Julián Castro on jabbing Joe Biden’s memory: I wouldn’t do it differently

Julián Castro on jabbing Joe Biden's memory: I wouldn't do it differently 1


2020 presidential hopeful Julián Castro tells CNN's John Berman why he took aim at former Vice President Joe Biden's memory during the ABC News Democratic debate. #CNN #News

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  1. Who else is here for the Dislikes👎🙋‍♂️?

  2. How dare you attack our predetermined democratic presidential candidate? – CNN

    • @Brett Orlob
      Not backed by facts? On what issues? Healthcare? It is literally his most factual policy proposal.

    • @jeck jeck mainiy his criticisms of the banking industry, the Constitution & the powers of the Executive.

      His blanket condemnation of the banking industry is reminiscent of CANDIDATE Hugo Chavez’ attacks on the Venezuelan oil industry.

      By ignoring the complex web of regulatory motivators that DEMAND banks behave as they do, & using them as a scapegoat for the negative consequences brought on by neoliberalism in general, he would rise to power with all the political capital he’d need to do something really harmful & stupid, like Chavez did.

      & we now KNOW a POTUS can build their stupid wall, no matter how pointless & counterproductive it is.

      He likes to give his crowds an enemy to boo: an Other to alienate.

      He’s a great Senator & a highly problematic presidential candidate.

    • @Brett Orlob
      That’s… really stupid thing to say, no offense; You don’t understand him and his ideas at all:/

    • @jeck jeck if it’s stupid, refute it in detail.

      You can’t, because it’s true.

      You can’t let yourself believe it’s true, because you trust Bernie Sanders. Frankly I do too.

      I don’t trust the millions of people who will call any well thought out criticism of his rhetoric “stupid” as a kneejerk reaction.

      That’s a cult of personality, & history tells us to be wary of those if we treasure any form of liberty.

    • @Brett Orlob
      There is no cult of personality with Bernie, it’s his actions, ideas and honesty that attracts the people. Not to mention consistency of said words, actions, and honesty. People do not just support him because he calls out top 1%’s BS, he walks the walk. Calling people who like that a cult is dishonest, and comparing them to trump’s cult of nazism is downright insulting.

  3. Don’t question his memory that’s mean but call president trump a racist bigot nonstop. Yeah ok

  4. Biden is a big boy if he cant take the heat get off the stage…..

    • @Skankhunt 42 why hes potus right! I tried giving him a chance in 2017 i got morals. dont let hannity think for you ok.

    • The sussexteers Duchess MEGHAN’s Friendzone. | September 14, 2019 at 4:42 AM | Reply

      Ronnie Jackson exactly I know its a debate but keep these horrific insults to use on Trump and not at eachother there is only one moron who is dangerous misguided forgetfull has severe problems in telling the truth , has dictator ship qualitys ( and thats not a compliment ) offcourse Biden can take this , he is in public service for 50 years , times change , insights change, see What Some people find normal in 3 years What happend with castro if that happened before Trump his career would have been over , but taking a pitch out of Trumps PlayBook #castro repeated and repeats still that he was right OMG this is even worse than the insult as far as Im concerned ARE PEOPLE NEVER GOING TO SAY IM SORRY I DIDNT HEAR CORRECTLY ? No we just double down On the lie and give the republicans a free AD they now insult eachother instead of debating a moronic idea of free everything .. in sorry for all My idealist friends even in liberal netherlands nothing is for free.. Yes we pay only 1500 euros a year on college or uni and Yes we all have MANDATORY healthcare with always the option of a employers scheme and with about 10 different insurers but you do not have a private option only the option off paying 300 euros a month instead of the basic policy of 125€ with 350€ out of pocket and than the rest is free excluded your monthly payment .. student dead is about avarage 25000/50.000 euro eventhough college fee is not that high … housing .. livingcosts like healthcare from age 18 you have to pay yourself or your parents but as a student you pay. So that comes with iT than books educational trips etc iT depends offcourse how much your parents can pay for you, but a higher education Yes its for everyone in the netherlands even the poorest and if you stay at home buy , your books second hand your dead at the end Will be about 25.000 euro and you Will have 35 years rentfree to pay iT back.

