Justice Minister David Lametti: "I'm a member of the government, so I can't give you my opinion." 1

Justice Minister David Lametti: “I’m a member of the government, so I can’t give you my opinion.”


Justice Minister David Lametti was asked if he still supported the criminalization of 'simple' drug possession, here's how he responded.


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    1. Don’t forget breathalyzers before entering Parliamentary Meetings…….let’s keep this on a level playing field!

  1. When I worked on the farm, sometimes we had to hit a frozen nut really hard to get it loose.. This guy looks/talks like one of those.

    1. @Rémi Gag true. But how are constituents supposed to guage whether their representative is representing them if those opinions are only expressed secretly?

    1. You too!?! I feel so safe in our great nation!! Especially with these Jackasses running the country!!! We are now beginning to feel a little bit of what is like living in a third world banana republic!!

  2. I can’t make a decision, either for my constituents, my country or myself. Why are we paying him and granting him a generous pension then?

  3. What he is really saying is Justin fired every other minister who hasn’t agreed with him so far. I like my big salary with its benefits huge pension and I want to keep it.

  4. I’m only allowed to make reference to what “Justin” told me to say Or I was told I can avoid answering the real question or blame it on the Harper! Oh! wait! ….. Harper hasn’t been in politics for about 10 years now!. ..The heck with it, it’s all Harper’s fault!

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