Judge Decides Not To Delay Roger Stone’s Sentencing | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

Judge Decides Not To Delay Roger Stone's Sentencing | Craig Melvin | MSNBC 1


A judge has decided not to delay the sentencing hearing for Roger Stone as his defense team is asking for a new trial. NBC News' Pete Williams has details. Aired on 2/18/2020.
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Judge Decides Not To Delay Roger Stone's Sentencing | Craig Melvin | MSNBC

69 Comments on "Judge Decides Not To Delay Roger Stone’s Sentencing | Craig Melvin | MSNBC"

  1. I was the judge would give him 20 years that would send a message to trump

  2. Trump is a true definition of an authoritarian president, he’s the most corrupt president ever.

  3. That’s a abuse of power
    The president and attorney general getting involved into a criminal trial case.

    • Michael Michael | February 18, 2020 at 3:37 PM | Reply

      @freewilly1193 so Pelosi and her rat pack don’t abuse power or u just see what u want to see

    • What, do you care about stone now? Or is this just about trump?

    • This guy’s committed hardcore crime with a foreign country obstruction of justice treason. And just because they’re white they get the ,white privilege ,easy sentence. Unbelievable obstruction of justice with a foreign man I guess we wish there was the firing squad this is totally 1000 percent… unacceptable…….

  4. Venita Sheppard | February 18, 2020 at 12:19 PM | Reply

    That’s just pathetic.👎🏻👎🏻 if it be you or I we wouldn’t see daylight and would have been arrested along time back period!🤬

    • Jeffrey Hummer | February 18, 2020 at 9:30 PM | Reply

      I guess it’s ok for Comey, McCabe to lie to congress while leaking classified info. Where is the outrage in that? Treat them all by the same standard

  5. 7 to 9 years is the guideline. Nothing saying the judge HAS to stay inside the lines. How about 10 years? Is that OK? Sounds good to me.

  6. Lock him up.  More facts that prove Russia put Orange Hitler in the WH.

    • @Michael Michael Duh. You really are that stupid? Really?

    • @Rod Try reading the Mueller report. Get a Dem to help you with the big words

    • Michael Michael There is total interference coming from some where after missile attack on Iran and what happed that day well the next day it was blocked totally from any network.From that I could clearly see there are people who would prefer people don’t know the real truth

    • Michael Michael why do you stand by a person who divides your country.Not my country yours ask yourself this question.

  7. STONE should get LIFE in Prison or Hang for TREASON……

  8. Ideal world scenario; judge throws the book at him, literally. A really big, thick, heavy book, that knocks that hawk-beak back into Stone’s stupid face.

    Bluevember is coming

    • Robert Piekosz | February 18, 2020 at 3:31 PM | Reply

      Even IF, he gets 7-10 years, he’ll be going to a low security federal camp.
      He’ll be protected from harm, even at the camp.
      But he’s Still going to be incarcerated. Away from family. Until the orange hump commutes his sentence

    • Robert Piekosz You really will fill your liberal diaper when Trump pardons him completely! 🤣

    • Meanwhile…
      ❄#45✳ threw *ANOTHER ‘twittyfeed tantrum’* today, *WHINING* about how unfair *everyone’s* been to him. 👶
      Poor put-upon lil’ Prezzy… 🤣

    • @Robert Piekosz Unless he gets Epsteined

    • @Clinton Pachingel Not in your wildest dreams, Jethro.

  9. If this a regular person. We wouldn’t have the privilege of reporting to prison …we would automatically go right then ..that day

  10. So, “juror taint” is still a serious factor but Trump and Barr interfering with the justice process isn’t? Good to know there’s a line… somewhere…

  11. Not since watergate have we seen such a gross intervention in the judiciary

    • @Antonio Montana
      Claro. La Gran Partido Viejo siempre ha constitido en ladrones y timadores. También había Arbustito. 👎

    • Antonio Montana | February 18, 2020 at 4:00 PM | Reply

      @grodhagen Arbustito = Bush Jr.? It was actually Bush Sr. Who was involved in the Iran-contra scandal!!!

    • @Antonio Montana .
      I mean even Jr. has his scandals, namely the Iraq War and the deregulation of wall Street Bankers that led to the great crash of 2008. All REPUBLICANS do something scandalous.

    • Now trying to say a “Tainted jury”. Yeah, the jurors were all honest and followed the law. How dare they.

  12. If he doesn’t get time in prison, this is a mockery. Witness tampering is an attack on the Court! No judge will go easy on that.

    • Andrew Mitchell | February 18, 2020 at 5:44 PM | Reply

      @Ecoscienceczar ROFL “They”. You are even imitating your God Trump now by using the same method of fabrication. Another sock puppet for my blocked list.

  13. Ranaldo Bobsled | February 18, 2020 at 1:29 PM | Reply

    7 – 9 years is a lite sentence. 15 – 20 years is appropriate.

  14. The Judge could save this country by giving him a 7 year sentence, otherwise…. This countries rule of law is dead.

    • Christine Wright | February 18, 2020 at 6:53 PM | Reply

      Agree. Trump is unequivocally the dreaded Antichrist – he and his followers are the antithesis of Jesus’ life and teachings. They have no desire for the Truth and have willingly sold their souls to the devil.

  15. He was a corrupt businessman who left a trail of failures wherever he went and now he’s a corrupt politician who will leave the US with massive debts.

  16. Patrick Kingfisher Kennedy | February 18, 2020 at 1:43 PM | Reply

    The judge can hand down the maximum sentence if she wants – give that treasonous coward and traitor 10-20 yrs

  17. Ask the guy sitting in prison for pot how long he’s been there already.

  18. lol so the dude convicted of witness tampering is crying about a potentially “biased” juror

    do they need more time to “un-bias” them?

  19. That POS should have been in jail after his witness tampering

  20. To quote the president’s most fervent supporters: “Lock him up!!”

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