Joy Reid: Trump Acted Like 'An Angry Autocrat Who's Desperate To Hang On To Power' | MSNBC 1

Joy Reid: Trump Acted Like ‘An Angry Autocrat Who’s Desperate To Hang On To Power’ | MSNBC


Joy on Trump's behavior during the debate: "At this point, he's an angry autocrat who's desperate to hang on to power. And who sees the legal threat ahead of him. And the potential seizure of assets in his future. And the potential foreclosure of Trump Tower. And he's mad. And he does not understand why he has to even sit through a debate or sit for an election." Aired on 09/29/2020.
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Joy Reid: Trump Acted Like 'An Angry Autocrat Who's Desperate To Hang On To Power' | MSNBC


    1. @Simon Jones _if anyone is killing the country it is_ YOU, through your social ignorance. Look within.
      *To come to know your self you must be honest.*


    1. @Pay attention Exactly the SAME thing said about Obama. F*cking hollywood called Obama “our Lord and Savior”. So, it goes both ways equally, snowflake.

    2. He is just setting himself up for a mental defect defense after office.He is facing a lot of felonies. Mental defect is his best bet says BArr

    1. Biden to violent communists and race warriors burning, looting, assaulting, killing on video…it’s just an idea.

    2. Well1AintLion Proud boys wasn’t founded by a black guy dunce, it was Founded by a White guy, Gavin McInnes. Facts. Stop Astroturfing.

  1. I know a way to shut up trump .. during the debate: 20 pc KFC Bucket on his podium… silence is golden.. or the moderator can “shock” them every time they talk out of turn.

    1. His daddy paid for his school and they had to pay someone to take his SAT test and he had the gall to say Biden was not smart???

    2. To paraphrase one of Trump’s professors from the Wharton School of Business, “he was the stupidest student I ever had.”

    1. Chris Wallace – _you have failed this debate._ We need someone who can maintain control over the bully, so the weakling can speak. Nice choice we have here America. _We can do better!_

    2. Trump was in a manic stage , hypervebal, ranting, rude and impulsive as usual. Wallace being untrained in mental health was at a disadvantage to moderate Trump as narcs “never follow rules.

    3. Alvita Henderson I agree, after watching replays today. You would have to be a train psychiatrist to deal with outrage like that!

    1. @Mats K nahh N.Y. State is going to be watching him for tax fraud. They’re getting his tax records this week, the Judge ordered it last Thursday. Just like Capone! Didn’t he die of syphilis in prison?🤔🤔🤔🤔 Vote Biden!🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸💙💙💙 Save democracy!!

  2. Trump is trying to throw everything at Joe Biden but it’s not going to stick and what he loses the state of New York has three felony charges just waiting to nail him with it’s going to be epic folks seeing up a former president going to jail

  3. Yeah, they should cut the 🎙 microphone when they’re talking over and being rude. Just cut Trump’s. We’re tired of his lies and deception…rhetoric bs.

    1. Definitely, I don’t think the Trump Administration and Trump himself understands how ridiculous he looks, he’s literally insane and Demented and should be in an Asylum, friends in the UK have Phoned me about a Guy who was given Airtime by Good Morning Britain Host Piers Morgan and he literally told the Piers Morgan and the UK to Not believe their Lying ears about what Trump said and didn’t say to frame Trump’s Negative Talking Points, I’m not sure if he (i think his name is Gorko) missed the BLM Demonstrations in the rest of the World but he has painted Trump in a really bad way and Piers Morgan called Gorko out and more importantly Trump and although Piers Morgan is a Conservative, the British Conservative government along with all the Conservative parties and Government’s in Europe are to the left of the Democrats but, have more in common with the Democrats and Biden then the Republican Party because everyone is to the left of the Republican Party and people have to realise that.

  4. The moderator should have a button that delivers an electric shock when someone interrupts. Or barring that a mute button.

  5. It’s laughable that people are surprised that an illiterate person would do well in a debate with intellectuals😂😂😆😆😆😉😂😂

  6. WHISTLE BLOW: Trump is recruiting private militia on his “army for Trump site” please do NOT take lightly, they will organize and act! He has called democrats enemy of the people and told white supremacists to standby! His campaign is undercover recruitment for civil war!

  7. Remember, Trump is the favored “politician” of a whole segment of the US who feel like they have lost something – in other words, losers. He has to do all that he can to keep them believing that they have a voice – his voice – speaking for them. All of their anger at being losers is voiced through his rants. The irony, to me, is that he probably views them as “losers”, too.

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