Justice Department Launches Gun Trafficking Strike Forces In Five Cities 1

Justice Department Launches Gun Trafficking Strike Forces In Five Cities


Attorney General Merrick Garland visited the ATF to discuss new efforts from the Department of Justice to launch gun trafficking strike forces in five cities across the country. NBC's Pete Williams has details.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Justice Department Launches Gun Trafficking Strike Forces In Five Cities


  1. trump incited an armed insurrection on january 6 2021 to overthrow a fair democratic election

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis I cant post any links. Youtube takes them down at the 5 sec mark. If you dont believe me check my channel.
      You’re sick and you need help. This report literally came from congress saying that the FBI did it.

    2. @The Globalist Channel lol don’t you know how to post headlines, and you can post the link if you separate it enough.
      There was NO report that said the FBI orchestrated the insurrection. copy and past the title or headline.

    3. @The Globalist Channel Under almost any circumstances, experts said, undercover government operatives and informants cannot be described in government filings as unindicted co-conspirators. The main reason: A component of criminal conspiracy is the agreement to commit a crime. That isn’t what undercover operatives do.

    4. @psycobleach46 tullis The FBI LITERALLY had undercover agents in the Capitol. You can say orange man all you want, but we’re about to enter a dark period and you’re going to miss your freedoms when they’re gone.

    5. @The Globalist Channel so I see you ran away instead of providing any kind of proof to back up your claims, I even told you what you could do to show me.

  2. Thank God for the Department of Justice under Mr. Garland. The “Grand Correction,” is finally here with the Biden administration!

    1. You sound so sure “dr” 😫🤦🏻‍♂️
      What are your thoughts on Biden’s cnn town hall meeting last night? “Dr”?

    2. @The Globalist Channel they’re going after traffickers and gun runners, put your listening ears on. We don’t need anymore false narratives out there. Haven’t we had enough?😎

    3. @Uniquely Lily Lily, I seen Joe Biden practice a speech in which he asks the UN for 100,00 ARMED troops into the US to help him. So you can forgive I think outside of the narratives you hear on the media. You dont have too much time. Gun confiscation is coming.
      Also. The vaccine is soooo safe that the Haiti president and the Madagascar president got pew pew after saying they’ll not allow it into their country…..🤔

  3. People who “gift” guns to people who have no business being in possession of a gun should be held accountable for their actions.

    1. @Crimson Sky there are federal laws that apply universally including background checks with the same list of disqualifications.

      That’s why you can’t smoke pot and own a gun even in a legal weed state. It’s still against federal law.

      How can you be so confident and so wrong?

    2. @psycobleach46 tullis I am one of those pro gun Liberals.

      But one look at this comment section and you gotta admit that guy has a point

    3. Like all the dad’s & uncle’s & mom’s & friends who give white children hi- powered weapons?

    4. @Matt Perhaps I was not clear – the purchaser should be held accountable for the actions taken by the person who they give the gun to.

    5. @Matt Perhaps I was not clear – the purchaser should be held accountable for the actions taken by the person who they give the gun to.

  4. Boy, they should really think about changing the name away from ” Strike Force.” Now I have to be the “calming pony” to all my close friends in this town.

    1. Lol I hear you, they could tone down the intensity of the language, but these actions are directed towards violent criminals not law abiding gun owners who keep firearms for hunting and potential self-defense.

  5. Enforcing laws already on the books to take guns out of the hands of those who shouldn’t have them. What an amazing concept.

    1. But they won’t take them from the kkk. Cause they never have. Never intended to with all the murders they know they’ve committed.

  6. This measure may actually help as it focuses on criminals instead of law abiding citizens like me. Fix the instant background check system too. There is too much missing data because not all agencies are reporting like they should.

  7. Amazing how the justice department launches gun trafficking in 5 cities, but has not done a single thing to launch an investigation into the riot at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.

    1. @Ms Linda
      And I guarantee, if it was the Dems on Jan 6th, Trump would’ve had Barr lock them up for life without parole. Guns or no guns. That’s the injustice.

    2. @Ms Linda I’m not talking about the 500+ cases for American citizens who breached the Capitol. I’m talking about individuals in Congress (the people who were voted into office) that were part of the insurrection. I’ve not heard one thing about them and you know they’re there!

    3. @Kal Robbins Yeah, I don’t know why we haven’t heard anything about TFG and Congress members being investigated/arrested, etc. But, like I said, the DOJ is probably mum about their investigation because TFG and Congress are powerful people. Let’s see what happens starting Tuesday. I hope heads will start to roll. It’s been over 6 months.

    4. @Dizzy Duke Yep, and you know if it had been Antifa and BLM , TFG and his cronies in DOJ and Congress would’ve had them arrested, too. It was nothing but word salad about Antifa storming the Capitol because TFG and his evil doers were projecting. They’re the ones who did this! That’s why they voted against an independent investigation proposed by the Democrats. I can’t wait until Tuesday when the first hearing starts.

  8. They need to have more concerts and events that give free admission for every gun turned in.

  9. The 4 states with the strictest gun laws have the worst crime rate and gun crimes. IMAGINE THAT! Meanwhile states with constitutional or open carry have the lowest.

    No criminal wants to rob an armed victim and risk losing his life

  10. They need to investigate the illegal conversion of. Semi to fully automatic weapons in idaho as well as illegal ownership.

  11. LA, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Washington DC? Sounds like they need to launch a Democratic mayor strike force!

  12. DOD: Launches attack on gun trafficking.
    Firearm manufacturing industry: Begins to sweat bullets.

  13. Sooooo Hunter Bidens guns????? Wait, we don’t talk about that lol 😂 👍 that was like months ago, we forget. Typical.

  14. It’s not facing our country is facing democratically operated States and cities…… Now why would that be ??? In the past 5 years what’s the percentage they’ve gone up !!!? Why ?

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