Justin Trudeau on John Tory’s resignation | ‘Toronto is facing real challenges’

Justin Trudeau says Toronto Mayor John Tory was a strong partner and although the city is facing challenges, he's hoping future leadership can step up.

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  1. Justin needs to resign after all of his scandals and ethics violations and the sexual assault of Rose Knight.

    1. @tas Oh I don’t know, maybe an actual sentient thought and not just some pre written answer his team wrote up for him….

    1. @Justin Herda Generally, we hold those in elected seats of power accountable for their moral transgressions. We typically believe that leaders should be held to a higher standard.

      Toronto probably doesn’t want to be represented by an adulterer just like they probably don’t want to be represented by a thief. It’s a bad image for a city.

      Furthermore, weak argument, my guy. “What does that have to do with his job?” Everything because it represents lack of trustworthiness. But to press the point, a lot of serious crimes wouldn’t necessarily make you a “bad mayor” in the official capacity of that office. Would you be comfortable with a mayor who was convicted of drunk driving? Assault with a weapon? I don’t think I would be.

    2. @Ryan’s Stuff 

      It’s as much facts as he’s castros offspring. The right wing has become a bloody joke in north America . They’ve let the the crazies and the stupid high jack their parties

  2. The Mayor of Toronto, The Prime Ministers of New Zealand and Scotland, Justin will be next,…they all know that Russia is going to start launching missiles soon so they are all heading for the hills,…uhhh,… I mean,… “spending more time with their families”.

  3. Ammm, Uhhhh, Ehhhh, Step up, Uhhhh, keep delivering, Uhhhh, Ahhh, Ehhhh, focused on doing what we’re doing, Uhhh, Uhhh, everybody is racist…

  4. Trudeau had to dictionary “resignation” as he’s never heard of that word and its meaning prior to John Tory scandal.

  5. Everything is a challenge to trudeau, and he really shouldnt be weighing in considering him and his cabinets scandals

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