Jose Andrés: 'What The Pandemic Can Teach Us About Treating Hunger' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC 1

Jose Andrés: ‘What The Pandemic Can Teach Us About Treating Hunger’ | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


Jose Andrés, founder of World Central Kitchen, joins Andrea Mitchell to discuss solutions to combat food insecurity. The hunger crisis is exacerbated by the pandemic, as 40% of those using food banks this year have never used them before. Andrés says "A plate of food gives dignity to Americans falling behind. For some reason, the White House and in this case the Senate are not putting all the resources of the federal government to make sure that every American, Republicans and Democrats that are suffering right now, will be fed, especially going through this holiday season and beyond." Aired on 12/15/2020.
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Jose Andrés: 'What The Pandemic Can Teach Us About Treating Hunger' | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


  1. He is a leader and believe it or not he is not an American but he is teaching Americans how to be humble and help others… He is what we all should be as a humans

  2. Great message! Hope the new administration could hear this and act on it to help all the American people. It is not right for people to be suffering this way when there are solutions…

  3. The restaurant industry employs 15 million people. The airline industry employs 750,000. One in four family-owned restaurants are likely to close for good. But it was the airline corporations who were first in line for billions in relief funding.
    Seems fair.

  4. Only 14 comments to include mine as always those n positions to make a difference ain’t LISTENING never will because it’s not an issue of the 1%ers

  5. Yes. Of course. A solution right before our eyes! Do it now. Today. FEMA. Activate FEMA for this urgent need. It is a national crisis. Thanks go to Jose Andres’ Voice and Call to Action!

  6. Other western countries are doing the right thing, providing for their citizens. The US is going to drag the whole world down with it.

  7. The best in America explaining the worst, I suppose if FEMA and the powers that be did something it would be admitting there’s a problem…Sad!

  8. I’m sorry chef the republican majority in congress are not all that into feeding the hungery so their a hard pass.

  9. It’s too bad that the thousands of restaurants cannot be attached to World Central Kitchen to assist in feeding people while keeping their people employed and working, with Federal assistance to pay them.

  10. Jose is one of many people with good ideas. Ideas that could be put into practice.
    Trump and the Republicans in DC don’t have time to do things different.
    If they would stop campaigning they could have time to do their jobs.

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