Journalist shares the moment she got goosebumps during Queen’s funeral

Royal journalist, Emily Nash, describes Queen Elizabeth's funeral as 'extraordinary' and 'exceptionally special' after attending her funeral. #CNN #News


    1. @Mohamed Trevino why the insult?. Why the hate ?
      Hurling such abuse says only one thing. There is a dictionary with the word respect taken out of it, guess you own a copy.


  2. Wish commenters on here would be informed before criticising the Royals and British in general. Learn the history and culture combined with what they are in 2022 then comment please. The country is mourning so focus your energies elsewhere if stupid takes are all you offer

  3. Her reputation will be unsurpassed. She knew every single leader of note from the last 70 years. Never a foot wrong she wore the title, authority and dignity like a frock on a Sunday morning. Neither angry or sad she showed the way so others may follow. God rest her soul.

    1. @X x Why? The British Empire was decolonised during her reign.
      Why do you speak on behalf of millions with your own blinkered nonsense.
      Look in the mirror if you want to see ignorant divisiveness instead of palming your own ills onto someone who was a great force of good to Our World.

    2. @X x You do realise that many of those colonised country’s are now members of the commonwealth and some still choose to have the monarchy as head of state. Also the queen was the head of the commonwealth and only recently the commonwealth chose to keep the monarchy as its leader. Bit odd if British rule was so terrible.

  4. My American mom taught us how to set the table correctly by pretending to be the Queen of England. She passed six months ago, and now I find myself mourning both of them in the same way. They both believed they ruled by divine right 😏but they both accomplished remarkable things in circumstances that did not favor women. Rest in power, mom. Rest in peace, Queen. You were women of courage.

    1. What an odd thing to say. I hate how we brits have to declare we’re brits in regard to anything british.. such pompous arrogant culture. Ughh. Gross. No one cares its cringe af

  5. When my dear and last Great Aunt passed at 94 , her 4 elderly sons carried her out of our small family church , and then I wept uncontrollably, because the pain of watching her 4 sons with their mothers’ coffin on their shoulders, all in tears . The tears of those 4 elderly men struck me to the heart. It is the same with our most beloved Queen. The tears of the elderly , such as myself , for this Mother and Grandmother to all who had none. How can the grief of a nation , the grief of not only millions , but hundreds if millions possibly be discribed. It is the joy and the greatness that she personified that has passed from our world , such a terrible loss in these times. πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦. Bless Her dear memory.

  6. I feel both honoured and privileged to have spent my whole life living in the second Elizabethan era. Four jubilees and the largest funeral in history along with many other events will live in my mind forever.

  7. I can see this woman was truly powerful and well respected I wonder what kind of reception the son is going to get now that he’s taking overπŸ€”

    1. It’s ok you aren’t more advanced, aren’t more intelligent, don’t see the world more clearly.

      We love our Monarchy.

      End of.

  8. No other person on the planet could attract Emperors, Kings, Queens, Presidents & Prime Ministers from 200 nations, to their funeral.
    Rip Her Majesty

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