1. He’s a doctor that doesn’t practice medicine and receives money from pharmaceutical companies and clearly has a conflict of interest.

    2. @Brandon Hill lol your a joke this guy and Dr goja both said the masks they are promoting work for stopping covid, then months later they both said only n95 and greater works for stopping covid, this guy also promoted the idea of installing plexiglass at checkouts of businesses which do nothing because covid is aerosolized and can just float around and they new that and still made businesses go into pocket to pay for them,.I’m sure it effected prices but yeah keep trusting this internationally known doctor.. mhmm yeah sure a Dr who looks like he is very unhealthy looking can’t be trusted lol

  1. They’ve had 2 years and this clown has the audacity to say “we’re not looking at long times anymore”. Ford needs to get rid of this guy.

    1. Why would he need to get rid of him?
      Two years in and Ford has never listened to the recommendations of the OST,
      despite him claiming otherwise.

    2. @M. Why would you let ANYONE tell you what is best for you? You are aware we are in a genocide right?

    1. Anybody who still wears a mask is a coward. We don’t cover our faces in western civilization.

  2. These TV Doctors are worried their 15 minutes (or 2 years) of fame might be coming to an end.

    1. exactly – these idiots have been enjoying their 15 minutes of fame and not ready to let it go.

    2. the thought of working for a living as opposed to being homely TV stars is too much for them.

  3. This “doctor”, is no one I would ever listen too. His lack of knowledge and fact checking is appalling.

  4. the experts were the cause of the mandates and shut downs which are shown to be of no use. This guy has a nerve to offer any opinion on anything.

  5. It’s also going into spring time, the risks of the flu has dropped off a cliff as covid is a virus makes sense that covid will be the same way.

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