Jury selection continues in the trial of Derek Chauvin Tuesday | USA TODAY 1

Jury selection continues in the trial of Derek Chauvin Tuesday | USA TODAY



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    1. If you know anything about law which none of you kids do he will get manslaughter even though we all know its 1st degee.

      Towards the end of George’s life there must have been seizures and convlusions and Derek would have felt that. Then when George went limp people yelled to ‘check his pulse he looks dead’ and Derek ignored that. Above you said his eyes show he is evil and the here you say he’ll walk. You people are either racist or just really have no insight.

    2. @1 Armstrong THANK YOU, I’m tired of hearing Ultra-Conservative trolls defending murderers and whining about “lOoTiNg aNd ViOlEnCe. No matter where you are in politics, you should not be justifying brutal murder, period.

    3. @Derek Chauvin wlm Impersonating Chauvin and speaking as though you’re him is a prosecutuable crime.

  1. Floyd with his drug use and enlarged heart would have died within the next week. His family was very lucky to recieve the huge money amount. It was not illegal for the officer to use his knee! If a white had died this would not be happening.

    1. Who are you? How do you know he would’ve died within the next week. Getting money isn’t luck it’s a payoff. And if was a white person he wouldn’t be murderd y’all got connection

    2. That whole $27 million ought to be handed over to Derek Chauvin at the end of this trial. The Floyd family should have to kiss the Chauvin family’s feet. Throw away the shoes afterwards, but kiss the feet.

  2. Why is it public trial?The real truth is completly unknown,this man is a great, innocent law enforcement officer-whistleblower of a corrupt affair publicly unknown. Why is he publicly defamed with this fake, arranged story?

    1. He defamed himself when he proceed to murder this man. Knowing he would get off Scott free . If George F used drugs he didn’t die from it he died from a racist cop that is a coward and had control by a organization run by a white government that is called the system . Why not make it public. They got the court house surrounded by fences etc that’s a sure sign that his white behind is going to walk.

    2. @Yavonne Mcclam I disagree. The story of George Floyd is fake, arranged,played, invented fake story. George Floyd or whoever is certainly very well,maybe an undercover policeman too and this second man defamed as Derek is in reality likely Mr Steven so called clean Steve, who fight alone against corruption in USA and it looks like he was left alone on the battlefield, because his other colleagues from the international police have probably returned to their international duties, i.e. the fight against covid and Coronavirus etc. This man clean Steve defamed as Derek is innocent,His can be comparised to Clint Eastwood,,dirty Harry,,,who fought in films against evil. By the way:is Scott free?

  3. I bet all jail Srgnt’s, and cellmates are laughing at a Police like Derek Chauvin bing in jail. They’d be all like (“Haha! Now look who joins us in jail”) LOL

  4. This is so sad to see how these white people are being interrogated by this guy just to make sure they aren’t viewed as racist….
    They’re sounding like pretty common sense to me….

  5. Derek appears to be in good spirits here, definitely staying in shape too. Hang in there, Derek. True Americans are behind you and we know you’ll make it through this. You are innocent.

    1. Going around pretending your Derek Chauvin can get you in a heap of trouble. Lawsuit after lawsuit for impersonation.

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