Justin Trudeau makes unannounced stop in Kuwait to visit Canadian troops

Prime Minister Trudeau made a stop in Kuwait to visit Canadian soldiers. Glen McGregor has more on the unannounced stop.

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  1. Hello troops please be ready to sacrifice your life, when you get home I will be sure to bend you over, dont ask for lube it may be to much to ask for.

  2. Will your station be commenting on breaking news about Trudeau,
    Paying 2.5 million to an underage female from his previous employment at a bc school from disclosing details about his firing from that school.

    1. He worked at West Point Grey Academy around 2001 – 2003. When he was fired, he became a “free lance journalist” and this is when I caught him filming illegally in Stanley Park during the Olympics. I kicked him out of the park for breaking the law.

  3. OOOOOH Gotta get out of Dodge because a lot of Canadians are coming back from Wuhan and I may be forced to visit them

  4. The guy that loves to buy them fairly used jets and can’t afford to pay veterans well but can pay 10 Million to Omar K

    1. @Neil Peters Do you know how many other stupid ineffective decisions Trudeau has made that has cost taxpayers money? He dragged his feet on Tranmountain up to the point that investors that had fully secured funding for the project had to back out and Trudeau now had to buy the project with tax payers’ funds. He used his federal power to force a carbon tax on Alberta. Why couldn’t he use the same power to approve the pipeline earlier and keep Horgan and the environmentalist protesters in check when there was private funding for the project. The guy is such a disappointment of a leader.

    2. @R. A. also, if you hated him exclusively because of his party and have looked only for things to whine about ever since, I don’t really care about your opinion because you clearly don’t care or know about policy. You’re just an ignorant troll

  5. We have money to post up troops in Kuwait, but not for healthcare, schools or transit at home. Sounds about right.

  6. Back in Canada homeless on the streets doing pot pills anything so they don’t have to think, because if they do think they will know That Trudeau never did anything to help them get off the streets . No money for them , no jobs, no home. Just The pot so they can’t think right .

  7. Too bad that an errant bomb didn’t land on this flake. Western Canada would throw the biggest party in history.

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