John Legend And Jorja Smith Sing ‘Happy Xmas (War Is Over)’ | MSNBC


  1. Since Republicans have compared Trump’s impeachment to the torture and crucifixion of J.C. Trump’s plan for Christmas day is to drag a 10 foot wooden cross down 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, while wearing a crown of thorns.

    1. The level of hatred that you possess is truly staggering. Even at Christmas time the Venom that comes out of your mouth and into your comment is breathtaking. How can one person possess so much hate? It’s just politics, you don’t have to throw your life away and sacrifice your happiness to spread you’re miserable hatred

  2. God Bless the Republican Party! In Jesus name oh Lord! And Please CURSE the demoncrats! In Christ Name I Pray! Amen! Hallelujah!

  3. Christmas is/was called saturnalia ! Pure paganism, Christ wasn’t born in the wintertime, more like spring or summertime, sheep eating grass is the hint.

  4. Scary Distrust (aka Wall is Over)
    by Don Denn(is)on (of the Tweetles) and Joke O’ Oh No!

    [whispered] : Happy psst, Miss Joko
    : Happy Dismiss, Donny

    So this distrust
    And what have you done?
    Another fear over-
    Comes Everyone

    And so this is distust
    You’ve finished all fun
    The sneers and the jeers sung
    For NRA guns

    A very scary distrust
    And as crappy new fear
    Lets cope with a feud “won”
    Without Morgan (Piers)

    And so this distrust [wall is over]
    For leaks, bing, bing, bong [if you want shlt]
    The rich get (not poor ones) [wall is over]
    The world and the sun [now]

    And so have this distrust [wall is over]
    For lack of insight [if you want shlt]
    For fellow in bred ones [Fox and friends]
    Lets see who we’ll fright [now]

    A very scary distrust
    And a crappy new fear
    Lets cope with this lewd scum
    And clout Morgan (Piers)

    So this distrust [wall is over]
    And what have you “won” [if you want shlt]
    Another fear over- [wall is over]
    Comes Everyone [now]

    And so scary distrust [wall is over]
    We hope they are done [they are all shlt]
    His fellow brain dead ones [Don and Eric]
    Horseshlt and cow dung [now]

    My very best wishes
    For a better new year
    Lets vote no to intrusion
    Of hatred and fear

    Wall is over 
    Donny’s haunted
    Wall is over

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