Justin Trudeau announces new sanctions following Russian invasion | Watch the full Feb. 24 update

Feb. 24: Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced Canada’s second tranche of sanctions against Russia for their attack on Ukraine.

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  1. Trudeau needs to stop talking and start respecting Canadian charter of rights and freedoms at home. Canadian citizen who his illegal emergency act violated their legal rights. Shame on Trudeau. Shame shame.

    1. Most likely, terrible the whole world is experiencing inflation, how is your ability to read and prosses data..

  2. The idea is for many many countries working together and all of them individually inflicting sanctions as per their own countries trade with Russia will then as a huge group together cripple the Russian economy.

  3. You listen to Trudeau, Putin!!! You do NOT want to mess with our Canadian Prime Minister! You have been warned Putin!!! Trudeau IS NOT messing around!!! (lol)

  4. Why in the most extreme times can he not just answer a question. Why do reporters even bother anymore. They really need to stand up already and just say, “Mr. Prime minster it doesn’t matter what I ask you so if you could just expose on your next talking point please so I can sit back down.”

  5. I think he should challenge Putin to a one on one fight. Winner gets their foreign policy respected…

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