1. Send them Trudeau. He can go and kneel before the Russians. Call them names. Accuse them on spreading “misinformation” and so on.

    1. @Alice Eclipse Where in Jane and Finch? I’m in Scarborough and wonder where all the shooters get their guns up in the North.

    1. @BeeRye He won’t use them. He didn’t use them to stop the sanctions and there’s literally zero benefit in using them now.

  2. Canada 🇨🇦 le concours de bonbons comprend des éleveurs de céréales et de bétail
    être joyeux … yes 🌼

  3. For every weapon sent to Ukraine, one has to be handed to a trained Canadian civilian. Someone not empowered by the state, a free citizen.

    If we can’t defend our lives in our own homes, legally, why on earth should we send another country the ability to defend themselves?

    If you cannot see the hypocrisy on display here, you got problems.

    1. You can defend yourself in Canada. With a firearm as well. But we do have many many restrictions & conditions to be met so you don’t go to jail. I do hear what you are saying though.

    2. @Chris Coyle We have a lot of regulations but we have a high rate of gun ownership too. It’s not hard to get a gun, fellows like him just complain because they can’t get up in time to get their license. Of 5 men in my immediate family we have like 40 guns lol I only have 3 but that’s one for everyone under this roof. Idk how effective two bolt actions and a 12gauge pump will be in a war but I wouldn’t recommend anyone try to break in either.

  4. Sorry no support for the Ukraine until Deputy PM Freeland steps Downs. Ukrainian Canadians should get the same respect that Deputy PM Freeland gave the members of the CAF and their families. As a Canadian Vet I wonder how many everyday Canadians families will lose love ones so Deputy PM Freeland and Her Ukrainian family will be Happy ?? Shame is that Deputy PM Freeland get to use the everyday Canadians that sever in the CAF as a tool for Her and her Ukrainian Family sad sad day

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