John Tory could be considering remaining as Toronto’s mayor after all

Some allies in city hall is urging John Tory to rescind his resignation and remain as mayor of Toronto, a request he may be considering.

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    1. @TwistyMcFisty 😂🤌🍿 LMAO! Indeed. Probably wasn’t a big enough “raise”
      Wonder if they can put that on job duties

  1. He can reconsider staying as mayor but his wife will dumb him once his politics career over and she won’t be waiting for him 😂

  2. If he wants to stay, that’s his decision but he should pay back the taxpayers money he used for his affair with the lavish trips, hotels, dinner etc

    1. @Barb You missed, for example, how the city imposed a mask mandate in July of 2020, which is well before the province did so. The city had its own set of restrictions.

  3. I agree, his digressions is between him and his wife. Stay in your position unless you made this resignation promises with your wife.

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