Jon Stewart calls Rand Paul ‘scallywag’ and ‘ragamuffin’

CNN's Alisyn Camerota sat down with comedian Jon Stewart and 9/11 Victim Fund advocate John Feal after the Senate passed a bill which will fund the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund for decades. #CNN #News


    1. Keeping It 100% Sure! The Enemies ‼️of the People, in USA (but also with love from) ❤️🇱🇺 Holland 1). Relativism —2). (false) Religion, —3). Inaccessible far-off LEFT Socialism, —4). Fake msm Media and —5). The Evil Ex-Elites of CIA and FBI (Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Hussein, Hillary, etc) ✝️🇺🇸

    2. @Keeping It 100% 😂 fool there’s another witness here claiming your fake armed services employment 😂 you’re at that phase when you’re believing your own BS😂 see ya wannabe lonely fool

  1. If no one didn’t tell you that you are Beautiful well there is always tomorrow enjoy your afternoon

    1. Yamir Labra. Enjoy your afternoon as well. I’m a Trump supporter so I can speak on behalf of how we want everyone to be proud to be an American. If nobody told you today that you are beautiful then we are here to agree with you and tell you that you are beautiful.

  2. Where is fat mouth trump when this important stuff pops up?
    Busy going after jr. reps and senators in the media

    1. @Edgehead10075 Thank You! Where were the last administrations why didn’t the dems take this up, because they do not give a crap about anyone except themselves.Found a way to dip in another cookie jar.

  3. This should have never been political in the first’s not about GOP or DEM .It’s about taking care of our own, especially our heroes that put themselves in harm’s way to help and save other Americans. Thank god we have such people in this nation🇺🇸🇺🇸

    This was a patriotic move for the senate……..about time.

    1. @Edgehead10075 oh yeah, then why did he and Mike Lee were the only two members of congress of voted against the bill? That a definition of being against the bill; GENIUS!

    2. Douglas Swailes Sure! The Enemies ‼️of the People, in USA (but also with love from) ❤️🇱🇺 Holland 1). Relativism —2). (false) Religion, —3). Inaccessible far-off LEFT Socialism, —4). Fake msm Media and —5). The Evil Ex-Elites of CIA and FBI (Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Hussein, Hillary, etc) ✝️🇺🇸

    3. @Edgehead10075 You are incapable of stating anything factual. You do get a bill when you ride in an ambulance. Many “first responders” are federal employees. A member of the Secret Service and a member of the FBI died at ground zero in NY. Traitor Rand Paul voted AGAINST this bill to support first responders twice. He is unamerican.

    1. @low key liberals are delegating responsibilty to ofhers…
      Why arent liberals giving away their money?..
      Hollywood alone is full of rich liberals..
      Why are they so selfish that they stay rich while the poor stay poor?

    2. @Derek Lowe Still waiting for some independent and logical thought from you. Sounds like it’ll be a lonnnnnng wait.

    3. @Andrew Stevenson anger is for libtards…
      Trump owns a huge amount of real estate in the tiny brains of libtards

    1. @mtb416 Stop being selectively sensitive. That was funny!

      Steve Scalise getting shot by a nut job over politics isn’t funny.

      Rand Paul getting into a fist fight with a neighbor in Kentucky over lawn maintenance is hilarious.

    2. @Liberate Wisconsin First zoo somehow if the guy doesn’t approve of random violence against political foes he is a Trump Supporter? …………idiot

    3. @Billi Wickey Because cutting taxes are a start. Btw, it isn’t a giveaway when it is the people’s money in the first place. Unless you think that taxes were only cut for the wealthy, and in that case I have no hope for you.

  4. I hope those spineless senators remember this when they need them🤢 also hope the voters remember this on reelection day!

    1. Alberto Venegas Sure! The Enemies ‼️of the People, in USA (but also with love from) ❤️🇱🇺 Holland 1). Relativism —2). (false) Religion, —3). Inaccessible far-off LEFT Socialism, —4). Fake msm Media and —5). The Evil Ex-Elites of CIA and FBI (Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Hussein, Hillary, etc) ✝️🇺🇸

    2. @Sarah Barrett Discorperted was making a joke about Democratic Rep Ilhan Omar’s statement that “some people did something”, a somewhat dismissive description of the events of 9/11 in comparison to increased hostility toward Muslims more broadly.

    3. @Edgehead10075 “Rand wasn’t even against this bill” He literally voted AGAINST it twice. You must be from Kentucky; Ranked 38th in education. Hurr durr!

  5. Just remember everyone, Republican or Democrat, the government NEEDS to take care of first responders or NONE OF US will run into the rubble next time a plane hits a building.

    1. @Seth R Make sure to tell the 1st responders who show up at your burning house or car accident, exactly how you feel, I’m sure they’ll appreciate your support. LOL

    2. AL – So we can just spend as much as we want into limitless debt, and never see any consequences?

    3. Charles Coleman – How about you just max out a few of your credit cards and take out some loans you can’t pay off to donate to this? Just about as logical. “Oh but we can’t think about the price, they are first responders!!!”

