Joy On Andrew Brown Jr.: This Is Not About His History, This Is About Him Getting Killed | MSNBC 1

Joy On Andrew Brown Jr.: This Is Not About His History, This Is About Him Getting Killed | MSNBC


Andrew Brown Jr. was shot and killed by multiple police officers. On information about his history getting released Joy says “This is not about this dead Black man's history, this is about him getting killed … That is the story."
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Joy On Andrew Brown Jr.: This Is Not About His History, This Is About Him Getting Killed | MSNBC


    1. @Ryan Riddick Portland anyone??? anyone??? Is that you??? I can’t tell through all the smoke and flames…

  1. I am conservative and I’ve spoken to other conservatives about this. We all agree that all officers should have body cams and the videos should be accessible to the public immediately to uphold ethics and accountability. It literally benefits everyone even the officers as long as they aren’t guilty.

    1. @Panty Fa you’re @Mimzy Jinx aren’t you? I wonder how many other accounts you’re posting on in order to up vote yourself.

    2. I don’t know how long you’ve been around but body cameras have been the norm since. But had it changed anything? So far… No.

  2. “I am afraid that there is a certain class of race problem solvers who don’t want the patient to get well because as long as the disease holds out, they have not only an easy means of making a living, but also an easy medium through which to make themselves prominent before the public.”
    – Booker T. Washington

    1. Yes, there called moles, judas’s, ect.. They’re getting paid to undermine collective advancement from intrest groups thru diff avenues.Then marketing themselves thru media as a champion for the melanated cause unbeknownst to the people. Thus, no real progress.. Changing leaders a must.

    2. Booker T ONLY impresses and receives exultation’s from Conservative colonial types, and their far-right storm troops–Blacks and Africans view him as a disguised apologist

  3. I find it so very sad that police put out all the information they have on the shooting victim but never release so much as the name of the shooting offices. It should be public information.
    They should release every record they have on them as well.

    1. But if there’s Federal involved, there’s a way to see the backup recording in the computer archives! Even if they wipe it, a computer guru can restore it.

    2. @Olivia Turner They’re not wiping anything. NC has stricter cam release laws. Why do you guys just assume that the guy with 180+ page rap sheet was in the right?

    3. @axe863 these police aren’t being transparent AT ALL and your criticism is whether the dead guy was somehow in the wrong. Laughable ignorance.

    4. @axe863 what makes you think the cops with way more to lose aren’t covering it up? I hope you see the irony but it wouldn’t surprise me if you don’t.

    5. @Ryan Riddick The guy probably ruined the lives of 1000s of black people by selling them poison for profit. How long of a rap sheet is too long for you be to be sympathetic.1000 pages, 10000000 pages. How much crime is ok by your standards?

  4. Andrew Brown was shot in the back of his head. Warrant for suspected drugs but none found in home or car. Police blew out rear windows. This is horrible

    1. @Eddie McClain No, I believe they meant what they said. The neighbor’s house across the street had a bullet pass through it during this incident. Fortunately, no one was home at the time but it was incredibly reckless. Not unlike shooting an unarmed man in the back was both reckless and cowardly.

    2. @Brad Huff This makes me wonder what the deal was that they approached him so aggressively ….The video says they CAME shooting!!!!
      If he wasn’t shooting…..then what was the deal?????????

    3. @Brad Huff Maybe so but we don’t know what happened. I want to know all the facts before I pass judgment on something I know nothing about. in regards to the round hitting that house it happens sometimes when there is a police involved shooting

    4. @Brad Huff I’m inclined to agree. Shooting anyone in the back makes one as yella as big bird.

    5. @Apache Worrier After they shot through the back window and killed him he crashed into a fence. So no he wasn’t reversing.

  5. They always try to leave stuff out most of the time it’s the first part is what they leave out they have been doing this for years . And then sometimes the show the first part one time and you’ll never see that part again after they have edited

    1. @jannmutube if the police department responsible is the one examining evidence than I strongly disagree. All evidence related to a police shooting should be automatically handed over to a different agency such as a state AG’s office. Only then can the public have some trust in the investigation.

      Police departments have participated in cover ups far too often to be trusted. If there’s no problem with police conduct why would the local departments not welcome an investigation by an outside agency?

      My state has an Appearance of Fairness doctrine in its state laws. That means that not only are processes required to be fair, they are required to appear to be fair. As a local government official I was required to follow this doctrine. I think all states should adopt it and all government agencies including law enforcement should follow it. Then perhaps policing will regain public trust.

    2. @Linda Scott —- > I’m not unsympathetic but, to me, the claim of discrimination is overblown. There are many successful and decent blacks in every honest vocation. These kinds of things happen to others as well.

      However, what I am seeing, in recent years, is blacks (and some others) automatically resist arrest. They begin and engage in an argument over a stated offense or give chase which is puts police and those in the community at risk . Resisting arrest is a felony. Perhaps, resisting arrest should carry a higher penalty, especially, it the suspect gives chase.

      —- > We need unbiased protocols but we also need police protocols which ensures that alleged crimes (like counterfeiting and drug trafficking) will be investigated and that criminal organizations are not awarded millions of dollars in civil suits.

    3. @jannmutube There actually should be a problem ascribing credibility to the authorities in this case. The entire cluster was predicated on a warrant that claimed drugs were being stored, packaged and sold from the victim’s home and vehicles. The search turned up no such evidence, however. The authorities had the ability to request the release of the videos last week. They instead waited until forced to do so, and even then, they only released a snippet of the details. Upon first releasing details on the shooting, the public was told one shot was fired. The truth has turned out to be something entirely different. 7 cops involved are on leave, which most likely means those 7 fired their weapons at the unarmed man. 2 more have resigned and another has retired since this incident.

      At the end of the day, it matters not what the victim did, the fact remains that some yellow bellied coward shot the man in the back. There will be no excuse to EVER offset that level of cowardice.

    4. @Brad Huff —- > Btw, other reports said there were warrants (more than one). However, I would say, if they had no other corroborating evidence, in my opinion, even though running made the suspect look guilty, it looks like serious malfeasance on the part of the police to open fire before they conducted a search.

  6. Sherriff Wooten promised transparency. Then he released 20 seconds of the police body cam video. That was foul!

    1. courts are in charge of releasing body cam footage. you’d know that if you paid attention… so quick to shoot your mouth off without the facts… typical leftist.

    2. @Moe Zura I’ve paid attention. Wooten said he had to ask a judge to sign off on the release of the body cam footage. The judge signed off on what was requested! You’d know that if YOU paid attention! Don’t think we are fooled by what you people WANT us to see and hear! YOU are the one who is quick to shoot your mouth off out of YOUR ignorance! Typical right wing racist!

  7. Rev. Barber is truly a man of God. He deeply cares about the disadvantaged amongst us. I am very honored and blessed to be in the same state as him, just wished I lived closer to his church though.

    1. @Darrell Winns
      You are so right. I feel it radiating from him listening to him speak briefly in different news shows he’s been on.

  8. They are hiding something. They are pulling a bigger Blue Wall than normal. From what I gather, they outright executed the gentleman. Call Merrick Garland, he will come down like a ton bricks on this department. This is so WRONG!

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