Justice Ginsburg Being Treated For Liver Cancer Recurrence | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. Genghis Smith Look at that – you answered your own question. Don’t bother wasting a question mark on these asshats. They are not religious – it’s all about “winning” whatever the $&@! that means to them.

    2. howdareyou41 Justice Ginsberg has served her country well and I hope she continues to do so for many years to come. If any member of SCOTUS needs to be replaced in the immediate future, it certainly would not happen before the election. Not an issue my friend. Melania actually offers good advice that the grand old party should aspire to. Be best.

    3. O she’s strong, make no mistake. RBG is a warrior and it’s fitting that she sees justice meted out on the traitor in the Whitehouse and his cronies. Only then can she hang up her sword of justice and find peace, in her time!

  1. for god’s sake vote for Biden people. We can’t lose RBG and have Trump select her replacement.

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Typical God fearing conservative Christian, praying for someone, you don’t agree with, to die.

    2. @Kris Who cares what Trump wants us to believe. I want a Conservative Judge
      in the SCOTUS to tip the scale to a reasoning judiciary. It’s just too liberal now.

    3. Biden is an Alzheimer’s patient who failed for 40 years. Trump made the American economy the
      best it’s ever been in only 3.5 years. There is no reasonable choice, other than Trump.

    4. @thom wessels 5/9 are conservative. You literally just argued that you want someone who will change the outcome of decisions based on political ideology rather than applying the law. That’s corruption of Justice by a political party, which is not just unethical, it’s unconstitutional and dangerous. That’s how you build a fascist state, not how you run a democracy

    5. @Kris Wrong. You go right to the ‘FACISSSSSST fallacy. My argument is simply that i want another truly Conservative Justice, not a John Roberts fake conservative. America needs this.

    1. @Paul Wilson In 2017 and 2018, President Trump’s administration has implemented immigration policies that have caused catastrophic irreparable harm to thousands of people, have spurned and manifestly violated both US and international law, and appeared to be aimed at the full dismantling of the US asylum system.

      Those policies and practices have included, among others: (1) mass illegal pushbacks of asylum-seekers at the US–Mexico border; (2) thousands of illegal family separations, through which the Trump administration has deliberately and purposefully inflicted extreme suffering on families, ill-treatment which rose to the level of torture in some cases; and (3) increasingly arbitrary and indefinite detention of asylum-seekers, without parole, constituting cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment (ill-treatment) which is absolutely prohibited in international law.

      Based on public statements by US government officials, those policies and practices were indisputably intended to deter asylum-seekers from requesting protection in the United States, as well as to punish and compel those who did seek protection to give up their asylum claims…

    2. @Ken Rimmer Trump just enforces the current laws.

      #1 – What law was broken by not allowing illegals from entering the country and disappearing into the country?

      #2 – what law was broken by separating families who were trying to enter the country illegally? if you or i get arrested our kids wouldnt go with us

      #3 – indefinite detention… you mean till those cases can be heard before the court?

    1. @Gooey 911 no he wasn’t …. He had all his horrible goons carry out his orders and in the end he committed suicide… That’s no warrior.

    2. @rara mcl-k This whole war was a suicide-mission. It was obvious since the Wehrmacht got stucked in Russia in winter 1941/42.
      I have no idea why some people stick to the myth that Hitler was a great warrior. My war heroes are the ones who said “f**** this sh*t, this war is useless, pointless, hopeless and full of mass murders against civilians. I throw my gun away and flee/surrender”

  2. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is giving us an intamate play-by-play of her cancer treatments, meanwhile: Donald Trump won’t let you see his taxes.

    1. @Gregg It’s a perfect analogy. I have no right to her treatment records, but she’s being transparent with the nation. It’s a mature, responsible choice… I don’t expect a Trump supporter to understand.

    2. @David Lee Hey David, you have my father’s name but I think there are lots of David Lees out there.

    3. @Gregg The manner in which Trump guards his tax returns for dear life reminds me of O.J. Simpson driving down the L.A. freeway in a Bronco.

    1. @The Hokage
      Okay, so her? Would you rather have the alcoholic sexual predator Brett Kavanaugh?

    1. You’re just mad cuz she’s dying and Trump’s going to put another judge in there another win for Trump more losing for you

    2. @Ou812 Not in an election year according to Moscow Mitch…..unless he is a hypocrite, and another cheating, lying republican.

    1. We need her, desperately, we can’t have Moscow Mitch picking any more inexperienced Trumpists for the Supreme Court.

    1. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr
      She’s not gonna die. She made a deal with the devil. Evidently that deal didn’t include good health.
      Always read the fine print! 😄

    2. She’s not going to recover and Trump’s going to put a new appointee in her position and you’re going to be crying again

    3. @Mark Oliver everyone that loves💞 this Country, both have fought and died for us…. And liberal or conservative is a gift . That’s all that counts to me…

  3. Hang in there Ruth.
    As a cancer survivor I wish you the best in the years ahead.
    All my best Larry

  4. Poor lady, at her age and health, has chosen to stay on the Supreme Court to combat the damage from Trump and Republicans. Kudos for her dedication!

  5. Notice how we’re only getting these reports after they can say
    “significant reduction,” not when the new spread is first discovered.

  6. An American treasure, my prayers are with her. As we like to say here in Tennessee, she’s tough as a pine knot. We need her now, more than ever.

  7. A great lady who’s opinions and legal guidance have never been needed more than they are today. Be well😷

  8. Mitt Romney will be praying harder for her than anyone: he’s the only Republican in the Senate atm. who has positioned himself as anti-Trump: so he’d have to vote against a “conservative” judge to maintain his credibility.

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