    • @J. minez Trump will eat his lunch If he cant handle Castro who is a lightweight compared to Trump. Biden is out of his weight class….

  5. Christian Albert | September 13, 2019 at 2:48 PM | Reply

    So wow CNN acts like they’re a super pac for Joe Biden

    • Don’t worry. Majority of leftists are too intelligent to not second-guess this hype.

    • What if Joe really is losing it? Decent people are obligated to protect the country.

    • Christian Albert | September 14, 2019 at 1:11 AM | Reply

      Pallab Sarkar thank you for being knowledgeable and not totally ignorant like so many others !!! I’ve never seen so many snowflakes and people against Bernie in my life

    • Christian Albert | September 14, 2019 at 1:14 AM | Reply

      Michele Jackson that’s exactly right !! What happens if he isn’t mentally stable ? If his election team knows that he s struggling mentally then they are doing a great disservice to the American people and especially the Democratic Party !! Not to mention it’s totally dishonest

  6. CNN: Castro questions biden’s hearing!!!!

  7. Castro is desperate to stay in the race, he’s polling at 1-2%.

  8. Castro: points out that Biden’s memory is bad
    CNN: time to end this man

  9. Holy crap, CNN couldn’t be more transparent in their blind commitment to Biden.

  10. If Biden is the nominee it will be Senility vs. Orange 2020!!!!

    • The thing is Castro would never beat dumpty. So he should shut his mouth. Terri

    • I honestly think they both have dementia; Trump does Sundowners tweeting and he has had those odd moments (Possible TIA when he was talking about the United Shtates of America and the oranges of the investigation), but Joe is probably mid Alzheimer’s. His memory sucks, his social interactions, especially with women, are awkward. He is stuck in the past talking about radios and record players. I used to work on a Special Needs Unit at a nursing home, and there is a far-off look patients get when the brain starts to decay, and I think both men have it at times.

    • senility vs orange senility

    • They’re both senile, except Trump is orange and can’t keep up with the insurmountable amount of lies he tells on a second to second basis😂


  12. Why does it look like CNN’s John Berman is on drugs ?

  13. Should have owned it honestly. Why are we pretending Joe’s got all his marbles?

    • James for Safe Streets | September 14, 2019 at 1:07 AM | Reply

      Michele Jackson Gracious?! For one, Politico did a fact check, and Biden was the one who got it right, and Castro got it wrong!! So now…who’s the one with dementia? HERE’S A FACT: REGARDLESS OF AGE, WE ALL MAKE MENTAL MISTAKES (although here it was POS Castro who screwed up). Whether you’re in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s, WE ALL MESS UP FROM TIME TO TIME, but it doesn’t mean you’re “losing it” if you do. But now ASSHOLES LIKE JULIAN CASTRO are ready to pounce on Biden for ANYTHING to score points! Castro is a BIGOT against older people…it’s known as AGEISM, and it’s as disgusting as racism…it’s a form of PREJUDICE!!

    • @James for Safe Streets I looked up the fact-check, and boy do I now understand why the Trumpers jump up and down every time someone mentions CNN and ‘facts’!
      To me the key phrase is ‘buy in’. Does the average citizen have to pay out of their own pocket or not. Let’s say you just lost your job, but you are not penniless. Will you have to dip into your pocket to contribute to some insurance company’s bottom line?
      I am pretty sure I heard Biden say ‘buy-in’. Later he said ‘opt-in’ but Castro challenged him on ‘buy-in’. However politico does not make a distinction between the 2 phrases in it’s summary, you have to read the actual transcript to see this nuance.
      This is the first time I have read a politico article and I was surprised by how biased the perspective was. They paint Castro as some upstart nobody (lowest polling candidate goes after frontrunner whom no-one has been able to shake off the top no matter how hard they try!) who was ‘dismissed’ by Biden. Not how I remember it going down at all, but what do i know, I’m just an individual with my own mind lol! I have watched innumerable telecasts where CNN references politico to criticize Trump, and so far I was on board, I had no reason to question the authenticity. Now, having seen the reporting contradict my own eyes so blatantly I can not help think the ‘swamp’ is not just in DC …

