Jordan Neely’s chokehold death sparks protests around New York City | USA TODAY

Protests erupted across New York City following the death of Jordan Neely, who was held in a chokehold on a subway.

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Police found the man, 30-year-old Jordan Neely, unconscious and unresponsive and he was pronounced dead at a nearby hospital. The New York City Office of Chief Medical Examiner told USA TODAY Neely's death was ruled a homicide and said the cause of death was compression of the neck, but noted that intent and culpability would be determined by the criminal justice system.

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    1. Hahaha every time, every time. And every time they “protest” it’s always for a scumbag criminal.

    2. @V4mpWell, NYC had 44 chances to avoid this. NYC refused to help the deceased and are now mad that one guy dared to stop a lunatic.
      $2300 to rent a UHAUL out of NYC, only $1000 if you want to rent a uhaul to NYC. 44 arrests explains it.

  1. If he had been in jail where needed to be he wouldn’t be dead!!!! Quit glorifying these people!!!

    1. @Beeze Boo it’s also inhumane to attack innocent people on the subway, it’s also inhumane to assault a 67 yr old woman, it’s also inhumane to try and push someone onto the train tracks, which your boy Neely is guilty of. What isn’t inhumane is putting this guy out of his misery and protecting innocent people minding their business.

  2. Protests over what? Law abiding citizens deserve to be able to protect themselves from pycho life-long criminals threatening them. Neely made the aggressive choice & he FINALLY paid the price. Good riddance!

    1. He was playing a game he didn’t even want to play. Give that man a safe place to sleep and meds and I promise you hed have been a different person. If the government had only given him those things he wouldn’t be dead

    2. @Liz Xu 
      Would you play that game with him? The passengers didn’t ask to “play”, but that one dude finished the game. The government can only help so much, people have to want to be helped. My brother waa worse than this guy & I’m sorry, but if my own brother did this I couldn’t blame the dude for protecting himself

  3. Maybe if New York had done something the 44 other times he had been arrested or actually acted on his latest arrest warrant for assaulting an ederly woman he would’t have to had to find out.

    1. @Kelly Andrews Marine who iced Neely is a hero. It’s called “excusable death”, look it up.

  4. I can’t stand the hypocrisy of people. There are so many things wrong with this protest I can’t even wrap my head around it.

    1. The only reason people are making a big deal about this, is because the chokeholder was white. If he was black…crickets.

    2. I could guarantee if any one of those protesters were stuck in a small room with mentally inflicted man having a fit, they would be relieved that someone stood up to take control.

    3. The people protesting have most likely never experienced the discomfort/fear of being trapped in a subway with a deranged person.

    4. It clearly was not intended for the man to die.

    I really am started to hate the USA and all of the idiots in it


    1. @katina whitley why would anyone offer a scumbag who just said he’d kill them and was acting very violently towards them, food or water??? Truly scratching my head at that stupid statement.

    2. ​@Annette Zaleskiif that happened to someone like you. You’d be mad too ?? How can you be mad if you’re dead 😂😂😂😂

  5. Is Neely the kind of person you would welcome at your house? Probably not. Then why are these people protesting for him?

    1. I wouldn’t welcome most ppl in my house that I don’t know but that doesn’t mean they should be killed

    2. I notice an amazing difference from when Thomas Bailey had his throat slashed and the homeless killer was released on “community supervision”.

      See the difference is, Bailey was an honest, father of three who was black, BUT the homeless man who murdered him was also black. So the good people of NYC had nothing to complain about.

    3. I probably wouldn’t want him at my house but I’d still protest for him, I’m medicated and have a safe home and family that supports me but if circumstances are different I might had done what he did, vent my anger (but not attack anyone, just like him). It truly was undeserved and if you think it was, take a good look at your humanity. I wouldn’t want an elephant or dugong in my house either but goddamn I’d support then too. Are you saying only people you’d want in your house needs support? Jesus christ

  6. If i lived there i would counter protests and carry a sign that says “FREE CHOKEHOLDS”

  7. He wasn’t arrested because it was a justifiable homicide. Ask the witnesses who they were more afraid of.

    1. i wonder how many protesters will be pushed off the tracks in the subway? it would be hilarious!

    2. @BobRooney Hopefully all these “protester” clowns are dealt with fast
      We are sick of criminals, and those who support them

  8. Maybe if they had only sent the guy to jail 1 out of those 44 times they arrested him.

  9. Neely had 40 plus arrests, assaults on the elderly, and was actively threatening ppl before he was taken down. He played stupid games and won a stupid prize. He should’ve been locked up in jail, but was let out on the streets to continue victimizing people. All these people calling this a murder, I wonder if you would feel the same way if your daughter, mother, son, wife, loved one, was one of his countless victims or getting threatened before this hero marine stepped in. The marine is a hero. Once a marine always a marine. Semper Fidelis.

    1. Did the passengers on the train know of his criminal record? Or did you hop in a time machine and show it to them before this happened.

    2. And we don’t know if he was carrying any explosives etc., when he was threatening ppl with his life.

  10. The marine is a hero. Once again they support the criminals and not the innocent children that die every day

  11. It’s almost like the US has forgotten that we used to treat the mentally ill and drug addicted . The rest of the civilized world also gives them treatment and is shocked at how these people are treated by police and society at large.

    1. This “mentally ill” person had over 40 charges, and a currant warrant for FELONY ASSAULT.

    2. ​@alpine1600s which wouldnt have happened if he had food shelter and the right drugs. He probably stole out of necessity,plus without a home you’d had to tresspass often just to find a safe place to sleep. You might end up homeless and with a mental issue one day…have some effing empathy

  12. There were protests in 2019 against policing in the subways. Fwd to 2021 and because of increased and rampant subway crime, people were begging for a stronger police presence in the subways. Tyranny of the majority is the new age now. This man, (who had priors, one of them being assault) didn’t get the help he needed. That young Marine and the other passengers, who knows, may have prevented some innocent hard working soul trying to make rent from being shoved on to the tracks in the path of an oncoming train by this deranged homeless man who didn’t care if he died or go to jail that day…making him desperate to commit some crime. It was a cry for help and I doubt that young kid and other passengers who subdued him had any intent to kill him.

  13. Funny how these people never got riled up over Timothy Simpkins the kid who got released from jail in less than 24 hours of shooting a teacher and his classmates? He chose to be aggressive and got dealt with accordingly, so spare me the bull of how violent criminals are victims.

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