Jon Meacham Believes Biden’s Empathetic 9/11 Address ‘Will Be Intuitive To Him’ 1

Jon Meacham Believes Biden’s Empathetic 9/11 Address ‘Will Be Intuitive To Him’


Presidential historian and occasional advisor to President Biden, Jon Meacham, discusses the impact of Biden’s words on the upcoming 20th anniversary of 9/11
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  1. Well, I’m pretty sure Joe’s not gonna get up to a mic and say “It is what it is, they knew what they signed up for when they went to work in that building, bing bing bing, let’s nuke a hurricane”, so it’s already a win for America

    1. it’s ‘bing bing bong bong’ lol..get it right.. or is three bings? his special own language is so novel it’s hard to get it down.

    2. @Upper 90 A true racist spends 8 years freaking out about stupid ish like a tan suit and mustard on a cheeseburger because he or she thinks we can’t hear the n bombs if they’re not said out loud. Don’t blame the mirror if you don’t like your reflection 😉

  2. Reading the comments on this video, I’m inclined to think September 11th, the 20th anniversary of 911 needs to be a reflection and soul searching for the pride and togetherness that event had on the U.S. because sadly a week later September 18th could be the start of a Civil War. The impact will be far greater than the destruction of 911. Please America, you are better than this.

    1. @Scott Deaton the commies at you tube and other media outlets simply don’t like to hear the truth.
      They are afraid if people hear it they will revolt.

    2. @GOD IS KING You and the other keyboard Clowns are here to attack people/ You are a Known Paid Per Response Tolllollery. So go find a real job/ Keyboard Clown.

    3. @GOD IS KING The true is something we value most….unlike you who’s Not telling the true about the President of the USA, trying to discredit him….I Keep my previous comment Intact!!!

    4. @Gustavo Deugarte first of all fraud biden is not the elected president.
      Second: I don’t have to discredit biden….he does that all by himself every time he opens his big lying mouth.
      Third.a liberal leftist wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him on the leg

  3. Many of our brave military members enlisted right after September 11, 2001. Those who survived and were not wounded can get their pension now for life. They should and enjoy the freedoms you have saved!

    1. we also paid $100,000 death benefits to more families of contractors than the families of US service members who who gave their lives (6000+) to support the democratically elected government of Afghanistan

    2. Somebody who shall remain unnamed surrendered our killing field to the terrorist organization we toppled one week after 911

  4. I recently listened to a podcast on NPR called Sacred Ground. It was about flight 93 and the families of the passengers. It was so deeply touching. For the families the pain and loss persists. The sister of one passenger said she still wears her brothers clothes.

  5. MSNBC is heaping praise on Biden for a speech he’s not even made yet, and ignoring a hostage crisis in Afghanistan.

    1. @First Lady you don’t get it do you. Msnbs/faux, it’s all the same. Propaganda attempting to control both the left and right. When will you wake up?

    2. @JLR 4447 You are a seditious, disrespectful little man. You are not fit to lick President Joseph R. Biden’s boots! No one controls me…

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