Joy Reid Debunks Claims By GOP Senator Comparing BLM Protests To Capitol Riot | The ReidOut | MSNBC


  1. After the attack DJT issued a Tweet: “These are the things and events that happen when a sacred landslide election victory is so unceremoniously & viciously stripped away from great patriots who have been badly & unfairly treated for so long.” This proves he intended the insurrection and is unrepentant for the deaths, injuries and damage he caused. He should be tried together with the other insurrectionist in federal court, charged with seditious conspiracy, insurrection, conspiracy against rights, violation of civil liberties under color of law and felony murder pursuant to: . Once convicted for insurrection, the 14th Amendment automatically applies:

    1. @Robert Johnson No, it’s taking satisfaction in it, it’s a petty “see wgat happens when I don’t get what I want” which inherently proves it objectively.

    2. @Lex Ruptor but it doesn’t prove it objectively. First of all, you can take satisfaction in it without inciting the riot. Are you telling me nobody else took satisfaction in it other than Trump or somebody that incited the riot? Of course not. Beyond that there is no objective indication in his comment that he was pleased that it happened. It would be like Joy Reid saying “riots are what you get when you fail to address police brutality for so long.” It doesn’t mean she takes pleasure in riots. Although she may IDK. Anyway, that’s my opinion. Not going to defend it all night. Later.

    1. Only investigated for over a year to hurt Hillary campaign. They admit it so. Only found out that Hillary was using personal email for government info. Not good but when Jared and Ivanka were using personal emails when conducting US business GOP were silent. “Nothing to see here”… 5 Americans die at the US Capitol, GOP approach after a month “its time to move on”… What is more weaker is the Dems not holding them more accountable on these hypocritical issues.

  2. Comparing BLM protests to storming the capital in an insurrection is ridiculous… Republicans can’t seem to understand the nuance..

    1. Meanwhile any illegal immigrants committing felonies will not be deported under the Joe Biden Administration…. but you’re worried about the dog and pony show of impeaching 45 which will not happen there aren’t enough votes complete waste of money which are politicians do best.. absolutely disgraceful what they’re doing to this country

    2. ​@Richard Barry Why don’t you go back to where you came from since everyone but Native Americans r illegal immigrants in America

    3. @askfjk I have Shawnee blood unlike Democrat senator Elizabeth Warren so I’m staying right where I’m at… the media won’t tell you this former President Trump received more Cuban votes Hispanic votes and black votes than any other Republican president

    4. @Richard Barry Trump’s supporters committed a domestic terrorism attack, no immigrant illegal or otherwise has done that.

    5. @Richard Barry You are a Dotard, if Trump would have received more minority votes he would of won, but minorities don’t like him.

  3. Conceptually speaking equivalence is not has simple as Joy Reid states here. There are strata’s to equivalence. If you abstract up the domain of equivalence both actions can be specified has “citizens violent action against holders of authority” – at the level of analysis they have equivalence – or you can say that they exist in the same equivalence-class. But you can step down the level of abstraction, add some detail and ask what was the reasoning for the actions taken? A protest against the measurable brutality of authority versus a protest against the perceived unevidenced miscarriage of process (process here being the voting process) – at this level they are obviously not equivalent. Obviously. It depends on what level and at what detail you are measuring equivalence. They are similar but not equivalent. It is a subtle abstract point the Republicans are making. It is a bit disingenuous but logically and abstractly speaking they are not completely wrong. Neither are they correct. They are being intellectually dishonest in a rather subtle and politically calculated way. My two cents.

    1. @Mastodon1976 More than half. The FBI said the overwhelming majority of rioting, vandalism and violence was caused by Right wing aligned groups. Not to mention all of the armed ‘LIBERATE’ your state protests that took place last spring and summer at……. wait for it……….. again Trump’s orders! BLM protests, by their very definition, were always predicated on NON-violence.

    2. Put simply, not all riots are the same. The context (causes and goals and participants and location etc.,) make all the difference.

    1. @blake jones Peaceful attack on congress of America in session. The bastion of your freedom, the envy of communist countries everywhere. Wtf is wrong with you?

  4. Why is it always necessary to blame PEOPLE’S of Color for everything. Out of all the videos on the Invasion of the Capital I only can recall see about (2) People of Color, now true I was not there maybe for the reason we all know they ( People of Color) was all the way in the back. Oh by the way we had nothing to do with the disappearing of the dinosaur neither.

    1. Because the Republican party took over the racist narrative when the Democrats abandoned it realizing it was wrong decades ago. It gave them power, but it caught up with them.

  5. Property damage is a different level of magnitude to insurrection, threatening the line of succession, and attempting to bomb federal buildings. If these domestic traitors aren’t deflecting blame on Anifa, they’re bothsideing it.

  6. You think it’s horrible when people storm the capitol one day but not when they storm private properties all summer

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