John Kerry Fact Checks Trump’s Lies About The Iran Deal | The Last Word | MSNBC

Trump continues to repeat false claims about the Iran nuclear deal, including his oft-told lie that Iran received $150 billion from the U.S. in that deal. John Kerry tells Lawrence "it is an outright lie by the president." Aired on 01/08/20.
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John Kerry Fact Checks Trump's Lies About The Iran Deal | The Last Word | MSNBC


  1. How refreshing to hear a serious and intelligent politician again after all the idiocy and prejudice of the past few years that has defined American politics.

    1. Elon wanders wtf are you talking about? Stupid fake Christian.. tell your daughter! Also tell her who ripped off the children cancer charity

  2. I remember this exactly and thank you Kerry. Trump twists everything to suit his warped mind and his agenda.

    1. Tanya Owen Trump lies every time he opens his mouth! He is so stupid he makes me sick. He is green with envy because Obama is so respected and loved.

  3. 3 min and 20 seconds of facts. Kerry on ability of united nations. Trump is retaliating about something. The guards should arrest such a man. Ego man. Give someone a inch……

    1. There was one country who was completely against the Iran nuclear deal. Now if only I could remember which country that was. Hmmmm

  4. I wish democrats would speak more like that and call trump an outright liar and denounce his anti-obamaism

    1. DTrump AtQueens you trumpies need to learn *HOW TO READ* !!!! When you put a link at least read the entire article who contradict you vitriolic rant. Moron

    1. @Gooey 911 The bonesmen all lay in an open coffin and rub one out while pledging their lives to some wooden owl.
      Sick fu

    2. That’s said sarcastically? He doesn’t seem to care much for trumpy! I don’t know anyone who does, but I don’t think any pol cares for everyone.

    1. Jordan Goodman this is comical , here we have two huge liars calling someone else a liar , seriously I can’t believe chicken little is back on TV

    2. @Paul C watch the 1st DNC debated youll see every one of them raise their hands to support open borders. Is it really the responsibility of the US to support the world when millions of our own citizens are still in poverty?

    3. “And the money that they did receive was their money because they sued the United States of America ”
      Sounds like a fking genius.

    1. @Lucky Fisher 72 I think the only ones doing all the chicken dance moves lately are republicans. You guys are being conned and are so happy with it. That is on you.

  5. That is why I opine that Trump is the world’s greatest terrorist, and the GOP by complicity is the world’s greatest terror organization.

  6. We know he is lying..thank you John Kerry for standing on up and saying what we all know this man is a fake president.. Stand up America!!!

  7. Well spoken by a soldier who earned his spurs on the battlefield and not at the doctor like the coward Trump.

    1. @DTrump AtQueens Kerry said that Iran would have $55B left and might use some on groups labeled as terrorists and there was no way to prevent that – other than not paying them their own money. You didn’t mention that paying them back also kept them from spending on nuclear bombs.

  8. This is what we get for having a drug-addicted reality tv show host in the WH with his small, tiny fingers on the panic button.

    1. @Tyronie Under Obama, Russia was able to invade Ukraine, none of his actual policies affected Russia. Obama’s foreign policy was that of appeasement. Why, then would Russia support anyone other than Hillary?

    2. @Edwin M lol i know right, I’m a conservative black and this a$$rat calls me racist cause I like trump. SMH what happend to this world

    3. @BraapBraaap Hillary won the popular vote by less than 4%, all of which came out of CA and NYC.
      While she was running, she was the best thing in the world, according to left-wing media.
      Besides, “I’m not nearly as bad as Hillary”, ain’t gonna win the presidency…unless you’re Donald Trump.

    1. @Francis Smith I don’t consider anybody going against Trump policy as a traitors. I look at them as American heroes.

    1. Who can lie “eloquently”.
      It was $1.7 billion…IN CASH! The rest was in lifted sanctions, and from elsewhere. This was not disclosed to the American people until some 8 months after the fact.
      Obama told so many lies concerning the JCPOA, and the left are still buying them.

    1. Jim Hollywood…. it’s unfortunate that you and a 3rd(*) of America are under the spell of the cult.
      Thanks to Donny, America is now a joke internationally and historical allies are in patch-up mode, trying to fix the issues he created.
      He abandons military allies, rips up agreements just because Obama instigated them, assassinates the head of another country’s military without congressional discussion (and won’t say what the imminent danger was), he calls climate change a hoax while historical records, fires, floods, artic melts are at their highest….
      Truly embarrassing for decent Americans
      A view from afar
      (*) A/the “3rd” seems to be commonly occurring number with Donny.

    2. He reminds me of those lunatics that go into schools shooting up the place.
      This geezer got the whole United states war machinery to do the same.

    3. average citizen not indoctrinated? Even the language you use of buzzwords: “globalist progressive Marxist communist” shows that you’re indoctrinated and can’t think for yourself

    1. @Francis Smith
      I live across the pond. That money plus interest belong to Iran. 1980s froze their oil money…..11billion plus interest.

  9. Keep in mind that the Constitution says that foreign treaties are as binding as Constitutional law. Tearing up that treaty was Trump’s first impeachable offense. He only got away with it because of the cowardice of the GOP.

    1. @Lori Masters Most Trump supporters are educated just not indoctrinated with phony globalist utopian progressive communist marxist socialist ideologies that history has proven to fail. REELECT TRUMP 2020 Fk Globalism!!!!!!!!

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