    • Michele Jackson | September 14, 2019 at 1:58 AM | Reply

      @James for Safe Streets As disgusting as racism? Really? How many old people have you seen swinging from nooses, James? Extremes of emotions in examples will not sway my opinion. Yes. People of any age can make mental mistakes. I, for one, do not want to have a presidential candidate who is not mentally as sharp a tack, so I won’t be voting for Joe Biden no matter how wonderful his repeated gaffes apparently make you feel.

    • James for Safe Streets | September 14, 2019 at 2:21 AM | Reply

      Michele Jackson Even though I’m for Joe Biden, I will say this. Even if Joe doesn’t get the nomination, and he may not get it, I will vote for whichever of these candidates gets the nomination…even if it’s mean-spirited Julian Castro…because we must defeat Donald Trump. I’m not going to be one of those people who sits at home if my guy or woman doesn’t win. Anyone who does that may help Donald Trump get four more years, and we can’t let that happen. A few more things. Most people thought what Castro did was a cheap shot, a low blow, and Biden doesn’t deserve to be treated like that. Most people, of all races and genders, like Biden. Why? Because he’s a nice person and a good man. He’s been through a hell of a lot. He’s had to bury two or three of his children and his first wife. When he was only 30, his first wife and one of his children were killed in a car wreck. Another child barely survived. Biden wasn’t in the car when it happened. And he lost his son Beau to cancer. He’s worked hard for over forty years for his state and his country. He was a loyal VP and a close friend to Obama for 8 years. And they’re still good friends now. Biden has earned this chance.

    • Michele Jackson | September 14, 2019 at 3:03 AM | Reply

      @James for Safe Streets I will hold my nose and vote for most of the candidates on the stage. It won’t matter. You watch. Biden will continue to make out of touch muddled statements and be confused and will be overtaken by another candidate. Castro sacrificed himself on the altar for the greater good of the party by pointing out Joe Biden’s flaws. I am sure Joe is a nice enough person, but we need a person with sharp mental acuity to run the country. I think part of the reason that Trump is so terrible for this country is the fact that he doesn’t have that, either. It is very sad, sympathetic tale that Joe lost most of his family, but that isn’t a good reason to vote for him. Which of top policies that Joe has strongly advocated for (other than what Obama created) enthrall you the most? Are they policies that no other candidate advocates?

  14. I think it’s safe to say that Julian isn’t running for Vice President.

  15. People need to know what any candidate says or doesn’t say…it wasn’t personal…Castro was correct! and I am a Rep. btw

  16. CNN…stop harassing and it’s obvious you are pro Biden

  17. This is straight up embarrassing on CNN’s part. What a disgrace!

  18. ‘Are you questioning Joe Biden’s memory’ 😂 is this a joke….

    • @Pallab Sarkar Exactly! It’s called politics. Even if we wish it could be fluffy unicorns, it isn’t. Someone has to be able to take Trump to the mat. It is definitely a point in Castro’s favor in my book. Still, Yang 2020.

    • @Michele Jackson I think the democratic field needs to be whittled down to 4 so that they can scrutinize and challenge each others policies at length. Someone like Biden blurs the picture because enough people will vote for him just because they remember him standing next to Obama, and that will cost another candidate who has meaningful positions that do not get heard!

    • Castro! You talkin’ bout’ a WHITE MAN!

    • The whole party is a joke at this point

  19. Why did he have to explain himself like 10 times for this anchor to comprehend??

  20. James for Safe Streets | September 13, 2019 at 9:02 PM | Reply

    RIP Julian Castro’s political career.

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