Judge enters pleas for Bryan Kohberger

An Idaho judge entered not guilty pleas on behalf of Bryan Kohberger for the killing of four University of Idaho students last fall. Kohberger’s trial is set to start on October 2nd and if found guilty, he could face the death penalty. #CNN #News #bryankohberger #shorts


    1. @Phillip Shosie I don’t fully understand what else did this man do? Because everyone seems happy

  1. Minimum penalty: your new roommate is named Big Daddy D and he’s got a thing for skinny white boys with a temper.

    1. He might’ve murdered people, too so they just might talk about their freak, anger issues, or play chess.

    1. If they had convicted Oprah as the killer y’all would still immediately say she’s guilty without waiting for the trial 🙄 how hard is it for people to respect due process?


    1. Wow, you’re so hateful! This man is the savior that we needed and it’s a bit disappointing that you can’t see that

    2. @SNOOPY SNOOP COLEMAN #1 wow you must live on this app. It literally took you 2 minutes to respond. No wonder you dont know of our lord and savior Brian khoberger

  3. Clearly he understands he’s a PhD student so he ought to have enough ability to comprehend what’s going on

    1. If the Judge doesn’t follow the written script/law, there would undoubtedly be a loud outcry from the defense attorney(-s).
      Do You honestly think that would go over well with the taxpayers?
      No State of the Union is a bottomless pit of resources.

    1. As a law student myself I thought the same as you sml, he thought he could outsmart the entire system.

  4. Scary to think you never know when you’ve got a neighbor like this weirdo living by you. He looks like such an ordinary man, nothing devious or sadistic in his appearance or dress, no obvious tells… but deep inside, he’s seriously broken mentally but appears to function “normally”

  5. Idaho is bringing back execution by firing squad due to the problems posed by lethal injection. I hope this means the prosecution will treat this as a death penalty case.

    1. @Patrick Dowling how about the hypocrisy of the death penalty? What a great lesson we’re teaching children.

    2. @Patrick DowlingIdaho still has death row inmates housed that were sentenced to death in the 80s. I’m not anti death penalty but it costs wayyy more than sentencing someone in prison for life. It’s not even in the same realm, as far as cost goes. The whole time a death row inmate is incarcerated, attorneys are also getting taxpayer bucks.

  6. Who is he ? Sorry , I don’t know who he is or what he’s done .

    1. @Cassandra Mayse ah yes… I recall that case now , thank you very much for taking the time , appreciated

  7. This guy thought he was smarter than everyone and that he could kill those students and get away with it. So glad he has been caught. I hope he gets 4 life sentences!

  8. Im not in favor of the death penalty but in this guys case, I am!
    My heart breaks for the families who will suffer the rest of their lives due to this psycho.

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