JPS Insensitive to Customers? – MP | Calls for Brown’s Town to be Expanded – Oct 07 2022

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    1. Come forward with documents and what a go happen when you evil demons Don lick down the people house already. Kmt smh

    2. @Neville Marshon Brother remember buying land doesnt means you get title the same day title takes a little time to process and if it was a labourite strong hold andrew would think twice caude he know his votes would be in jeopardy but being a PNP area he have got nothing to lose cant you see this is pure politics?

    1. No
      In Independent Jamaica, the Land belongs to the enslavers (the British) and the governor general is the overseer , SMH

    2. ALL these calamities will Lead up to a SUNDAY LAW which Will be The Mark Of The Beast, Those That keep Gods Sabbath will be Persecuted and be prohibited from buying and selling, Repent Jesus is coming.

  1. Is only browns town this woman MP cares about look at the roads Infrustruture, road ways and sides needs to be bushed, trees to be cleared away from HANGING over in the roads, pedestrians and crosser needed at the runaway bay bridge for the all age school, and it’s a disgrace for over 100 years now that sam.e school road continuing up to Cardiff hall, main road and all adjoining areas these roads needs a attention.. what are you doing madam MP,?? And you are driving every day on them? What’s up?? Its Action time now⁷

  2. I hate the fact that the government always act like thier the opposition as if they don’t have power all they do is talk

  3. Every land the Government say a fe him land now where all these peoples going to go ok why don’t the government build low income houses people in Jamaica pay taxes do something to help instead putting the money in them pocket 😡

  4. I would encourage everyone to boycott Jps by going solar. For more info YouTube ( subby diy home solar and construction ) Learn how to get free electricity.

    1. I would in a heartbeat but solar is extremely expensive and one company I checked out did not offer a payment plan

  5. True as for jps yu messed up my two television and a microwave and I never even reported it but please get it right, lights chipping out too often

  6. They could make arrangements for the people to pay for the land and stay in the houses they worked hard to build!!

  7. well spoken madam and roads that had being abandoned by road works with parcels of land ajacent to whom citizens are paying taxes for.

  8. JPS is estimating bills and charging inaccurate fees. Please send someone out to read our meters. Life is challenging enough to have to pay more than we can afford to these days.

  9. These political figures are the most inept bunch. They are clearly in over their heads and should seek external knowledge and experience on up to develop a nation and a society.

  10. What about now? What are these people supposed to do in the meantime? He’s just trying to do damage control.

  11. Yes, I’m asking the same question to. why are the people who are selling illegal lands were not arrested?
    It’s a shame that could not be dealt with in a better manner,other than knocking down the houses.
    About JPS they doesn’t care about costumes, because they can do what they want and get away with it.
    Robbed the citizens of Jamaica and no good service them collect.

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