      I think they should get it, but we should cut spending in other areas first.

    4. @Seth R Please commit reverse existence my dumb friend. Just go look at the DoD’s budget and tell me this country doesn’t have enough money to pay a few people’s medical bills…much less fucking first responders of 9/11.

      You’re a fucking nut.

  6. 98 to 2.. On the vote.. History will remember… And God not sleeping.. Thank you.. to all “FIRST RESPONDERS ” then and now… I pray this bill brings confront and peace of mind to all of you.. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    1. @Edgehead10075 I sincerely hope you or your loved ones never need a 1st responder to save your life. Well, actually I hope that YOU need a 1st responder to save your life but they recognize you and refuse. However, I know that won’t happen because 1st responders genuinely care about people, unlike you.

    2. @Billi Wickey If a first responder saves my life, I should have to pay him. You know that you get a bill when you’re taken in the ambulance, right? The taxpayers shouldn’t have to pay for that. Fair is fair. The person who receives treatment should pay. Don’t these 9/11 first responders have health insurance paid for by New York City? They aren’t federal employees, so they don’t deserve federal dollars.

  7. Jon Stewart..A REAL AMERICAN HERO..🇺🇸✌🏻 🤔😉HATS OFF TO YOU MY MAN…..!!☺️👏🏻👏🏻

    1. @Derek Lowe it’s obvious now. You think heroes like the 9/11 responders and veterans are of no value after they serve and you’d rather they die. Sad. You’re an anti American

    2. @Edgehead10075 libertarians believe in open boarders, no min wage, no regulations on age for work, etc. Libertarians aim to give all power corporations and super rich. Good luck with eventual serfdom.

    3. @Mike Waldschmidt i want generous liberals to give their money to these people…
      How much have you given the first responders so far?

    1. DenimJeans Nobody said that he isn’t. That’s your opinion, and that’s fine. I don’t question Senator Paul’s love for this country, rather his views and ideals.

    2. @DenimJeans that depends on your definition of patriot. Is a patriot someone who runs into burning buildings to save their fellow man without regard to their own safety a patriot or is a patriot someone who votes to give themselves, multinational corporations and their big money donors YUGE tax cuts?

  8. God bless you jon Stewart and to the first responders such courage glad to see that they finally got what they should have gotten many years ago.

  9. I’m slightly disappointed because Jon Stewart is still way too polite and complimentary when talking about Rand Paul.

  10. McConnell is good at pretending to have human emotions. McConnell doesn’t want that heat on him because he isn’t popular back home. McConnell like always, the reptilian is all about self preservation and fanatical ideology. McConnell knows that the majority of the country doesn’t support his conniving unscrupulous policies so he’s found a way to have minority rule through by building a judicial system full of unqualified right wing sycophants. The emoluments clause was dismissed by Trump loyalist. The blatant corruption & disregard for our fundamental values of equal under the law. Conservatives have decided that the president is above the law.

    1. He got the legislation he wanted*. He’s been fighting for this for a while and it’s sad to see people attacking people for doing the right thing. Even if you don’t like his ideology, you should always applaud people for doing the right thing. Unless of course you don’t believe this is the right thing.

  11. I’m from ny and knew many who lost their lives and face illnesses because of 911. Its heartbreaking that the Republicans keep putting their personal gains over true Patriotic Americans .they were lied to by Bush and administration who declared that it was safe to return to work and apartments, and for the first responders to be at ground Zero. This terrorist attack was against our country, not just New York . Shame on you Senate and House Republicans who voted against this bill. And I would like to have everyone in NY, Pennsylvania and Washington DC to set aside these funds from their federal money sent to Washington and we taxpayers will not send each year that amount to Washington from our personal federal taxes . Ran Paul and Lee ,your states federal taxes will have to make up the difference . I know NY sends more federal money to Washington than we receive . I know Kentucky gets more money from federal money than it sends. So we take from the portion that in past went to other states and say, sorry we have to take care of heroes from 1st massive terrorist attacks on our soil. Because not all elected officials think our government doesn’t have to make sure funds should be there as needed. Have the money that would normally be sent deposited into a tax free ,tax write off account each year by all. New York sends X minus amt for year’s responders bill amt (y) and federal government gets Z. If we have to take care of our own , we will, but not give to States who cant even take care of themselves on a daily basis, forget about a heroic population of responders who are owed by our country and government. Let the taker States become more self sufficient and responsible. You’re all haters and against giving anyone their fair share, time is coming for you to reap (nothing) from what you sow(nothing), and we will laugh as you loose your hand outs of Medicare, social security, food stamps, Obama care, insurance coverage with pre existing conditions. And all the other BS the Republicans tell you. Your votes will affect you. Not for the better.

  12. Mitch McConnell is not a human being, he showed one time that he’s not a complete and utter piece of crap, doesn’t make him human.

  13. Why the F did they even have to fight for the funding to begin with…. how about we start exposing each one by name in their district?

  14. The host, Allison, had tears in her eyes, both with Jon and with Wolf. It’s really touching

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