyone of them up who enforced lockdowns while wasting our money and doing what they want.

    1. Most homeless people are homeless because they choose you could give them a million each they’d shoot and snort it and back on the street . People need to take responsibility for there actions stop blaming the government for junkies poor judgment

    2. @Jason Gavel yeah that’s true. I know stories of homeless refusing job that were offered to them because they want money from people that actually are responsible

    1. Yes let us hope fellow Americans can receive the same, its survival!!! Cmon politicians! People are going hungry!

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