Joint Chiefs Chairman Discussed Resigning Over Role In Trump Photo Op | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

An NBC News exclusive revealed that Gen. Mark Milley stayed up late at night after the staged visit reading online criticism of his participation in the president's political stunt. Aired on 6/11/2020.
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Joint Chiefs Chairman Discussed Resigning Over Role In Trump Photo Op | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


    1. @Jason Hunt: Woe to those who call evil good and good evil; Woe to those who put darkness for light and light for darkness…
      Tell Trump that those of us with a soul said, GET BEHIND ME SATAN!! GET BEHIND ME!!

      (Amen to that)

    2. El Chingon Your comment made me laugh. Thanks for that. I’ll be laughing again in November when I see all the Liberal tears.

    3. Jason Hunt keep crying on the inside while you laugh on the outside. Soon you won’t know the difference between the two. Defending the indefensible must be exhausting.

  1. Really? Gen. Milley resign? No way!! Your better than that. Heck 99% of people dont know some Army bases after Confederate figures.

  2. I say, stand your ground and stay in position. Because Trump will replace him with someone who favors him.

    1. Lo On : Trump’s got a problem there, though. With politicians it’s easy, just find someone who’ll lick Donny’s boots. But, you can’t have a commander of the joint chiefs who isn’t four stars or higher. These are men and women who have served, faced their fears and put their country first. Trump will be VERY hard pushed to find someone of that quality, willing to lay down for him. And, I expect, while Donny’s being silent, that’s because his staff are desperately trying to explain these facts to him, in a way that doesn’t, “trigger,” his bunker baby feelings? He’d be better off just leaving well alone, and accepting that the military will not back his Coup? But, that’s just my opinion? ✌️

    2. Ash Roskell
      I have a question.
      Which is more influential on and have power to direct soldiers, Esper or Milley?

      By the way, have you seen Esper these days?

    3. @Ash Roskell – there’s _always_ a bootlicker somewhere. That’s how fascists consolidate power.

    4. Not a chance he have done the job as president carrying on lies on and on he is not well at all keeping change all the time from sradha

    1. The chairman of the joint chiefs,
      thought Trump would fix all the griefs,
      and they went for a stroll,
      so Trump could god troll,
      which wasn’t in any of the briefs.

  3. When are you going to stop being surprised? These are white supremacist. This is what they do. And those that support them are white supremacists, too.

    1. Ironically enough, the other fear of many blue-collar right wingers, in addition to Fear Of A Black Planet is the Federal Government suppressing the civilian population using the military. So now we have the bizarre sight of people like Boogaloo Boys actually protesting alongside BLM. Not enough to significantly impact the extreme right, to be sure, but it amuses me to think about the mental contortions they’ll have to engage in to swallow that!

    2. Ahh, so all the black people that support Trump are white supremacist too? Ok ok. And i geus “u aint black if u don’t vote for Biden” Bidens own words. People are so being played by the media. It is hilarious!

  4. Majority of America agrees

    “Make us all safe. Go back to your bunker,” Durkan wrote, referring to Trump being moved to the White House bunker for nearly an hour amid intense protests last month.
    “A man who is totally incapable of governing should stay out of Washington state’s business. ‘Stoop’ tweeting,” Inslee wrote.

  5. trump says he loves the flag, but hates when Americans exercise what it actually stands for.
    The only America trump likes, are the parts he can manipulate
    If trump loved America & for which it stands, he would celebrate our FREEDOM to disagree with him, not see us as the “Enemy of America”

    1. trump loves nothing and no one besides himself. He claims to love and respect things that are “American” but that is all BS in is never ending con-job.

    2. @casadekarlito couldn’t agree more. As an NPD, he doesn’t have a moral compass nor cares who he leads. Angels or demons. (as long as he gets praised)

    1. @Broadway Sam yes. They don’t have a choice. Unfortunately the President, in this case Chump is their boss.

    2. @Broadway Sam Being subject to the President is in no way unconstitutional, neither is walking beside the President.

    3. @NoneOfYour Beeswax sadly thats a rock and a hard place that our military has to deal. And even more important why we shouldnt elect a horrible person like the one we have.

  6. He’s a racist. That’s all there is too it. And now the hood is off and he’s not trying to hide it any more.

  7. The general walking with trump in combat uniform during a civil protest is an act of war against it’s citizens. This kind of acts only happens in dictatorship countries.

    1. @Rick Williams u trump cults will say all kind of excuses to fit ur narratives so u won’t have to admit u guy’s messed up by voting for a pathological liar bigot con two face devil. The US has laws in long before ur cult & ur willy wonka so called president wannabe dictator. If it’s not for the check & balances in US laws, constitutions & democracy ur so called king would have turned us to north Korea which he happens to admire so much. Idiots trump is a traitor his in it for himself & his elite buddies.

    2. Mario Tofiek Name some of his elite buddies? The elite doesn’t like Trump either…Trump interferes with their global agenda. People don’t like Trump because he doesn’t play the political games that has been played for decades. There will be a day when America will lose her sovereignty and independence, but not under Trump! Now the vaccine program is worrisome! I’ll be watching very closely.

    3. @Rick Williams u need others to give u names of trump’s elite friends. U have just showed how blind u guy’s follow the willy wonka wannabe dictator. Here are some of trump’s elite friends running trump’s government, Carl Icahm , Steve Schwarzman , Stephen Feinberg , Richard Lefrak , Steven Roth & don’t forget the Koch brothers with their paid spin doctor of deception Steve Bannan another two face devil. Steve Bannan works for elite billionaires ask ur friends on foxy propaganda news. U think does taxe cuts were for u & the working.

  8. So in other words Trump wants him gone because he disagrees with trumps ignorance. Thats what happens to everyone that does not agree with Trump.

    1. At least HE realized it was a mistake to do what Trump wanted against his better judgement, and others will hopefully think more clearly now.

  9. Resignation only helps Trump.
    Speaking up at all about the current commander in Chief in any negative light is a RARITY. Be grateful he did point out he knew it was a wrong thing to do.

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